Report: Elton John’s Baby Sleeps in His Own $2 Million Pad

It's unlikely that Elton John and David Furnish will be bothered in the middle of the night anytime soon to change little Zachary's diapers or get him a bottle, according to a Mail on Sunday report.

Sierra "Sir Elton John’s new baby son Zachary is ‘living like royalty’ in his own £1.3million ($2 million +) apartment adjoining the singer’s exclusive Los Angeles pad. The Mail on Sunday has learned that Sir Elton, 63, and his partner David Furnish have appointed a top Hollywood interior designer to turn the flat beside their luxury home into a dream nursery. Although the work is not yet finished, several months after it started, eight-day-old Zachary is already installed there, and looked after by round-the-clock nannies."

And some info on the surrogacy:

Lawyer Andy Vorzimer, who handled the paperwork for Sir Elton, said the couple chose to have their baby in California because it is the only place in the world where a couple taking a surrogate baby can be considered its legal parents before it is born. He said: ‘Once a judge signs a judgment, the baby is the legal child of the intended parents even though it is still in the womb of the surrogate. In the case of a celebrity being involved, all paperwork is sealed by the judge to protect the identity of both the child and the surrogate.’ 

A source close to the couple said: ‘Contrary to what has been written, they don’t know whether Elton or David is the dad. They also have other embryos available should they wish to have another child.’ Ms Bubrick confirmed: ‘It is quite common in the case of gay couples that both men will both contribute so neither knows who is the father. Of course, as the child grows, sometimes it becomes obvious.’

If you could afford to, would you do it this way?


  1. Paul R says

    If I could afford to, sure, though I’d be involved in the kid’s life as much as possible. Though I wouldn’t just leave the sperm thing to chance. You might as well have a rational discussion on who has better genes.

    This setup should surprise no one. I’m sure Furnish also has a nice little place to go when Elton has his boy toys over.

  2. candideinnc says

    Yeah, there is nothing better for a child’s mental health than living in the lap of luxury, brought up by servants for parents old enough to be grandparents living in some distant city. Wasn’t that how Paris Hilton got her start?

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    My husband and I were very happy with the adoption process. We didn’t feel much of a need to produce little clones of ourselves. We just wanted to be fathers. As for having nannies raise your child, why bother having a child if you’re not going to have normal interaction with that child?

  4. Joseph L says

    Sheesh, even if they had just bought a new pet they would probably have the thing sleep in the same apartment as them.

  5. borut says

    I find not wanting to know who the father is rather irresponsible, considering how important it is to know one’s family medical history.
    And I hope the newspaper is wrong and the fathers are woken up by the baby’s crying. Being a parent is also about making sacrifices.

  6. pParkerT says

    I can understand wanting to keep the paternity vague, but putting him up in his own apartment: What’s the point of going to all this trouble to have a kid if you’re not going to be actively involved every day? I thought some of the reaction against this was over the top, but I’m…what is the point? Like Joseph L says, they’d probably keep a pet in the apartment with them, but not their kid? Zachary really is a designer bauble for a spoiled egotist.

  7. Keith says

    When my husband and I had our first child, a girl, we knew it was my husband’s from day one. . .we wanted our child to know her parents (both the surrogate and us). We’ve both been very involved in every aspect of her young life, and I can’t imagine having a servant or nanny raise her in any way. While I would never condemn anyone for how they choose to raise their children, I hope that Elton and David are good ambassadors to the world in showing that we’re just as good and responsible of parents as anyone else.

  8. Rob says

    This is kind of f**ked up. At first I thought the accusation that this baby was just an accessor was unfair, but if you’re not even going to live with your child and have other people raise him, then it starts to look like just an accessory. Also while it isn’t fair, the reality is that this is just going to give homophobes more ammunition for while gay couples should not have children.

  9. RONTEX says

    My partner and I actually discussed in length the lawyer vs. surrogate vs. open adoption scenarios and decided to adopt from a birthmother that we connected with. Both of our children were adopted this way and we have medical histories for each. We had a nanny for the first year (they were new borns and 6 months apart) so it was hard but it was just us after that and I agree with Borut, parenting is about love but also sacrafice and putting aside ones ego for the good of the family. I also agree with the posters about Elton’s Ego being a possible problem as well as why the HELL the baby isn’t sleeping in the same apartment. Paris Hilton version 2.0

  10. Jerry says

    And in a different line of thinking, may I say that the visual image of Sir Elton masturbating into a cup is incredibly wrong on so many levels?

  11. says

    People used to be raised by nannies all the time, if they came from a well-to-do family. It was considered the norm. They did okay. This kid will too.

    Everybody lay off. I really don’t see how it’s our business anyway.

  12. Shelly says

    Yeah, this really sucks, and only reinforces all the negative stereotypes that gays look on children as fashion accessories. Not that Elton seems much to care about such things.

