1. AndrewW says

    GetEqual is an incredible waste of $1 million – most of which went to the salaries of a half-dozen self-described “activists.”

    These circus-activists didn’t change any minds or votes with their childish stunts, they only made people laugh at us.

    There are many deserving organizations that could have used the $1 million that they used to pay themselves. It’s 2011 and we don’t need paid-activists that are more concerned with their income than our equality.

    GetEqual was a bad experiment.

  2. Clark says

    @Career: Lt. Dan Choi did have a real job. It was called being in the military, until he was kicked out for ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.’

  3. says

    Look everyone! Professional Anti GetEQUAL Internet Troll & Pathological Liar “Andrew W” aka “Career” aka “Jennifer Q” aka “Tammy” ad nauseum has scurried out on all six legs from under his cockroach dung heap with yet another Big Lie [“the $1 million that they used to pay themselves”].

    Let’s contrast his Obambot drool with the opinion of someone else—who actually writes under and appears in public using her real name, Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake:

    It was the groups that would not take no for an answer. GetEQUAL, the 9/11 Healthcare…the first responders—who came here, who demonstrated, who chained themselves to the White House, who followed the President around and heckled him—absolutely would not take no for an answer—got their issues addressed. …..

    I think the important thing we can look at are the people who got their issues addressed. The people who were absolutely unrelenting, who didn’t try to play an inside game. It was the outside game that won this time. Again, the GetEQUAL people were remarkable. Dan Choi, the people who chained themselves to the White House—they really put themselves out there and pushed.

    We did see what it’s like—what fierce advocacy is like from the White House in the form of what they did on START. They called members of the Senate. They arranged for briefings. They had Joe Biden out there. The President was using the bully pulpit. And if he’s not doing that, as HE WASN’T on the Dream Act or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, then we know it’s not a priority for them. And those activists did not accept the kabuki. They said we want the whole, the Full Monty. We want the whole thing and we’re not going to take anything less. And, I think that’s why we’re all sitting here celebrating today, because they were uncompromising in what they wanted.” – Jane Hamsher, Firedoglake, on the Lawrence O’Donnell show, “The Last Word,” Dec. 22, 2010.

  4. Chris says

    @Andreww, do you work for HRC? Talk about a waste of funds. What has HRC done? At least Get Equal is out there on the front lines calling attention to these issues and working for real change.

  5. Rob G. says

    GetEQUAL is an embarrassment and a colossal waste of money. There’s a handful of people in each of those pictures.

    The organization has not gained traction because its acts of civil disobedience were poorly planned and executed.

    And $90,000 for an executive director for that small a “grassroots” organization.

    Between that and Dan Choi’s $10,000 speaking fees, I am tired of a small group of bloggers lionizing a fringe group with little to show for the money some very well-meaning people poured into it.

    Enough is enough.

  6. says

    And, now, “Andrew W” adds “Rob G.” to his list of cowardly pseudonymns. Multiple personality disorder maybe? Is that accompanied by pathological lying and petty jealousy?

    Cong. Patrick Murphy said Dan Choi is a hero. What’s he said about you Andrew/Jennifer/Career/Tammy/Rob?

  7. Zlick says

    Say what you will in criticism of Get Equal, but who else is doing the civil disobedience? There was one group in NYC that made headlines once. That’s it. So, room for improvement as there may be, they’re basically the only game in town. What were the rest of us doing to advance equal rights this past year???

    Perhaps my view of the news is influenced by how much gay media I consume compared with the average American, but Get Equal was the only group to make civil disobedience news on a consistent basis last year. And DADT-repeal (still needing follow-up) was the low-hanging fruit. So maybe they will get better as the tasks get tougher.

    But unless you’re doing something to advance equal rights over and above surfing the internet, I might respectfully suggest that you STFU, huh?

  8. Ken says

    Get Equal was able to get people to pay attention and that was key in getting DADT repealed. Obama and the Democrats tried for two years to ignor our issues and hoped we’d just be quiet and blindly support them. Thank God there are at least a few people in the gay community who are willing to agressively fight for our rights.

  9. Rowan says

    Oh please can’t stand these guys. Obama did it HIS way as he said despite these guys wanting him to just right DADT off.

    The only reason they narcissistically did this is because they are all in army.

    Was it really that important to be able to continu American imperialism? Would all this entry GetEqual not be better suited to social activism? Helping gay youth?

    Sigh, at least you can sleep at night. Bring those guns!

  10. Bill Perdue says

    In spite of premature squeals of ecstasy at the repeal of Clinton’s DADT and the hate crimes bill Obama remains on track as a Clintonite bigot.

    DADT repeal, in the real world, accomplishes virtually nothing except to allow military careerists to get paid well while murdering muslims for oil/resources. It will do little to nothing to end the harassment, violence and rape of GLBT and female soldiers, sailors, air crew and marines.

    The only way to help end the wastage of military and civilian lives in Obama’s wars is to demand the total, immediate and permanent withdrawal of all US troops and their demobilization.

    GetEqual did a creditable job of organizing direct actions but seem to have forgotten that mass actions are vastly more important and productive. Also GetEqual is not a democratic organization with an elected staff or a perspective of creating a massive, democratic (as opposed to Democrat) national organization to win our rights.

  11. Chris says

    Get Equal, like it or not sure got the attention of those in power and it put a LOT in the public face.

    The community had PATIENCE with HRC, the ‘official’ channel of the gay lobby. It got us nowhere.

    Something had to give, and GET Equal was born. They had the guts to go right up to their former commanders and stand up for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t.

    It was a necessary evil in our culture of niceness and pleasantries.

  12. Career says

    @Clark, if you look at the details of Choi and his time in the military, you’ll see that he left the Army more than a year before he “courageously” and “selflessly” came out. The outlines of his service record, combined with his actions as a celebrity, make it a damn good guess that he was a screw-up of an officer while he was in the Army, and that his leaving had nothing at all to do with anti-gay policies.

    @Matlovich, I have one (and only one) identity here. I’m not any of the monikers you are saying I am. Towle could verify this if he wants, by looking at the IP addresses. So, have you taken in poor Dan Choi? At this point, I reckon he’ll be needing a couch to sleep on.

  13. Career says

    @Bill Perdue, it’s quite a stretch to call these “Obama’s wars,” when in fact they were started by Bush in 2001 and 2003.

  14. Career says

    @Chris, it was HRC’s steady effort that’s responsible for the repeal of DADT. “Get Equal” and their stunts did nothing other than endanger the effort.

  15. Bill Perdue says

    Career – Not a stretch at all unless you’re an Ozombie.

    The war against Palestine began with Truman. The Gulf wars began with Bush1.

    They were expanded by Clinton who first invented the lies about WMDs and murdered 500,000 Iraqi children by embargoing food, medical and sanitary supplies.

    Then Bush2 invaded and occupied Afganistan and, regurgitating Clintons lies about WMDs invaded and occupied Iraq while Hillary smirked and voted for war.

    Obama continues those wars, escalating in Afghanistan and opening new fronts in Pakistan and Yemen while threatening to nuke Iran.

    They’ve been Obama’s wars since Inaguration day.

  16. Jude Stevens says

    There is no doubt in my mind that GetEQUAL played a key role in the repeal of DADT. These actions are courageous, not childish. I’m inspired to do more and I applaud their courage, especially in the face of absurd criticism within the LGBT community. Andrew W. needs to put up or shut up. Andrew, I am so sick of you. Get an idea. Lead, follow or get out of the way. You are a coward. Period. People who want their rights have every right to protest.