1. babocarlson says

    Straight mom moved to tears that Chris won! When my 15 year old asked why I told her when I was her age this would not have been possible. She doesn’t get what the big deal is which means I did my job right. She sees Chris as a actor, not a gay actor.

  2. MiloTock says

    Give the poor kid a break. He is 20 years old and no matter how polished he comes across at times in interviews, this must be completely overwhelming for him. Why is it not possible for people on this board, every so often, just to celebrate when one of the good ones wins?

  3. Clifw says

    And yet NBC cut the shot of Jane Lynch kissing her wife, and kept the camera firmly on the co-presenters, making her the only acting winner so far who didn’t get a reaction shot.

  4. Clay says

    “Screw that” is an obscene expression? Seriously are you a 1950s housewife? Or maybe a closeted Baptist choir director? The kid wins a major award and has the quality of character and presence of mind to use that moment to say something really inspiring and meaningful rather than massage his own ego. And what you focus on “screw that?”

    On another note, Chris Colfer consistently impresses me as a great role model for gay youth, and maybe his gay elders as well.

  5. TTT says

    Sorry, I don`t like Chris.
    I don`t think he will get other roles than playing the gay guy. And I do not understand why many are impressed with him. It is not that he is that good actor.It seems that many people like him because they have sympathy with him – not because of his skills.

  6. JSH says

    In the LGBT-related wins, Andy, you forgot to include Jim Parsons winning a Golden Globe as well… 😉

  7. AndrewW says

    Great. Wonderful. Bravo.

    Great message for young people – be your dreams. Dismiss bullies and religious beliefs.

  8. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    Colfer is not a good actor. I’m very surprised he won.

    Consider this: who remember Sean Hayes? Seemed like he won some awards and now can’t get arrested. Why? He’s a bad, one-note actor who can only play gay.

  9. says

    Chris, if you’re reading this, please ignore the sour pusses who missed their own star turn and can’t stand anyone else’s success.

  10. NaughtyLola says

    Obscene expressions rock.

    Colfer didn’t win an award for being a great actor — he won an award for playing a particular role on a particular show. Good for him.

  11. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    I think Darren Criss does a much better job playing a more realistic and RELATABLE Gay character on Glee and I rather see him win recognition for that.

    Oh, wait. He’s straight. What a shock.

  12. FunMe says

    I just LOVE young people saying “screw that” to homophobia.
    Sometimes it seem it is bad, but our young people are showing that there is HOPE for the future. :-)

  13. Ron says

    Anyone who says Chris can’t act is likely not watching on a regular basis or is assuming he is only playing himself. I’ve seen tremendous range from him and look forward to his future work. And what were you all doing at his age?

    And if Sean Hayes “can’t get arrested” how do you explain his having the lead in a Broadway show? There may be some stunt casting involved, but no producer would put the money in if he didn’t have some talent to back it up.

    Those who think they can do better are welcome to close their laptops and go audition themselves.

  14. says

    “Quasi-Stellar Object” is also saying the exact same things @ joemygod as “MarkDC”. Apparently closted right-winger. Maybe his momma will come home and see him on gay websites! Maybe someone could just trace his ISP, it’s been done before! Start sending him a bunch of gay spam! LOL

  15. Randy says

    The award is well deserved, if not for the acting, than for the acceptance speech. It’s certainly the most worth-seeing that I’ve seen in a while.

  16. Mr_Maboose says

    Amazing how many haters out there. The net makes it
    possible for cowards to grow balls(tiny balls).

  17. says

    Quasi-Stellar Object: Sean Hays, um, happens to be in a very well received Broadway show in which he was nominated for a Tony Award, (if you check out his IMDB page you’ll see he’s continued to work steadily-in fact, he hasn’t stopped working– with actors such as Jack Nicholson, Patty Clarkson, etc. Uh, yeah, I’d say he’s really struggling/forgotten.

    I’m not even a real fan of his but why do you have to rain on our parade?

  18. says

    Ok, I’m passionate and opinionated but I do forget grammar and spelling sometimes. Sorry.
    And I meant to put an end to the parentheses after the word ‘working.’
    Oops. Must have been caught up in the moment.

  19. ratbastard says

    ‘I swear I saw Jane Fonda’s right nipple pop out.’………

    …….Wardrobe malfunction

  20. Martin Luther King says

    “I just LOVE young people saying “screw that” to homophobia.”

    Chris Colfer said “screw that kids”.

    Bad example and nothing to be proud about, he should know better.

  21. mark says

    There was basically nothing in the Globes for us gay guys. Where were the movies with our relationships? There was nothing. Out of all the hundreds of movies that are made each year, you’d think there’d at least be one of note.

    We gay guys still appear to be unwelcome in Hollywood, sad to say. Our presence in movies is relegated to comical sidekicks.

    As for Chris Colfer, couldn’t he at least have mentioned the word “gay”? He came across as if he was avoiding the word.

  22. says

    Chris reminds me of the so-called Hollywood All-American Boy image in the 40s and 50s… Van Johnson, Tab Hunter, Troy Donohue who always got the girl on the screen, and the directors off the screens! Times have changed… because
    art imitates life after all.

  23. River says

    The show was incredibly boring and predictable. There’s a whole industry for the award show season so you pretty much know which movies are liked by the people that give out these awards.

    Did anyone else notice how matronly gowns worn by the actresses? There were a lot of very 1980’s-like sequin gowns. The 80s is back they say.

    It was a weak year for movies. I don’t think any of these movies are really going to be masterpieces of the cinema 10 years from now.

    I had no interest in seeing anything. The only movie of the year I saw was Toy Story 3, which was very good and should have won the Best Movie (Musical/Comedy) category, but it wasn’t even nominated, which is strange because the first and second Toy Storys won and good animated movies usually win that category at the Globes.

    The host, Ricky Gervais, was actually pretty funny and I usually always hate the host but maybe it was because he was as bitchy as I was.