  13. Bucky says

    Sir Elton has been making gay men look ridiculous for years. Now he is busy making gay parents look bad.

    Pampered and spoiled and egocentric, he is a pathetic excuse for a human.

    Lucky for this poor kid, he’ll be raised by hopefully loving nannies. As The Milkman pointed out, people who live in the economic stratosphere that Sir Elton inhabits seldom actually raise their own children. That is what servants are for.

    Who says you can’t buy love?

  14. B-rod says

    Well, it’s clear why Elton prostituted himself at the alter of Rush Limbaugh — to pay for making this baby, the nannies to help raise it, and an apartment to put it in. It just needs a bow and plastic box to be placed in and they can sit it out on stage while Elton performs.

  15. Gianpiero says

    Of course there will be an adjoining door, for the article to suggest otherwise is silly.

    (And on a technical note, the Sierra Tower is actually in West Hollywood, not Los Angeles.)

  16. says

    “Would you do it this way?”

    You mean buy a luxury apartment and hire designers to turn it into a fantasy nursery?

    Probably not.

    You mean I suddenly inherited twelve billion dollars from Uncle Bloomberg (we’re related?) and now I can do anything anything anything?

    Baby maybe. Fantasy nursery? Probably not.

  17. justiceontherocks says

    Well, here’s hoping little Zachary Rush does well in therapy, because that’s where this train wreck is headed.

  18. says

    Reg may make gay parents look bad, but NPH makes them look good. He and David didn’t exile the little tykes to a separate residence. They just got a bigger house for all four of them (Dads and twins.)

  19. gregv says

    I would take anything the Daily Mail says with a grain of salt. It is traditionally targeted at the less literate of British society, and tends to print unbalanced articles of gay people and issues.
    In 2006, Elton John won a 100,000-pound suit against the Daily Mail for printing false allegations about him.
    I would imagine there is some truth here, but the slant is no doubt designed to get the reaction the newspaper wants.
    I know a couple who bought a next door condo and knocked out the wall in between, creating a larger home with the two parts blending seamlessly.
    If I were to ever come to the conclusion that Elton and David will be somewhere where they will rarely see their kid, I would have to have more evidence than a Daily Mail article.

  20. El-Brucio says

    Oh, please, stop with the class jealousy already. His original condo was only two bedrooms and they needed more space. The two units aren’t going to remain separated.

    As to them hiring nannies, well, that is what rich people do instead of putting their kid in childcare while they work, and given the age of the parents, it’s not like they can get the grandparents to lend a hand.

    As to the method of conceiving, if I had the money and it were up to me, I’d try for two kids, one from each father and preferably using the same female surrogate.

  21. ratbastard says

    I’ve been around ‘Upper-Class’ people much of my life, mostly through schools and living in places with a lot of upper-class people. I spent a lot of time at a well known prep school near Boston which some close [rich] friends attended. It NEVER ceased to amaze me how the ‘Upper-Class’, the ‘Elite’, i.e. the families of CEOs, old school money, nouveau riche, etc., were indeed different from the other half. Let’s just say the adjective ‘Cold’ best describes most of them. And the wealthy foreigners [non-American; mostly Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern] were all incredibly spoiled and put their American counter-parts to shame in that department.

  22. RJ says

    What a lot of judgmental holier-than-thou folks there are posting on this blog.

    Congrats Elton and David on your bundle of joy. Pleas pay no attention to the peanut gallery.

  23. Bryan says

    Two words: Rush Limbaugh.

    Elton, you are dead to me. Your music is dead to me. Your partner is dead to me. Your child is dead to me.

  24. vonlmo says

    Shall I expect that Rush Limbaugh is the godfather to Elton’s latest excuse to go shopping?

  25. Sqqueak says

    @ Bucky “Sir Elton has been making gay men look ridiculous for years. Now he is busy making gay parents look bad.Pampered and spoiled and egocentric, he is a pathetic excuse for a human” Too true and we must feel sad for the baby! The possibility that he may even LOOK like Elton John is too depressing for words!

  26. says

    Even without DNA you can tell by age two who the father is when Zach starts to lose his hair in front and reaches out naturally for outrageously shaped, bling-encrusted eye-glasses.

  27. joe says

    To whomever who wrote that it is giving ammunition to homophobes, PLEASE!! There should be a universal parenting test for all humans before they are allowed to have children!!! Children are born every second to unfit humans around the globe. Count Elton John, but don’t use him as an exception to the rule.

  28. Erika says

    good to know the world the world will continue to be populated with moronic, a**hats with overdeveloped senses of entitlement, too much money and drugs and little to no brains. thank god the world is ending in 2012 but the irony is these aholes will continue to survive, they are like cockroaches. what really needs to happen is California needs to be sucked into a black hole suddenly and without warning so there are no survivors. only then will the world continue to move forward and we can produce scientists, discoverers, doctors, mathematicians, etc. there needs to be a law against indiscriminate breeding