1. mark says

    After surrounding himself with half-naked female models for so many years, it’s refreshing to see Ricky Martin being himself and not a manufactured heterosexual. Keep in mind that the record companies are notoriously homophobic in that they will do everything in their power to heterosexualize male performers.

    Don’t expect MTV to play this. MTV is just as homophobic as the record companies.

  2. lodenmuse says

    Damn. Beautiful people overload. This soooo makes up for the horribly tepid interpretation on Oprah (duet with Joss Stone, really?). But then I always go to buttah when Ricky does that thing with his hands. =^P

  3. Brent Z says

    MTV hasn’t shown videos in ages. It’s just nonstop crap shows. But who cares because we have the internet to see this good stuff.

  4. Mike says

    MTV is not a player any more when it comes to music videos, and perhaps, not even music at all. Lady Gaga’s manager Tory Carter summed it all up pretty well recently when he said that he and Gaga make videos for YouTube.

  5. mark says

    Even Katy Perry put a nice male-male kiss in her video for Firework. Yet here we have openly gay Ricky Martin who refuses to put one in?Shame, Ricky.

    You may as well go back into the closet, son.

  6. Tone says

    It sure is inspiring when people embrace their destiny, cast off the fear and find their power. Suddenly, I really like Ricky Martin again, and not just because he’s a dream boat!

  7. jtramon says

    ^@MARK: “You may as well go back into the closet, son”

    Wow. Just how OLD are you? “Son”? Love him or hate him-give the guy credit for being “out” there, will you, “Gramps”?

  8. Matt26 says

    Great video, more meanings than all his other videos so far. I really liked it a lot.
    But musically, I miss the latin Ricky.

  9. Doris Dey says

    WHY! Does everyone in this video have to be an urban hipster type? They all look like they work in a Dupont Circle hair salon and have bad attitudes.


  10. says

    Not bad and not groundbreaking. Lots of nice touches but too many beautiful people.
    Since the theme seems to be “diversity” how about some folks over 40, 50 or 60?? However, overall I give Ricky credit for what he is doing.

  11. sparks says

    I like out-and-proud Ricky much more than I liked the quiet-about-it Ricky.

    And lol at DORIS DEY’s Dupont Circle reference.

  12. Q says

    What is this, an iPhone commercial?

    Aside from the gorgeous men (and women), this song is pure crap. It reminds me of the Christian rock drivel I had to endure during my church years.

    And MATT26, I’m so glad you found some singing that you “understand,” unlike Marsha Ambrosius’ “Far Away,” which beats this dreck by a country mile.

  13. Mike says

    Ummm no likey. It was like a metrosexual Gap ad for the tragically young and hip. The song has a nice, folksy vibe and does not fit the video. Also, if you are going the “equality” route, why have only the opposite sex couple kissing? that makes no sense.

  14. Hue-Man says

    This video works because you’re happy for him being happy; think of it as a Hallmark coming-out card and hold the criticism until his 5th or 10th new video. He’s got to bring his fans along on the ride – any indication of what musical direction he’s going in, Spanish and English?

  15. Matt says

    “Also, if you are going the “equality” route, why have only the opposite sex couple kissing?”

    My guess – not to piss his Latin countries public too much.

    You should try reading their hateful comments (People en Espanol, for example) when Ricky mentions his homosexuality, I bet 2 minutes will be enough to make you sick.

  16. Brian says

    This is a terrific video and a great, fun song. But, I cannot help but notice that even with all the messages and images of equality the only kisses exchanged in the video are between men and women. I might be cynical, but I don’t think things like that are simply mistakes or omissions. It’s a shame Ricky Martin can’t commit to the message 100%.

  17. Matt26 says

    @Q Thanks for your kind words. I really do understand singers who actually sing like RM here, even though I like his latin songs more.

  18. TampaZeke says

    I thought the song was very so so until I heard it paired with the video.

    Love it!

    Great job Ricky! Welcome to your wonderful new life.

  19. mad1026 says

    Thank you, Ricky, for a lovely, feel-good song to get my day off to a great start. Love the lyrics, love the video. Maybe I’m just an old queen, but not everything has to be politically motivated.

  20. Scott says

    Meh…..nice sentiment and cute hipster extras but I still don’t like the song.

