1. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Anti-Gay Vipers and the Outsider Archetype

    People who identify with the LGBT community live in the shadow of the outsider archetype, whether they are or not aware of it. Even in communities where their survival is not immediately threatened from the outside.

    However, the possibility of a life-threatening change remains ever-present:

    ·The treacherous activities of the religious right.

    ·Political censors.

    ·Gay basher who are penetrating the heart of metropolitan gay communities.

    ·Medical professions, which continue to foist drugs known to be toxic such as AZT and DDI to HIV positive people.

    ·Cure-happy psychologist.

    All of these figures confirm the need to be wary of anti-gay vipers and their numerous forms. Such narcissism and treachery will only draw out the worst in people.

    Having them in the lives of LGBT figures hasn’t done the LGBT community any good. And our predecessors prove this quality of reality. Any one here wants poisonous history to repeat itself?

    I’m Layla Miller, I Know Stuff

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