  24. Stephen says

    @Martin Luther King: What did you think the word “that” referred to? He was saying screw homophobia, kids! Scroll back up and try re-reading or re-watching it. Cant believe you could be so pissy about a relatively inoffensive word. If that were only the worst thing the world had to worry about it would be a much better place. In the grand scheme of things its so insignificant as to be almost unnoticeable. I think your comment is ludicrous.

  25. dex says

    I don’t actually watch or like Glee, but I thought Colfer’s speech was perfect.

    @Mark, I don’t think Chris *was* avoiding the word ‘gay’. It may be where a lot of discussion in the media is focused these days, but the smarmy, let’s-all-be-friends point of Glee isn’t just that gay kids can be accepted and find a place, it’s that *everyone* can. And Chris was saying to every kind of teenager watching–queer and not–that they can too.

    Are you really going to slam the kid for being too inclusive?

  26. rascal says

    Those of you criticizing and complaining either don’t understand these award shows or take them way too seriously. Except for perhaps the lifetime achievement awards (the model for which exists on its own without all the attendant nonsense in many other fields), they are rather embarrassing self-congratulatory publicity events that, in the performance categories at any rate, have little to do with individual accomplishment. Statues are invariably awarded to those who, through writing, production, critical popularity and cultural resonance (an alchemy that every producer desperately seeks) stand as a symbol for what has connected this season with audiences. Indeed, most actors with any intelligence or self-awareness realize this and mention it in some fashion in their acceptance speeches. As did Mr. Colfer.

    Whether or not Chris Colfer is a great actor is entirely beside the point. That view is as useless as taking scripture as literal fact. It bears mentioning that in some cases the entertainment industry sees an opportunity to make a social statement, however ham-fisted, and I believe this was one of them. But mostly Colfer won this award because he successfully inhabited a role that connected with audiences in a popular and significant way. He moved people. He was memorable.

    The fact that he represents a now-awarded point of view on something that is one of the defining social issues of our time should, even in its admittedly superficial fashion, be cause for a moment of rejoicing for all of us.

  27. Doris Dey says

    Chris Colfer is the gay “Hattie McDaniel” despite his Golden Globe, he’ll always be the sissy sidekick fawning over the straight jock.

  28. Daddolfe says

    Thank you Chris…

    FEM…masculine….and anything inbetween…the gay community is as dieverse as the colors in our rainbow flag. We honor, salute and embrace EVERY member of our community. To anyone who takes any issue by the mannerisms of a person (fem or not)…please excuse yourself from our community and what it stands for, because the men and woman who fought to liberate us from discrimination did not do so just for the “str8 acting” gays, but all of us.

    SELF RESPECTING gay people grasp that.

    Congrats Chris and Kids…it REALLY does get better!

  29. Michael T. says

    Uh oh…his win is going to make the straight acting gays on here pissed. You know how they hate the idea of any identifiable gay ever taking a breath, much less on television. Because unlike them, Chris is comfortable in his skin and doesn’t need to walk this planet with one foot in the closet and one foot out, constantly paranoid that someone somewhere may idnetify him as gay. You hyper “masculine” homos need to do us all a favor and sign the papers for your ex-gay conversion already. Your self loathing is making everyone laugh at your delusions. Straight and gay.
    GO CHRIS! and props to any kid who is unapollogetically themselves. Insecure people have their own Daddy issues they need to deal with.

  30. IonMusic says

    Congratulations Chris. This speech made Robert Deniro, Matt Damon, Anne Hathaway, Brad Pitt (all visible in the clip) nearly give him a standing ovation. A website I read said it was one of the most well recieved speeches of the night because it was short, to the point but very powerful (those are always the best)
    Positive people will celebrate this win. Negative dark souls will find a way to drag an argument on here and have something to argue about for the sake of arguing.
    Congrats Chris and congrats to our lesbian friends for “The kids are alright” winning their awards too (written, and directed by a lesbian)

  31. Houndentenor says

    Bravo, Chris!

    To those who say he’s not that good an actor, obviously they missed the bullying episodes earlier this year. He nailed it. Why do people have to tear down anyone gay who accomplishes anything or gets any recognition. If only we could conquer our own internalized homophobia we’d be better equipped to take on the Maggie Gallaghers and Porno Petes.

  32. jacki says

    First off, congrats to Chris. I don’t care what some people here say, I think he deserved the award 100%.

    @Michael T.

    I don’t think it’s always the masculine or “straight acting” (ugh, hate that term) gays that have an issue. Why do so many out there assume that only the femme gays love themselves or love being gay? I think there are plenty of self-hating femmes out there too. Not trying to argue, it’s just an observation.

    @ the haters

    I guess I’m the only one around here who could care less if Chris will ever play straight. I mean, some of the comments went on about how he’ll always play gay, as if that’s a terrible thing. Personally, I could care less if a gay actor plays straight. My biggest concern is that there are more and more diverse gay characters/roles played by more out actors. Maybe I am unrealistic here, but that’s how I feel.

  33. justme says

    “As for Chris Colfer, couldn’t he at least have mentioned the word ‘gay’?”

    So true. Because otherwise you have absolutely no idea that he’s gay. *rolls eyes*

    He’s brilliant and talented and successful and revered by professionals and the public for playing the most famous gay character on TV and he’s identifiably and honestly gay. Welcome to the 21st Century. Here we don’t just talk about it, we live it.

  34. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    Sean Hayes is still relevant because he’s on Broadway?! Won a Tony?


    No one on earth knows, cares about or even sees Broadway except fags and metro area New Yorkers. No one on earth knows what a Tony award is because no one cares except doomed fags.

    Seriously. Pretending Broadway means absolutely ANYTHING to American Culture is a fantasy only a faggot could have.

    Stop projecting.


    Broadway. So relevant.

  35. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    As I’ve said previously Darren Criss does a much better job playing a realistic and RELATABLE Gay Character than Chris Colfer.

    Pretending The Sissy Boy archetype still represents the inevitable identity for all Gays, especially for adolescents, is grotesque.

