Illinois Supreme Court Rules 7-0 in Favor of Rahm Emanuel Candidacy for Chicago Mayor

The Illinois Supreme Court has put Rahm Emanuel back on the ballot:

Emanuel In a 7 to 0 decision, the court Thursday said an appellate court erred in taking Emanuel off the ballot earlier in the week.

The decision means Emanuel holds onto his position as the first name on the ballot in the Feb. 22 election. Emanuel has been leading in both the polls and fund-raising in the race that includes candidates Carol Moseley Braun, Gery Chico, and Miguel del Valle. Patricia Van Pelt Watkins and William “Dock” Walls are also on the ballot.

The Supreme Court’s decision overturns an appeals court ruling Monday that knocked Emanuel off the ballot.


  1. Isaac says

    It would have been a travesty if he had been kicked off the ballot, considering he was a federal representative of a Chicago district, owned a house there and continued to pay property taxes, was still registered to vote there, and was leading 2 to 1 in the poles. I read most of the ruling, and the appellate court was essentially overturning law that had been settled by the Illinois Supreme Court for over 100 years. To me, the elitist actions were done by the local cast of characters who were trying to get him kicked off the ballot, thus nullifying the apparent desires of a majority of Chicago voters.

  2. von lmo says

    Oh boy, i’d hate to be a municipal worker when Rahmbo gets in..that said, at least there’s a good chance that the $$ for pot-hole repair won’t get embezzled.

  3. ted says

    What is the point of the residency requirement? Seems to me the intent is that the person actually be part of the community he intends to govern before taking the office. Emmanuel is sharp, smart, native son, well appointed politically. He is probably as much a part of Chicago and its politics as anyone. But he has not lived there for two years. He has lived in and been a part of a different 24/7 community in Washington. Technically he has changed things around to meet the minimun working of the law, but he has not met the residency requirement because he has actually RESIDED elsewhere for the last two years. Now the trick will be to elect someone else and render this a moot point. This is an example of the politically elite bending things to their way, having their cake and eating it too. It is also patently dishonest.

  4. says

    But Ted, that can be said of most members of Congress, too. When Emmanuel was a member of Congress, he had a house in Chicago but spent most of his time in Washington, D.C. as well. Now, perhaps it would have been more prudent for him to not rent out his home and visit it from time to time, but that really isn’t the same thing as living there, either.

    If he were to run for mayor in a place where he has never lived, like East St. Louis or something, that would be an entirely different matter.

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