1. Paul R says

    With just a few exceptions (mainly about transsexuals), this episode was a great example of how to use gays as a source of humor without resorting to obvious, sophomoric, or patently offensive jokes. Saturday Night Live and other shows could learn a lot from this.

  2. IAN F says

    Neil Patrick Hairless! There were so many great lines in this episode. I agree with Paul, the jokes worked because you could feel the love behind them. When Moe said he never felt so accepted I got a little choked up. Well done.

  3. finkles2000 says

    That linked article was clearly not written by a long-time Simpsons fan, and it was a really awkward read. I didn’t understand why he questioned the fight at the beginning and why he thought there should have been more of it, considering it was essentially an opening joke. The brilliance of the Simpsons is that an episode’s main plot ends up being 180 degrees off of what you’d expect it to be. This guy obviously doesn’t get that. Ditto on the continuity of the series.

    And where’s the Kristen Wiig love?! She was awesome!

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