    By doing so you unwittingly accept and perpetuate the Gay stereotypes invented for you by heterosexual hegemony.

    The truth is heterosexuals freely embrace the comforting predictability of homophobic stereotypes mistaking such “acceptance” as “progressive”. Unwittingly becoming stereotypes themselves. Whether all this is unconscious or self-conscious it is misguided. The soft bigotry of low expectations is so comforting to straight white people.

    The Gays collude with this oppression by design. They complacently accept and internalize these bigoted stereotypes. Refusing to understand the fantasy of “Gay” identity is dysfunctional: the post-traumatic-stress-disorder of sexual apartheid. Show me Chris Colfer and Sean Hayes and I’ll show you Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas.

    “Official Gay Culture” is a massive exercise in behavior modification. Nothing more than a compromised reaction-formation desperately constructed only in the last few decades to mitigate centuries of consistent persecution, disenfranchisement and extermination.

    But nevermind. I’m just “thrilled” Chris Colfer get recognition from heterosexuals for being the kind of Gay that makes them all so very COMFORTABLE.

  36. Me says

    “Consider this: who remember Sean Hayes? Seemed like he won some awards and now can’t get arrested. Why? He’s a bad, one-note actor who can only play gay.”

    Oh my. I remember Sean Hayes because he just spent a year and received a Tony Award nomination on Broadway for the musical “Promises Promises’ with Kristin Chenoweth. So not only was it a musical, he played straight to great acclaim. Perhaps you should know what your talking before you open your mouth.

    Chris is a terrific actor who is showing a flawed kid, (as all kids are, but never portrayed realistically on TV) growing up and becoming a great man. All the while singing and dancing in some of the most thrilling TV in years. Richly deserved.

  37. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    Claire Danes was the only woman in the room. Simply and effortlessly beautiful.

    The rest looked like drag queens dressed by drag queens.

  38. Christopher Marcacci says

    Darren Criss plays the more realistic and relatable gay? Yeah, since all teenage gay boys are openly gay and also the stars of their all male singing group, who get Beatles-like fan reactions from the other straight boys at the school. I know thats exactly what my teenage years were like.

  39. says

    Thanks Chris for taking the time to address these kids personally, some may not realize it, but I am sure it made a difference to a bullied teen sitting at home watching the Golden Globes, and that is what matters. Somewhere there is a LGBTQ teen that heard your speech and realized, they were not alone, they could be anything they want to be and that they have value as a human being…no matter what the bullies at school, in their community or their parents say.

  40. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ Christopher Marcacci

    Stop generalizing from personal experience. Stop pretending that your teenage years represent the standard for all. For every Chris Colfer type that was visible there were hundreds who were terrified, repressed and tortured.

    The relatability of Darren Criss’s character has nothing to do with him being out. Its about a young Gay boy NOT conforming to the minstrel show of stereotypes imposed on him by heterosexual society. Instead of becoming A GAY!!! (insert jazz hands here) he just remains the kid HE ALREADY IS without assuming some entirely different, acquired cultural identity expected of him.

    I’m sorry your teenage years were rough. While they were pretty rough for all of us, it is in no way transformative to pretend we all went through the same experience the same way. There’s a range of Gay adolescent behavior and identity. We do not move forward pretending it’s all the same.

  41. lalzo says

    @Quasi-stellar object Sean Hayes is starring in a very successful Boardway play right now (I think Promises Promises is still going) and probably has a ton of work directing/producing. So your wrong. Chris is a good actor and has a bright future.

  42. Piss Christ says

    @quasi stellar

    Apparently, with no surprise analysis, you had a nasty hardass father who pounded into your head growing up “act like a man!”

    You attack effeminate gay men because it threatens your own internal validity.

    You’re really exposing yourself here.

    Effeminate men who are ‘more visible’ as gay are making it harder for gays like you who are so scary straight acting as to never arouse suspicion about their own sexuality.

    It’s your own deeply-rooted self loathing that’s at the heart of all your hatred towards effeminate gay behavior. Hatred of self and your own desire to be a ‘normal Nellie’.

    A misogynistic, gendered norm and social hierarchy that you accept.

    Try exploring and addressing your own internal shame, the oppressive world you personally grew up in as the root of your self-hating mentality.

  43. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ LALZO

    As I’ve said previously on this thread Broadway is really irrelevant to American Culture. It is only known by Gay men and metro area New Yorkers.

    The average person does not know what Broadway is or what is playing on Broadway any more than they understand or know the Metropolitan Opera. The average person does not know what a Tony award is let alone who has won one.

  44. GK says

    Hey Andy, Do an IP address check on “QUASI-STELLAR OBJECT”

    No doubt it’s that same jaded old angry queen “MARKDC”. Hopefully it can traced to his place of work and he’ll be fired.

  45. Michael says

    TTT and Quasi-Stellar Object…The beauty of it is that your opinions of Chris Colfer’s acting skills mean SQUAT.

  46. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ Piss Christ

    First and foremost my father is a wonderful man. Neither he nor I have a problem with who we are.

    I never attacked effeminate gay men. To pretend I did is a projection of your own insecurity.

    What I said was there are more ways to be Gay, especially among adolescents, than the Sissy Boy archetype. Stop pretending I have “hatred towards effeminate gay behavior.” Perceptibly effeminate boys are like the small tip of a huge ice-berg sticking out of the water. I’m tired of being forced to pretend only they represent the totality of Gay experience.

    What I have “hatred” for is the cult-like groupthink I see in Official Gay Culture, of which your post is a perfect example.

    In terms of “deeply-rooted self loathing”, “internal shame”, and “self-hating mentality” all I can say is two things: stop projecting, and thank you for proving my point.

    Some of us move on. Some of us don’t. Your comment reminds me of what someone who hasn’t really dealt with Gay issues would say. It reminds me of a man I saw at the very last Gay Pride I attended in 1995 in New York. He was laying down in the urinal trough drinking and rolling around in piss at the Pier Dance. That image is a perfect metaphor for so many Gay men I see everywhere who cling to structures and archetypes that only serve to hurt them.

