Robert Gibbs to Step Down as White House Press Secretary

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is leaving to become an outside political adviser to the President and his reelection campaign, the NYT reports:

Gibbs"Mr. Gibbs said that he intends to leave the podium in early February. His successor has not yet been decided, he said, but will likely be announced within the next two weeks…The leading potential replacements for press secretary include Jay Carney, a spokesman for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., along with Bill Burton and Josh Earnest, who work as deputies to Mr. Gibbs. Other candidates also could be considered, an administration official said."

The White House Chief of Staff position is also in flux, with former Commerce Secretary William Daley and political consultant Pete Rouse, who is serving as interim Chief of Staff, in the running.


  1. Zlick says

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, dearie.

    Sheesh, the position is typically a toadying one – but Gibbs brought that fine tradition to new depths. Good riddance!

  2. Rowan says

    I have to agree with all. I’ve been shocked by how bad this guy is, especially when addressing any group. He seems stupid. Ineloquent and in fact, has the opposite characteristics you need to be in press/promotions.

    He also did really bad on the PR front for Obama. So why is he helping him with re-election?

    They should get that Chris Hughes again who was able to get all the grassroots involvement.

  3. mld says

    its so funny anyone can ever get mad at a press secretary. they are the most messengery messenger ever devised, trained to say exactly what they say, trained to bumble, trained to talk circles, its amazing to watch them in any administration. they are a pin cushion to guard the white house and have a short shelf life.

  4. PG says

    I’ve always hated this guy – he was awful at his job. I can’t believe he’s lasted as long as he did. Good riddance – now hopefully Obama can get someone eloquent and competent!

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