    Happy that Ricky is out and proud but I’ll pass on this one.

  21. steven says

    Im so depressed – clinically and chronically – that ive been considering suicide daily. For a brief moment today, this brought me a smile on my face. If only I could experience of the happiness that Ricky does in this video. So great to see an out and proud gay man. So much joy in this video. Gave me a whole new take on this song. I wish the world (and the USA) could see this equality…and what damage it does to LGBT youth and adults to grow up in a country that tells you that youre not equal and not good enough. Not that its gay-releated – altho that prob didnt help – i just wish i could experience any joy – even get a good night sleep – have a friend – get out of my house – and have a chance at life. At least Ricky will h ave a good life. Love him even more now. Good for him for doing this

  22. Sancho says

    Pretty people in the video, but if you close your eyes, the song itself is banal bubble-gum tripe, bouncy and meaningless. It reminds me a little of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, and that’s not a compliment.

    Martin does radiate happiness these days, yes, but it’s the happiness a person enjoys when his brainwaves aren’t disturbed by anything resembling actual thought.

  23. freestuffffffomo says

    Hack mush. Competent performance. Derivative video. Looks and sounds like a thousand other products off the assembly line. The homogenization of homos continues.

  24. Nelson says

    It was all about fashion and being a poseur. The crochet caps that look like a pair of underpants on the head was the last straw!

  25. khan says

    mebbe it’s just a matter of whitest teeth, but this piece sets off george michael wham!-era alarms, or should…there’s a schlock element here

  26. Chunks says

    Why do queens have to suddenly start flying rainbow flags and screaming “I’m queer” from the roof top as soon as they come out? You didn’t discover gay honey. It’s been around awhile…

  27. Chunks says

    Oh, and the lady in the burqa hanging out with the homos and lezzies? Not in this lifetime sweetie. Dreaming doesn’t make it so.

  28. Randy* says

    I liked the video and the song. I enjoyed viewing the diversity represented there. I only remember one kiss in the entire video, and yes, it wasn’t between two men or two women, but neither was it between a white man and a black woman or between the two people of seemingly different religions.

    So I don’t get the snide remarks here. I do recall one scene between two men who had their foreheads touching, as if they were close to kissing. It was intimate, anyway.

    Intimacy doesn’t have to be represented by kissing.

    Nice video, Ricky.

  29. Michael G. Williams says

    Welcome back, Ricky Martin! I will definitely buy his new CD when it is released! We need to support GLBT artists!

  30. Rob says

    catchy song, but a schlocky hook, I agree. Still I like what he does with his hands and it’s a stronger vocal performance than one hears from many men.

    What would take it over the top in cuteness would be the image of some older gay couples holding hands. Though a generation of men died, they do exist and it’s wonderful to see. I hope that’s me someday.

  31. mark says


    You say that “intimacy doesn’t have to be represented by kissing”.

    I agree. But why is there a kiss between the hetero’s but not the men. Seems like a double standard to me.

  32. just a guy says

    How freakin adorable. I need to track down that album, eh.

    @JTRAMON – funny, dude. “Gramps,” haha.

  33. Quiquesque says

    Good message, pretentious video (looks like everyone is about to bust a bottle of Garnier Fructis from behind them), horrible song. The intentions are good, but when is Ricky going to make some good music? Not that his music has been any good ever, now that I think of it lol

  34. Joseph says

    Absolutely love the song and the video, Beautiful done video that we are all the same regardless sexual orientation, races, religious etc. I am so glad that Ricky take the risk to make a video about equality. This is the first time in the HISTORY OF LATIN AMERICAN ARTIST that a major star like Ricky make a video about equality for gay people. Ricky is adored and followed by female fans, I am so glad that is fighting homophobia with a class act video like this.

    BTW some queens here all that they care is meaningless dance music. How can somebody says that “THE BEST THING ABOUT ME IS YOU ” is not a beautiful song.

  35. johnny says

    “the best thing about” Ricky Martin in his glory days was his fearless latin sex appeal coupled with upbeat music. Now that he’s out, he’s decided to dilute both things, and has ended up with a pointless doo-wop that Hannah Montana would even get bored listening to…

  36. Snarlz Krauthammer says

    Liked him better when he was sexually ambiguous and sang from his crotch. He’s lost his mojo.