  47. Rand says

    Quasi “very flaming” stellar object:

    “The average person does not know what Broadway is or what is playing on Broadway any more than they understand or know the Metropolitan Opera. The average person does not know what a Tony award is let alone who has won one.”

    Throwing boulders from a glass house. I mean, cmon, you sat through an entire Golden Globes and are publicly critiqing the womens clothes.


  48. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ Rand

    I did not sit through an entire Golden Globes. Actually I watched briefly b/c friends were notmiatned.

    You don’t need to be a fag to see that Claire Danes looked like a real woman compared to the others. Do you need to be a professional artist or curator to see John Currin’s work as a distorted type of hyper-realism?

    Again, stop projecting.

  49. Piss Christ says

    You may be the most lucid and eloquent argument for a damaged gay man I have ever had the misfortune to witness.

    You are an angry old homosexual man. Period. End of story. Your gay gender construct doesn’t impress me. Your anger needs to be medically addressed, not applauded. It’s not healthy, it’s poisonous.

    What we have here is a classic cloistered homosexual individual who has a great deal of theoretical knowledge about a subject, gained mostly from books; but little or no practical experience from true long term gay relationships.

  50. Rand says

    @Quasi not so stellar

    Chris Colfer is more man than you could ever imagine being!

    Deal with it and go get yourself a feather boa and join the Joan Rivers Fashion Police!

  51. rascal says

    @Quasi-Stellar Object

    An explanation of how inane and narrow-minded your points about Broadway are would obviously be lost on you, so I won’t waste time on it. Suffice it to say that the entire concept of Glee and its attendant popularity would not exist without Broadway.

  52. Phil says

    Colfer’s award was for his performance on Glee, not for lifetime achievement in acting, and he took a great stand on hate, using very tame vocabulary. The apologists for hate need to hear Lily Allen’s anti-hate song, “—- you”, over and over. The song hit #1 on the charts in Belgium, #4 in Norwary and Finland, and #9 in France. How’s that for achievement?

  53. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ Piss Christ

    Wow. You really don’t get it. Again, projecting age and “damage” betrays your own anger, insecurity and resentment. I really hope you get some help managing your rage.

    Are you this much of a hackneyed, hostile, arch-faggot stereotype with everyone who threatens you?

    So many of the comments here fall in lockstep with the cult-like groupthink of Official Gay Culture. No different from Mormons and Scientologists. Unlike so many here I’m not willing to keep suckling at the tit of the very bigoted structures that enable conformity and subjugation.

    I don’t have a “gay gender construct”. That’s precisely the point.

    As I’ve already said the relatability of Darren Criss’s character is about a young Gay boy NOT conforming to the minstrel show of stereotypes imposed on him by heterosexual society. Instead of becoming an Official Gay and absorbing Official Gay Identity he just remains the boy HE ALREADY IS without assuming some entirely different, unnatural, cumbersome, ACQUIRED cultural identity expected of him by straight people. Gay adolescent boys, like Criss’s character, just stay on the path to becoming the men THEY ALREADY ARE instead of appropriating some altogether different, anomolous Gay Identity.

    Perceptibly effeminate boys (who are also, by default, labeled “Gay”) deserve our respect and support because they bear the brunt of a bigoted society’s hostility. However, pretending they are a singular Gay archetype disfugures the transformation you all preach about so much.

    You grovel for and drool over Official Gay Culture and Official Gay Identity no differently from religious zealouts who embrace their “faith”. Are you all waiting for armageddon to destroy all the people who disagree with you? Are you all waiting for the rapture where only comforting Gay stereotypes survive? Where everyone you hate is “left behind”?

    Do you even know what tranformation looks like? Like I said: no different from Mormons and Scientologists.

  54. rascal says

    @Quasi-Stellar Object

    I’m afraid YOU’RE the one who doesn’t get it.

    This sentence (among others) clearly demonstrates your desperation in trying rationalize your sublimated misogyny:

    “…conforming to the minstrel show of stereotypes imposed on him by heterosexual society.”

    You are evidently so deathly afraid of being associated with with femininity by virtue of your status as a homosexual, that you actually believe that people adopt and embrace characteristics of social stereotypes rather than having them in the first place and becoming emblematic of a social expectation.

    You obviously have an intellect. Try mixing that with a fragment of self-awareness.

  55. Rich says


    Hey Towle Road Gang, this dude is the same wingnut who used to operate under the alias nom de blog MARKDC.

    He’s a middle aged, white trash, steroid addicted, real estate agent carpetbagging in the DC area, this much I know and very crazy. Like “Safeway in Tucson” crazy.

  56. Poz & Pissed in SFO says

    quasi stellar markdc,

    I see you’re still making an ass out of yourself and I still have a bone to pick!

    How about showing some guts and stepping up to the plate and answering my questions from the “Stop Or My HIV Will Shoot” thread I posed to you?

    >>Your DADT excuse for recklessly concealing your POZ status from your sex partners amounts to nothing more than morally reprehensible sophistry.

    You state “people lie about their status” and here you are doing just that, LYING to justify your own ignorantly selfish behavior. Through condom use and not discussing your POZ status, you’re only covering your own ass. It’s sociopathic.

    You also fail to address any of the pertinent questions posed here:

    1. Condoms slip off, break, or can be improperly put on, especially when drugs and alcohol are involved(as so often they are). Infection can still occur. Do you consider this when you are out PNP’ing?

    2. An HIV positive man such as yourself barebacking other HIV positive men and having full ejaculatory sex can re-infect and transmit drug resistant strains of the virus. How do you explain your behavior on this point?

    3. Do your sex partners swallow your semen through oral sex or do you require them to use a dental dam? Infection can occur here as well.

    Idiotic theories such as yours only foster increasing ignorance and spread of STD’s!

  57. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ RASCAL

    I’m not “afraid” of anything. That is your comforting projection.

