GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter to Introduce Legislation Attempting to Impede Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

The Hill reports that Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) is planning on introducing legislation next week:

HunterThe measure by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) would add the four military service chiefs to the list of those who must sign off on repealing the policy before it can be officially scrapped.

Hunter, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, is concerned that the bill passed in December repealing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy “excluded the service chiefs from the certification process,” said one congressional aide. 
The repeal bill, signed into law Dec. 22 by President Obama, requires only the OK of the president, defense secretary and Joint Chiefs chairman.

According to a congressional aide, 15 to 20 Republicans have committed to signing on to the bill.

*Apologies – an earlier photo was of Hunter's father.


  1. Deryk says

    Ok, with all the other issues in front of them, they attack the repeal of DADT? WTF? They’re all crying about the state of the economy, go fix it! Instead they try to block service men and women from serving honestly and openly.. a fight they can’t win without support of the senate.. why waste the time?

  2. oneway says

    Can we start properly referring to these stupid legislative proposals by adding a few simple words. For example

    “The measure by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), (insert “WHICH HAS NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER OF BEING SIGNED INTO LAW”) would add the four military…”

  3. says

    I think the image you have is of Hunter’s father, also Duncan Hunter who retired after a failed attempt at a run for president.

    His son ran for his father’s seat from Iraq originally. He retired from the service and is now the current representative of his father’s old district.

  4. says

    Just more homohating grandstanding by this CRETINOUS Congressman. Even IF the Senate passed it, Obama, spineless as he is on this issue in every other regard, would be unlikely to sign it, and a override of his veto would be just as unlikely. BESIDES, fraud Gates has ALREADY said; “UNTIL the Service Chiefs are comfortable that the risks to unit cohesion and combat effectiveness of a change have been addressed to their satisfaction and to my satisfaction, I would not sign the certification.”

  5. Larry says

    When the Repubs took over control over the House, Rep. Darrell Issa said he was going to hold endless hearings investigating the Obama administration for spending too much money. I’d like someone to turn the table on Issa and the Repubs for s–t like this. This was passed by both the House and Senate, and signed into law by the President. To introduce a petty law because you don’t like the fact that it’s been enacted seems to be the clearest waste of time and money I’ve ever seen.

  6. justiceontherocks says

    I question the patriotism of this Congressman. The Repubs are always telling us that when we disagree with military policy we’re being unpatriotic. The policy of the US military is to repeal DADT in the way the Secretary outlined. And it is meddling in the Pentagon’s business. Therefore, by repub principles (sic) this is unpatriotic.

  7. HadenoughBS says

    GOP Teabaggist = beating a dead horse. This bullshit not-a-chance-in-hell move is what we can expect from the Repug House over the next two years. Get ready!

  8. Ted Baldwin says

    Tea Party does not involve itself in social issues. That is not its purpose.

    Why do we not have gay people serving openly in military? Because it is not a done deal and still could be denied.

  9. ricky says

    Another Republican who never met a government check that he did not expect his name to be on trying to tell the rest of America – Americans who actually pay the taxes that fund the checks he so readily cashes – that they are wrong.

    The only difference between Hunter and a cankered whore – is that the whore earns his money.

  10. Bud Burgoon-Clark says

    When I saw his pic, my gaydar immediately went to DEFCON-1. He’s probably one of the current generation of the abject “straight” bottoms I used to pick up when I was typesetter for the local swinger paper in San Diego … you know the type:

    “BI-CURIOUS, masculine straight man is seeking same. No gays, AIDS” (!)

    East County, which he represents, is SWARMING with married closet types like that.

  11. Rich says

    Isn’t Duncan Hunter a porn name or something?

    Seriously, the false outrage over spending and debt, massive unemployment, a weak economy where few jobs are being created, the middle class on the verge of collapse, millions of mortgages on the brink of foreclosure, along with everything else that needs serious attention, and the new Republican controlled House is wasting time, energy and money on this crap?

  12. walter says

    repuks want over turn DADT they want to repeal
    healthcare. seems to me they want to spend a ;ot of time going back over old issues. rather than attacking the important issues like jobs and taxes and wars. if this is any idea of how they want to sell themselves for the next two years? we are in for a rough ride. fasten your seatbelts

  13. E. says

    To say something like this, about a policy that HAS BEEN DECIDED, right after the President has called for less divisive rhetoric following a tragic event, is nothing short of unpatriotic. What a nitwit.

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