1. Island Girly says

    WHERE do this people crawl out from? When are these wingnuts going to realize the United States is NOT a Theocracy? Another faux Christian beating the drum.

  2. Bart says

    If God is the ultimate lawgiver, then go live in God-land, Ms. Pearson. Presently, you live on earth, in the United States, in Iowa to be exact. Christianity is your faith, and I respect that. But it is not everyones, and whatever odd hate-filled Christianity you aspire to it certainly isn’t mine. The constitution in Iowa offers equality for all, i know equality offends you as it does all bigots. What bouys my hopes is that you could get only get 35 people to bother showing up at your bigot-brigade. And i’m sure 10 of those came to see what a regressive idiot looks like in person.

    Also, you’re not a social or fiscal conservative if you’re spending time and taxpayer money to travel and sponsor these events, working against your own state constitution. That dear idiot, makes you a social tyranist as well as fiscally wasteful.

    Here’s something positive you can do Ms. Pearson, try getting up every morning with a smile on your face that you live in a free country where all people should be treated equally, and be happy that whatever ridiculous form of Christianity you adhere to isn’t the law of the land. I do.

  3. JT says

    Remember how the Tea Party leaders went apoplectic during the election insisting that they were only concerned with fiscal matters, and that social matters weren’t and would never be their concern? Apparently they don’t.

  4. candideinnc says

    There is no mention of God given laws in the Constitution. It is a secular document. Kos was right–they are the American Taliban.

  5. sparks says

    I wish these closeted gays and lesbians would stop trying to ruin other peoples’ lives before they figure out their own.

  6. jak says

    She supports a constitutional amendment that will dictate who can and cannot marry? How exactly does that fit in with her anti-big government message?

  7. Jane Roe says

    wait, wait, wait! The TP does not get into social issues. All it cares about is taxes and spending and fiscal issues. This story false! [/gay tea bagger]

  8. Tone says

    Tea baggers are like little kids with a plate of candy. They just can’t help themselves. Of course kids grow up…

  9. says

    She is saying that Iowa should legislatively ban gay couples from marrying, b/c it’s a quick solution. Iowa did that back in the 90s. It was called DOMA and Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled that law to be unconstitutional. What’s creating a new DOMA law going to prove?

  10. Justin Werner says

    These people just keep sprouting up like noxious weeds. How ’bout you live your own life, sugar, and let the rest of us live ours. Social conservatism works… if you’re a white, property-owning, heterosexual, Christian male of upper-middle class or greater economic stature. For everyone else? Not so much. Ah, and another claim of “judicial activism”, which is a Teabagger code-term for “decision we don’t like”.

  11. Arthur says

    She reminds me of the girl who fell in love with the gay guy in high-school or college who eventually had to tell her to go away after months of her relentless crying and endless stalking. Her new found warped sense of God-given entitlement is her way of getting even… just a thought.

  12. CKNJ says

    “God is our ultimate lawgiver…”?


    Do you have ANY idea, you pea-brained idiot, Ms Pearson, what the Constitution is all about? It’s SECULAR! Know what that word means? Your pledge of allegiance is to the Country and the Constitution NOT to a specific God or Church, no matter how you may wish it was. If you cannot hold office under those circumstances, resign and allow a patriotic (not theocratic) American to take the post.

    Christian Taliban rule is here unless we actively move to STOP it!!!

  13. clint says

    amazing how ignorant the faithful are of facts, history and even there own faith. the free masons (not christians) wrote the declaration which brought the basics into light.”Last time i checked every american is free to the pursuit of happiness”. So doesn’t that mean that they are indeed ignoreing basic american rights and there faith. “By the way pearson God gave us those laws in the christian faith there called the commandments and I don’t recall there being more then ten, nor do i recall any of them stateing whether marriage is between opposite sex’s or same sex.” Put simply your useing god as an excuse. Thats the truth don’t believe me look it up the “ten commandments” of the christian faith (they made a movie of them for christs sake). you can even find it in your bible or ask your local reverend about them. That’s all pearson. P.S. congrats on the “majority” of 35 supporters that made the effort to show. Also your not a christian if your oppressing your fellow man or woman. “I only want to bring truth.”