    Let’s begin.

    “…you actually believe that people adopt and embrace characteristics of social stereotypes rather than having them in the first place and becoming emblematic of a social expectation.” –RASCAL

    Basically you’re arguing stereoytpical behavior is natural, not acquired. So people are stereotypes “in the first place” and rise to the “social expectation” of conforming to those stereotypes? So then you believe American Black males are all “thugs”, Latinos are all passionate and Asians are all good at math and playing violin? Do you equate gender (i.e. “femininity”) with a pose? Do you really want to continue arguing the legitimacy of stereotypes?

    How grotesquely reductive. I hate to imagine your view of The Gays.

    AND on a related note: why is it gender is “learned” for everyone but The Gays and Transgender people? Somehow it’s natural for The Gays all to be born gushing and prancing with Gay Accents loving Cher, Madonna, musical theatre and project runway? Somehow it’s natural for Transgendered people to be “born in the wrong body”.

    …BUT for everyone else gender is “learned”? Just an act?

    I see. Uh huh.

  58. Piss Christ says

    @quasi-steller object

    The operating principle underlying your wholesale abuse of males with any degree of visible femininity is a defective perception you acquired as a very young boy and the result of careful social teaching/indoctrination. Sadly, this has continued into your adulthood.

    In fact, you are still clearly living with perceptions reflecting the historical male-imposed status of females as inferiors to males.

    When boys do not and cannot value femininity, they have basically acquired the age-old perceptions many human groups often acquired of other human groups firmly believed to be one’s inferiors.

    Therefore, the many boys who still often say something like ‘Yuk! Girls! I’m not playing with them!” are essentially a replication of the well taught white highly racist boys who not long ago would have said: “Yuk! N’s! I’m not playing with them!” and even worse.

    In other words, vis a vis your contemporaries, you are still learning to have a intense hatred of femininity (females) which is evidenced by your hatred for – and abuse of – boys deemed to be “like females,” meaning that they actually hate humans who are 100 percent females.

  59. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    Wow. You really need to get a grip and get that arch-faggot hostility under control. I am not HIV positive. Why would anyone, least of all you, discuss the status of other people so freely in so public a forum? You seem deranged. Healthy people have boundaries. Think about that.

    1. Drugs and alcohol? Party and play? Seriously? No.

    2. Although it makes you feel good to think so, I’m not HIV positive and I do not have “bareback” sex. It is disturbing to know you are so inexplicably focused on me.

    3. The impression that anyone can “require” partners to do anything in what is, for normal people, a consensual act is ridiculous. Your pretense of being able to control everyone and everything is compulsive, and as fragile as your grip on reality.

    You are naive and your world is remarkably small. What is that like?

  60. Poz and Pissed in SFO says

    Listen quasi-stellar,

    You can’t even collect a galvanized identity long enough to post a comment on a blog under a single persona. And who’s the crazy one?

    Good luck with the continued denial and lies.

  61. rascal says

    @Quasi-Stellar Object

    How do you make a leap from the premise that people do not consciously adopt stereotypical behaviors but naturally become emblematic of certain social expectations, to the notion that this premise must be true for ALL members of a particular group? That makes no sense and I never said it.

    And you call ME reductive? Physician, heal thyself.

  62. Quasi-Stellar Object says



    I assure you the misogyny you have created for me is the awkward imposition of your own very active imagination. You have created an entire identity for me that conforms comfortably to the small world you have created for yourself. That’s just weird.

    Frankly I’m embarrassed and feel kind of sorry for you now.

  63. Dan Dan Noodles says

    @piss christ, Nail on the head!

    This guy “markdc” or “quasi-stellar object” was using racial slurs(“N” word) with psychotic abandon just a couple days ago in a conversation thread on the DC subway attack.

    Pathetic and sad that we have to go to this low level due to a misguided crackpot.

  64. Dan Dan Noodles says

    and no doubt why he’s operating under a new handle. Andy probably banned the markdc monkier from Towleroad. AGAIN PATHETIC!

  65. Rand says

    QUASI-MODO you’re a “Curb Appeal Queen”: a real estate diva that watches red carpet events for the glamor and fashions and then reviews the proceedings to unsolicited strangers online.

    Then….has the balls to go attack mode on other mens masculinity.

    Are you sure you’re not the alter ego of Waylon Flowers and Madame?

  66. heroin says

    @clifw: I’m watching the Golden Globes pvr’d right now, and just watched Jane Lynch stand up, hug another guy with longish curly hair, touch some people, and hug Sofia Vergara before making her way to the stage.

    Your comment is simply inaccurate.

  67. Mike in the Tundra says

    @quasi – One of the major disagreements that my husband and I ever had was his disdain for effeminate gays. I felt we should be accepting of all our brothers – twinks, bears, leathermen, and effeminate males (btw, that list could go on for quite awhile). However, my hubby could not accept effeminate gays. The weird part is that he had a lot of effeminate characteristics. Perhaps there is something that you are hiding.

  68. Magma Chamber says

    Quasi not so stellar,

    Your gay bashing is not just your opinion, it is an assault.

    When you harass people in public, it is time for other gays to rise to the challenge and voice their intolerance.

    We have an obligation to protect our brothers from harassment and slander, especially when it is done in our name by other weak gay mean living through schadenfreude.

    Find a good shrink.

  69. J'accuse says

    @Quasi stellar object,

    “No one on earth knows, cares about or even sees Broadway except fags and metro area New Yorkers”

    Hey walking lobotomy! What effing rock are you living under?

    Ever heard of West Side Story, Death of Salesman, The Crucible, Long Days Journey Into Night…

    All insignificant Broadway shows that have only been seen by a couple cloistered Chelsea theatre fags and housewives from Scarsdale and of no importance to enriching the cultural dialog of humanity.

    That malt liquor you pound down at tractor pulls and WWF Smackdown events has turned your brain to crabmeat!

  70. Mini Cooper says

    DC REALTOR guised as Markdc guised as quasi-stellar object guised as….

