Photo: First Look At Britney Spears’ New Music Video

The first image from Britney's music video for her new single "Hold It Against Me" (the song itself debuted at the top of the Billboard charts a few days ago) has finally hit the Web. It looks to be another titillating one from the pop star. It also looks like the club she's in doesn't have much of a dress code.

Update: It's being reported that the above pic is a fake. calls the pic bullsh#!t. Britney did send out this tweet earlier today: "Day 1 of the HIAM shoot with Jonas. Such an incredible experience. I think this will be one of the best videos I have ever done. -Brit." We'll get to see the real video soon enough.


  1. Paul R says

    Really couldn’t care less, since I’ve never listened to this woman. But why is there not an official video yet?

  2. Bryan says

    No doubt the video will match the song: over-engineered pap for a lowest-common denominator audience with the attention spans of gnats and the meth-addled aesthetic sensibility of a Walmart on Planet Bimbo.


  3. bruce says

    Britney Spears = fake gay advocate.

    She claims to support gay men but she hasn’t delivered.

    She’s refused to show any guy-guy intimacy in her videos. Her stock in trade is to use female semi-nudity and a lesbian aesthetic to appeal to the sleazy straight guy mentality. No gay guy touching is allowed.

    Both Britney and her manager, Adam Leber, have been exposed.

  4. matthew says

    Can someone please tell me what Britney Spears has ever done to support or promote the rights of gay and bisexual men? I might have missed something but I have never ever actually heard her say anything. If there’s been some tepid support in the past, it seems to have come via press release, which can’t be verified as coming from her.

    In any case, as far as visibility is concerned, she hasn’t done much. Her videos seem to be similar to what a female porn star might produce. Lots of half-naked females, some female-female interactions, but no male-male interactions.

    How in the world can this be construed as being friendly to the GLBT community? On the contrary, she seems to have designed her image to appeal to men who don’t like gay guys. Sort of like men who used to be on the Jerry Springer show cheering on lesbians but booing gay guys.

    As far as I’m concerned, Britney Spears is a fraud when it comes to GLBT rights.

  5. Jay C. says

    @Matthew She’s never been an advocate for the GLBT community, but she’s never claimed to be one either so I don’t really see how she’s a fraud.

    She’s acknowledged her gay fans and expressed her appreciation for them in the past, and tweeted that she supported marriage equality when one of her fans asked her, but that’s where it ends.

  6. Wax Man says



  7. tranquilo says

    That golden voice, the amazing dancing, her skilled songwriting, and all those instruments she plays. She’s always been a fascinating woman.

  8. Rick says

    In reading some of the responses to this post about a FAKE picture, I just have to ask, “Are you idiots kidding me?” Reading some of these absolutely idiotic responses just blew my mind. Do you really care about whether Britney Spears is a staunch advocate for equality? Will it help you sleep better at night knowing whether she’s supports gay rights? Will it help you cope with everyday life better to know that Britney is fighting for our rights? NO IT WON’T. Get a friggin grip people. Britney is nothing more than a mediocre, aging pop star at best. She’s a money making machine desperately trying to squeeze the last dollar out of everyone before her career permanently flatlines.

  9. Steven says

    I’m not bothered by Britney’s non-stance on gay rights. She’s an idiot and I’d rather she stay out of grown folks conversations.

    What does baffle me is how she continues to maintain a fan-base when her contemporaries are sooo much more talented. (Beyonce, Gaga et al) I liken them to fans of pro wrestling. They know she can’t sing a lick — especially live. I guess you could call that jerking around on stage “dancing”. But they don’t care. I’ve even seen them defend her lip-syncing and off-stage antics. (Even trash bag Ke$ha rolls her eyes at this train wreck.)

    I would say even Jennifer Lopez is a smidge more talented and at least clean. Yet J-lo is the one with the failed career.

    Also. That new Britney song sucks.

  10. Alex N says

    This site has always been a little heavy on the Britney appreciation because I guess Towleroad is a fan…She might do nothing for the gay community, but a certain demographic of gay men loves her, of which this website seems highly representative. She was the first post-Madonna wannabe who they actually managed to lift up out of the limitations and mediocrity of teenage stardom. It made them feel powerful. Oh, and she went nuts…That always seems to appeal to the gays. Either they act like a man or they go nuts.

  11. says

    I’m sitting here still trying to digest all these comments. Britney’s fans have the attention span of a gnat, Britney doesnt do anything for the gay community, Britney has zero talent & is an aging pop star trying to squeeze the last dollar out of her career?

    1.) I have a pretty decent attention span

    2.) When did it become britney’s job to support gay or straight relationships? She isnt a politician.

    3.) Britney napped and yawned last year and still earned more than Gaga. True fact, Google it. She was one of Forbes highest paid.

