1. Nanny McBone says

    Let us pray in the name of their lord then that Westboro gets beaten to death in the name of martyrdom.

    Trust me, no one will care except those from their own group and everyone else will say they had it coming.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Palin spokesperson Rebecca Mansour is an idiot if she thinks most of us believe those were NOT meant to be weaponry cross-hairs on Palin’s 2010 “target map” of Democractic reps she wanted to see gone from the US House. I’ve NEVER seen any markings like those on any type of map (except hers) and, in my long life, I’ve looked at a lot of maps. Now that Palin’s “target map” has been called for what it is, this is but another typical wingnut bullshit denial that won’t be accepted.

  3. naughtylola says

    A brief note on the beautiful young Miss Green: she was the granddaughter of Dallas Green, former Phillies pitcher and manager.

    She was also born on September 11th, 2001.

    My condolences to her family in particular, to lose their little child in such a horrendous act.

  4. breckroy says

    Giffords is Jewish? All day yesterday people kept commenting on her recent trip to Rome and how happy she was to attend midnight mass at the Vatican with her mother. In fact, Dana Bash on CNN was recalling her last conversation with her was about her attending mass. Is she just a really ecumenical person? That’s really cool and shows again, in our polarizing society where you have to pick one side or the other (especially in religion in politics) more and more, what a valuable voice this woman was in our Congress…a shrinking breed. She has my prayers and best wishes for not only a recovery, but a recovery that allows her to bring her brand of moderate, true representative public service to the U.S. Congress for as long as she desires to do so.

  5. ceebee says

    cross-hairs+target practice = retreat & reload…please…how pathetic that they don’t think “common sense” people can connect the lines…well Palin now has “human” blood on her hands…way to go Caribou Barbie!!

  6. justiceontherocks says

    Sarah Palin is finished as a political leader. There is no amount of back-tracking and double talk and reinventing of history that can change the reprehensible bulleyes she found so amusing.

    It may take a while, but one inevitable result of yesterday is that this piece of human filth from Alaska will be consigned to the scrap heap of political scum, never to rise again.

  7. naughtylola says

    @Brent, the election of Reagan seemed to herald a new age of celebrating the idiot in all of us, specifically and purposefully driving a wedge between people with college degrees and people without them. He broke the long tradition of Southern Democrats by celebrating the common man — not a bad thing to do, to be sure, but he (and subsequent Republican politicians) did it by pointing at the educated and calling them the enemy. It was an easy thing to do, given people’s fairly desperate economic situation, coming off the recession. Fear makes people easy to manipulate. To be honest, I don’t think the Democrats and liberals in general have done themselves any favors in trying to win back those minds; we definitely skew towards smug know-it-allness, and wind up further alienating the already-alienated.

    You can probably map the devolution of American discourse through the 70s, but the 80s really stuck a fork in it. Its been quite a tumble from the days of the Kennedys, MLK, and Malcom speaking intelligently and thoughtfully about a and complicated world.

  8. says

    Considering the shooter’s position on returning to the gold standard, the fact that the ad before the video is about how to pawn your gold is…weird.

    I don’t see how Palin’s camp can credibly make this claim. Instead, they should be saying, “Of COURSE we never asked anyone to commit violence and we are so against this horrible act!” etc. Not, “Those crosshairs aren’t crosshairs.”

  9. Travis says

    In the map sarahPAC put out with the gun sights over their target district the reps that were retiring were given red sights instead of gray. What did you think you were alluding to?

  10. Morgan says

    Hmmm… If there’s nothing wrong with the cross-hairs Mrs. Palin, then why is your site down? Why not put it back up?

    And HadenoughBS, I agree; I’ve never, ever seen a map with cross-hairs on them in my life.

  11. says

    the only thing that is obscene and appalling is sarah palin and her back pedaling. she ought to be arrested for inciting violence. it will be interesting to hear the hate mongers like rush on monday denying that they incite this kind of violence.

  12. BobN says

    Oh, so they weren’t rifle cross-hairs they were map cross-hairs, indicating the location of intended aerial bombardments.

    Well, that certainly clears that up.

  13. Rich says

    Palin: Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!
    Angle: Second Amendment remedies

    Yeah, right. Their rhetoric had nothing to do with this tragedy.

    They have no problem spouting the incendiary rhetoric to get elected, but refuse to acknowledge and accept responsibility when a mentally unstable half-wit follows through on their ideas. They are just as guilty as the guy who pulled the trigger, and should ultimately be held responsible.

  14. B says

    As always, the true victim here is Sarah Palin. And they weren’t crosshairs. They were baby crosses circled with love and blessings asking baby Jesus to intervene and show these liberal baby killers the evil of their ways.

  15. Dave says

    AIDS killed most of my friends in the 80’s and 90’s. I’m one of the “lucky” ones who survived. I lay in bed every night praying that God will take me, in exchange for an innocent life lost to violence. He hasn’t taken me up on my offer yet, and I spend another day here in this hate-filled world.

  16. walter says

    if not directly responsible for the shooting the cross hairs and angle 2nd amendment comments tend to draw out the loonies. these people should be held responsible for the results. it is really frightening when see the quality of the candidates of the tea party. the likes of palin angle bachmann and odonnell. if that is the future of the repuks
    time to form a new party. goprourd and lcr better rethink their priorities.

  17. ratbastard says

    This man in the picture has been cleared by police. He had nothing to do with shooting.

    The shooter is obviously mentally ill, probably paranoid schizophrenic, which kicks in right at his present age. The real story is why wasn’t he receiving proper mental health care? Probably because most insurers are cutting way back in mental health payments, and the government(s) are also cutting way back on mental heath issues and care, including out-patient care. Expect to see more of this type of stuff happening.

  18. ratbastard says

    And the shooter ‘Politics’ [if you could call it that] are all over the map. I’ve read his online writings, seen his various web pages and videos. IMO he holds mostly leftwing and libertarian views, but is obviously very mentally disturbed.

  19. Scotty says

    Politico: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the target of Loughner’s firing frenzy, is “the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government.”

    She had just been elected to her third term. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is Jewish and has been a US rep from Florida longer than that. And what about Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer–both Jewish, and both long-serving senators from California?

    I can’t believe Politico would make such a stupid and easily corrected error, unless they meant to tack on “…from Arizona” to the end of that sentence.

  20. ratbastard says

    And the Daily Kos ran a piece by an alleged Gifford constituent who vilified her for not being liberal enough and voting against Pelosi, etc., He/she actually ended it with saying, for them, Gifford is ‘Dead’. This was in Dec, 2010.

  21. anon says

    It probably won’t matter what the killer is charged with because his attorney will almost certainly go for an insanity defense. Not sure if it is still allowed in AZ. If not, the case could go on for years in court with various appeals. Under federal law he would need to prove BARD insanity.

    SP’s high negatives already made her an unlikely candidate in 2012 anyway. However, this story won’t have legs past this summer at best.

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