    Other than million dollar fistings and attending red carpet events from your La-Z Boy, do you have a life?

    You sound like an cunty old woman.

    TIP: you might up your clomid intake during your next cycle, you sound testosterone deficient.

  71. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    Wow. You guys are a real snakepit of wackjobs.

    I suppose I should be flattered I’ve captivated you so. I suppose I should be impressed you’ve manufactured an entire persona for me. I can assure you that, contrary to you what your “id” is screaming for, I am not the fantasy you have created. That you need to pretend I am everything (and apparently anything) that you imagine only betrays your own impotent rage, shame and remarkable break with reality. Stop projecting.

    Really, your neuroses is transparent.

    Why is it faggots like you so reflexively savage each other before directing any of your anger at appropriate targets? Safer that way? It’d be nice if even one of you would just TRY to defend yourself from a Gay bashing on the street. I guess it’s easier to just make up stories in your room instead.

    Your poisonous arch-faggot venom would make any normal man run from you and Gay Culture as a whole. Enjoy sloshing around in your own rage and filth.

  72. Rich says


    >Your poisonous arch-faggot venom would make any normal man run from you and Gay Culture as a whole. Enjoy sloshing around in your own rage and filth.< Without even recognizing it, you’ve done a pathologically remarkable job of outlining a profile for yourself here. Ironic that everyone’s on to you and you see it as flattering. That you see homosexuality as a damaged state of mind and genetically defective is indicative of your own isolation and loathing.

  73. Rich says


    Seriously dude, do you really think you’re normal?

    Considering the history of your bullying behavior towards effeminate gay men, anti black racism and overall profane presence on Towle Road?

    You’re a REALLY sick man!

    It’s not projecting to say to you “get therapy!”

  74. Piss Christ says


    “Defend yourself from gay bashing on the street” he says as he proceeds to verbally gay bash with his nasty commnents.

    You sound like a product of Hitler’s Germany, complete with the baiting and scapegoating. Where the hell did you grow up?

  75. Sporting Life says

    Quasi-Stellar Object

    Why can’t guy’s like you understand what it really takes to be a man? The dignity, respect, and character?

    Do you even care that you give off such negative energy?

    It’s so sad.

  76. IonMusic says

    Quasi is why I have and will ALWAYS *hate* and I mean *HATE* any gay man who defines himself as “straight acting”…or announces his masculinity as a badge of honor, all while belittling effiminate gays. Everyone else see’s your self loathing for what it is…and it is far worse than the most homophobic bully. A gay man who targets other gay men for how they behave? You kidding me? Delusion. LOOK IT UP!

  77. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    And what about Dave Karofsky? Kurt Hummel’s bully who’s homosexual, played by Max Adler?

    I guess only effeminate boys are “Gay”? I guess only effeminate boys are accepted in Official Gay Culture? I guess if all the closeted Gay boys like Dave Karofsky committed suicide you’d all celebrate? I guess only some Gay lives and Gay people are ok. The others aren’t worthy of acceptance and support? They can just go away and kill themselves?

    What about Shannon Beiste? The football coach, played by Dot-Marie Jones? A reductive, ridiculous lesbian stereotype. But forget about her. Acknowledging her (or any woman) doesn’t fit with your very selective grip on reality.

    You douchebags wouldn’t know “community” if it punched you in the face. Real life is complicated. Put down the appletnini, step away from the TV and grow up.

  78. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    “You sound like a product of Hitler’s Germany.” -PISS CHRIST

    It’s always tedious when feeble minds misapply history for transparently selfish reasons. You embarrass yourself.

    Advocating for the full acknowldegement and recognition of ALL homosexuals (effeminate or not) is the exact OPPOSITE of fascistic specificity. Contrary to the diligtently constructed Disney world you have created for yourself, real life is much more complicated, interesting and diverse.

    Your rhetoric is your worst enemy. Isn’t it about time you stop talking?

  79. Piss Christ says


    I’ll stop talking when you stop publicly putting your hateful propaganda into the public domain.

    Stick to your closet reviewing of fashions on awards shows. At least that’s benign.

    Kristallnacht? ANYONE? ANYONE?

    Hiel Hitler und DOUCHELAND uber alles!

  80. Communication Acid Cubes says

    One thing can be said for QUASI…he isn’t an english, sociology or gender studies major.


  81. Tabatha says

    @QSO I have a brother like you.

    You came out late didn’t you? And walk in predominantly hetero circles don’t you? The gay version of “passing for white”.

    Must feel painfully claustrophobic to be that adaptive and chameleon like. Equally, you must feel very lonely. I know my brother does.

  82. Pete says

    Quasi-stellar Object What are your feminine and frilly thoughts on Bjork’s 2001 Academy Award’s “swan frock”?

  83. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    Speaking as someone with ancestors who were exterminated in The Holocaust, your insistence on projecting fascism is grotesque and unbalanced.

    It is precisely those ignorant and disrespectful of history who are comfortable introducing and hurling fascist imagery. Just like an illiterate White Supremacist, or Bill O’Reilly, you disfigure history with superficial references to things you neither understand nor respect.

    No mention of Bosnia? Rwanda? Darfur? Guess those are neither important nor shocking enough for you to accent your rhetoric. Or do you even know about them?

    Pimping fascism and genocide for rhetorical effect is digusting. Desperate histrionics betray the emptiness of your argument and the limits of your intellect. Stop reaching.

    You seem deranged and in need of a prescription.

  84. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    I know a lot women like you. Condescending heterosexual white women pretending to be oh-so-very understanding and progressive. Get a life.

    I came out early and have had never had a “problem” with who I am. Stop imagining and pretending others, especially people you do not know, are in some way damaged just to make yourself feel better.

    Heterosexuals, like you, embrace the comforting predictability of homophobic stereotypes mistaking such “acceptance” as “progressive”. Unwittingly becoming stereotypes themselves.

    With you as a sister I feel very sorry for your brother. I’m sure you have many black friends too. Please tell us about it.