    4.) Britney has been signed by Candies as their face for 3 years because she’s a massive money maker for the brand. I guess only trailer trash is buying all those clothes.

    5.) BCBG now wants her as their new spokesperson and she will probably move from Candies to their label.

    6.) Britney released her single on Jan 11th and one week later she was #1 in 20 countries and broke multiple spin records and music records worldwide.

    No one says you have to like her but apparently TL is a little fond, and I am all for debate, but straight out hate just because she doesnt walk around screaming Born this Way and pretending to be the Queen of the gay & lesbian community isnt right either.

  12. Masoud says

    To all those saying Britney has never done anything for gay people, you are obviously stupid. Do you want her to whore around gay men in her music videos and portray them as feminine creatures? No.

    She has said that “love is love and people should be able to love whoever they like” in response to Prop 8. If she says more, people will say “she should keep her political views to herself.” You people are sickening.

  13. spike110 says

    @Bruce you really should check out her video for “Piece of me”. There is guy-guy intimacy

  14. says

    Britney appreciates all her fans, she may not have displayed any gay rights related scenes in any of her videos, but she loves all her fans unconditionally, I think its pretty obvious.
    And has nobody seen her speech for receiving the Always Next Forever Now award in 2009? She thanks her gay fans especially.
    Watch here:

  15. says

    Hi Yall Hi…

    ERRMMM first of all Britney said on her tweet equality to same sex marriage i acceptable and she is in support… secondly in her POM video there were 2 guys kissing in the background (go watch the vid) thridly she appeared on a spoof vid for the NewNowNext Awards promoting a gay scent, therefore she clearly spoke out to GAY fans, also she won the Always Next, Forever Now Award at these gay awards… and forthly like PB said, she does not need to run round NAKED screaming Born this way promoting gays etc… Britney has her views she does not need to share them 24/7

  16. Richard says

    ok britney might have not done alot for gay rights but in piece of me there is a guy on guy kiss youtube it bitches and you will see 😀

  17. Nicky says

    I am disgusted by all the hateful ignorant comments on this post. It is not Britney or any other pop stars responsibility to defend the gay community. Who the hell said she has to have gay guys kissing in her videos. You IDIOT. She spoke out against Prop 8 and said that love is love and people should do whatever makes them happy. She also won an award from Logo and thanked her gay fans and said she loved them all. And for the people saying she’s not talented, go f*ck yourself. Disgusting morons

  18. says

    It’s absurd to say she isn’t pro-GLBT rights. As a popstar, it is not her job to go around expressing her support for any given demographic; that is better relegated to her role as a citizen. However, as a pop culture figure, she has condoned homosexuality merely through being accepting. A large portion of the people she works with–choreographers, dancers, etc–are gay and she does not shy away from them or treat them any differently than she would a heterosexual. She tweeted her elation when the marriage ban in California was overturned back in August in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. As people have mentioned, she expressed her appreciation for her large gay fanbase when accepting her Always Next, Forever Now award and there was a gay couple in her music video. She is not the type of persona to liberally advocate her support for any chosen group, because she is a quiet, simple girl. It is not her duty to be a staunch pro-gay right activist. And while her overt support would be welcomed and appreciated, how big of a difference would it make, as her fanbase is largely comprised of homosexuals and pro-GLBT individuals? There is absolutely no need for her to glorify homosexuality because she appreciates all people and all of her fans equally–the way it should be. The way to equality and societal assimilation is not through expecting to be put up on a pedestal by everyone who is pro-gay.

  19. ALEX says

    the problem with some of you guys is you are so insecure that you want someone like gaga to make you feel “special” and “important” were in fact she just feeds on your insecurities. Britney does not need this gimmickry. She shows her appreciation to her fans by continually bringing us good music. You self-loathing people need another ugly person like gaga to be your idol to make you feel you are part of something. Britney does not need heavy promotion or gimmick to sell, Gaga will be whoring herself to the whole universe to do half as good as britney did with HIAM.

  20. says

    *rolls eyes* Haters are gonna hate. Britney is still gonna be Britney. Her fans are gonna be her fans always. I dont need to defend my love for her & her music. Im just gonna keep on dancing…

  21. MBo says

    To all you haters, Britney does support the GLB community and there has been guy guy intimacy…look at her Onyx Tour. There were many instances. And she never claims to be an advocate so she isn’t a fraud. She has also tweeted expressing her happiness for prop 8 and whatever else happened in California that supports equality.

  22. shannon says

    I GLAD you are finally realizing she does NOT give a damn about you!!! She is NOT about gay men…just your money! Besides…why do you keep supporting her? She cannot sing…cannot dance….is a drug addict…and ~TRASH~