Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #808

7 BILLION: National Geographic looks at the exploding world population in a brilliant video.

TOM FORD: Video of his top-secret runway show has emerged.

SETH WALSH: Wendy and Shawn Walsh, the mother and brother of the gay bullying victim, appeared on Nate Berkus last week.

PIXAR: A fan's tribute to the animation company and its many triumphs.

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  1. ACe says

    I applaud this whole ‘anti-bullying’ fad that’s going on right now, but the truth of the matter is bullying always has been and always will be with us. What we REALLY need to do is make our kids [and some adults] ‘Teflon’ skinned – make bullying like water off a duck’s back! Concentrate on actual threats of physical violence.

  2. ted says

    Re 7 Billion – on balance – 5% consume 23% of electricity? What percent have a use for it? Does that include manufacturing? Internet maintenance? Defense? Let our country have the freedom to produce, feed and clothe the world – remove the hampers on our productivity and our people – the most productive and generous people the world has ever known.

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