  85. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    How Glee’s Gay-Bullying Plot Misses the Mark

    by Louis Peitzman
    11/10/10 09:35 AM

    I just don’t think Glee is all that tolerant on the whole. The series gives us a bunch of flat high school stereotypes that it fleshes out whenever it’s convenient for the plot. What is Kurt’s defining characteristic other than his sexuality? Not to mention the fact that his flamboyance and femininity are so often played for laughs.

    And it’s not just the gay character—or characters, since we have more than one now. How about the representations of Jews on this show? There’s Rachel, an obnoxious overachiever who wants to be Barbra Streisand. There’s Jacob Ben Israel, an absurdly offensive character type that went out of style early last century.

    Just look at the treatment of Coach Bieste in this episode. Her name sounds like “beast.” She’s been a punch line from the moment she arrived. She fulfills every stereotype of the lesbian gym teacher, except for the fact that she makes a point of telling Will she isn’t gay. And yet, we’re suddenly supposed to take her seriously (because she’s “straight”?). We’re shown images of her in her lingerie and doing ballet—images that are “funny” because she’s a masculine woman shown in a feminine context. Then we’re told that laughing at her makes us bullies and we should all be ashamed of ourselves. And this coming from Will, who had the insensitivity to tell Coach Bieste that she’s literally a boner-killer.

    And suddenly another gay character appears, conveniently enough. His name is Blaine and he’s basically perfect. He says things like “Prejudice is just ignorance,” and sends texts that say “COURAGE.” He’s a handsome, confident, out-and-proud gay man who goes to a magical all boys school where everyone is accepting because they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. It’s an utterly absurd—though I’ll admit attractive—fantasy. (OMG, he’s a “teenage dream!”) And it’s meaningless, because Blaine is not a character so much as a cipher used to spout this episode’s message.

    The other newly outed—well, to us at least—gay character is the bully, who shoves Kurt around and says a lot of things that are far less cruel than most of what I heard in high school. The shocking twist, of course, is that he’s a homophobe because he’s really a closet case. Does this happen in real life? Definitely. Is this character another dull, simplistic cliché? You betcha. My biggest fear at the moment is that the three-episode gay bullying arc Chris Colfer promised will somehow incorporate the bully’s suicide. That would make things even heavier and, as “Never Been Kissed” proved, Glee is not up to the task.

    Maybe I expect too much from a series that has already revealed itself to be glittery drivel. But come on. Realistic characters, compelling storylines, a consistent message—is that really too much to ask?

  86. Tabatha says

    Quasi, A miss is as good as a mile.

    I’m a lesbian, black and hardly a liberal apologist.

    In line with your aversion to anything feminine….educated, white, bourgeois, hetero women are yet ANOTHER societal sub group you have a problem with. You sound as defensive and suspicious as a Frenchman.

    Your textbook preconceived hypothesis on the many sub-divisions of gay men is sophmoric, lacking understanding and nuance that can only be gained from actual life experiences.

    You’ve perilously painted yourself to the end of a gangplank in an argument that you cannot possibly win.

    You regard almost everyone who challenges you as mentally deficient and invariably approach them with suspicion and condescension.

    You mount furious attacks if anyone has the temerity to make critical observations about your hackneyed social dynamics, or questions your distorted prevailing opinions.

    To feel a part of something, in your case the homosexual community, you need to put yourself out there experientially.

    A cloistered reactionary will always be a spectator and never a participant in any walk of life.

  87. Pendentive Dome says


    You’re a dumbass A-hole, it’s GLEE, not EFFING PROUST.

    You want substance turn off the bloody telly and go read KAFKA!

    Your brain is dining in an intellectual Burger King!

  88. Pete says

    Well, well, well if it isn’t our tireless rebutter QUASI-STRANGE OBJECT still angrily pounding on his little keyboard regarding all challenges as barbarians at the gates.

    If you think that unflagging tenacity in making idiotic points will numb and eventually wear down the opposition, you’re sorely mistaken.

    Did you ever stop to wonder, why, if your arguments are so sound, you’re so universally loathed?

  89. Mauricio says

    @QSO The question is? Why are you watching Glee? Wickedly girly! Like wearing a tampon girly.

    I’d hate to see the rest of your flamboyantly nelly “must see TV” roster.

  90. Piss Christ says

    Even doubly shameful.

    Your holocaust ancestors must be turning in their graves listening to your seething tirades against fems.

    If you had issues with your mom growing up and she emasculated you, it does not give you the right to aim your personal rage at feminine men. That you would identify with the bullying gay character on “Glee” is dysfunctionally telling. You want to push fems to the back of the bus and send them across town to another school. Out of sight, out of mind?

    You’re the gay guy who doesn’t bottom because it’s “too submissive”. Is that how you would put it? That’s just sexually complacent and lazy for any gay man!

  91. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    “Why are you watching Glee? Wickedly girly! Like wearing a tampon girly.” –MAURICIO

    Actually I do not watch Glee. Knowledge of extraneous cultural information is neither remarkable nor incriminating.

    I guess you would see the work of primatologists like Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Richard Wrangham and Frans de Waal as equal and no different from a middle American, evangelical christian family sitting down to watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom?

  92. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ PETE

    “Did you ever stop to wonder, why, if your arguments are so sound, you’re so universally loathed?” –PETE

    I’d pause before making that argument. Do you really wish to place me in the same category as Gallileo and Van Gogh?

    Wouldn’t that instead point out the ignorance and pedestrian intelligence of everyone else?

    I know you don’t want to admit I’m talking over your head.

  93. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    “…seething tirades against fems…”? –PISS CHRIST

    Go back, read all of my comments on this thread, then defend that statement.

    “Your holocaust ancestors must be turning in their graves …” –PISS CHRIST

    You continue to pimp fascism and genocide for rhetorical effect? Healthy people have boundaries.

    Strangely, creating stories and projecting dysfunction doesn’t seem unusual to you at all. In fact it seems commonplace to many on this blog. You project made-up parents, imagined sexual proclivities, exploit fascism and genocide – not to make any intellectual argument (as if one could by such means) but to demonize another person. All remarkably hysterical, delusional behavior. Something you seem unconcerned about.

    As I said earlier: desperate histrionics betray the emptiness of your argument and the limits of your intellect. Stop reaching.

    Continuining this dialogue only reveals more of the damaged place from which you create and project these fantasies.

  94. Pete says

    “I’d pause before making that argument. Do you really wish to place me in the same category as Gallileo and Van Gogh”

    Whilst talking down to ignorant little me, spell “GALLILEO” with one “L”.

    If comparisons are to be made…we’d have to go the bread and circus variety(Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck). Just add a twist of lavendar and your bargain brand style of playing into human prejudices and emotions and we have a DNA match.

  95. Piss Christ says


    So healthy people have boundries? You! Who under the alter moniker of “MARKDC” got BANNED from Towle Road for using the “N” word w/o exhibiting the slightest sense of boundry?

    So what are these boundries and WHERE are they? I sure as hell haven’t seen you use even a scintilla of humane discretion.

    Or is it that from your cell in Bellevue you get to define them to suit your own demented state.

  96. Klaatu Barada Nikto says

    “I guess you would see the work of primatologists like Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Richard Wrangham and Frans de Waal as equal and no different from a middle American, evangelical christian family sitting down to watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom?”

    What a eff’d up analogy! Piltdown Man lives!

    You’re like a pinata, you hit it and there’s no telling what kinda of crap is gonna fall out!

    Call Andy Cohen…Real Housewives of Olduvai Gorge…

    Pitch it beyotch! Pitch it!

  97. Muscle Memory says

    Here’s a concept QSO!

    You just took a dump on Towle Road’s sidewalk and are trying to blame it on your dog! Act like an academic and an intellectual if you want comments to match!

  98. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    @ PISS CHRIST et al

    Do you want to know what is “racist”? Pretending we’re all “white”.

    Assuming “white” is the default race of everyone everywhere all the time is a privilege only White People have. It is also a privilege only American White People would leave unexamined.

    Only the titanic, uninterrogated presumptuousness of racial privilege (i.e. American “whiteness”) would make anyone so myopic. When you hear a joke or news report you reflexively imagine everyone is “white” don’t you? Except perpetrators and suspects, they’re always Black. Right?

    It is clear from your comments this level of analysis has never occurred to you. I am, yet again, embarassed for you once more.

  99. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    Do not mistake intellectu­als for mere academics; understand there is a remarkable difference­.

    That you confuse intelligen­ce (which is innate) with mere discipline (which is acquired) betrays your own limitations. It would be a very big error to ignore this distinctio­n.

    Clearly, it has never occurred to you. (that’s sarcasm).

  100. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    9:00am, Saturday, January 22, 2011

    Been submitting responses to your comment since yesterday morning which Towleroad refuses to post.

    You’re the first person of color I know of who puts their race second. Most who are Lesbian or Gay identify as their race first…not the other way around.

    Why? Maybe it’s because the entire (white) world sees race first and defines non-white people by race before they see, know or acknowledge anything else about them. But, nevermind, you seem comfortable identifying as a “lesbian” first.

    That’s so interesting.

  101. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    Been submitting responses to your comment since yesterday morning which Towleroad keeps censoring.

    IF a Gay male posted a comment on a lesbian blog telling lesbians who they really are and what is really “wrong” with them he would be eviscerated by all the dykes and “womyn”.

    You are clearly out of line, out of your depth and out of your mind. Who are you to imagine you know what life is like for any man anywere? Who are you to comment freely on the experiences of men, homosexual or heterosexual, ever? In other words: just shut up.

    Funny. I’d expect more awareness from someone multiply jeopardized. That’s a Gloria Watkins reference…in case you don’t know.

    Stop pretending.

  102. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    Been submitting responses to your comment since yesterday morning which Towleroad keeps censoring and refusing to post.

    The “homosexual community” is neither. That you impose the overused and misunderstood term “Gay Community” on all homosexuals reveals either youth, ignorance, delusion…or all of the above. Such naivete forces me to question the veracity and credibility of everything you’ve said and pretend to be.

    That you imagine my comments as “furious attacks” betrays your own fear, insecurity and anxiety. That you imagine me as a “cloistered reactionary” is a remarkably hysterical delusion, something you seem unconcerned about.

    Think before you start hurling accusations of “textbook” preconceptions. Ironically, your comments give the impression that it is you yourself who is “sophomoric, lacking understanding and nuance that can only be gained from actual life experiences.”

    To summarize, I guess what I’m trying to say is just shut up.

  103. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    9:00am, Saturday, January 22, 2011

    Been submitting responses to your comment since yesterday morning which Towleroad refuses to post.

    “I’m a lesbian, black…” –TABATHA

    You’re the first person of color I know of who puts their race second. Most who are Lesbian or Gay identify as their race first…not the other way around.

    Why? Maybe it’s because the entire (white) world sees race first and defines non-white people by race before they see, know or acknowledge anything else about them. But, nevermind, you seem comfortable identifying as a “lesbian” first.

    That’s so interesting.

    Have you ever thought about why people pretend to be another race as rhetorical device?

  104. Piss Christ says

    “Except perpetrators and suspects, they’re always Black. Right?”

    According to YOU, YES, they are always black or as you put it “dumbass “N’s”” in your embarassingly ignorant tirade posing as MARKDC in The DC SUBWAY ATTACK thread (which you were BANNED from).

    I’ve yet to hear you address this pathetic exhibition of anonymous grandstanding or is it multiple personality disorder and psychotic blackouts you suffer from?

  105. Kraftwerk says

    Listening to Quasi-Stellar Object, is like watching Anita Bryant after being clocked in the face with a pie attempting to continue on with her anti-gay press conference.

    So what have we learned from all this? QSO hates himself and he likes pie.

  106. Tabatha says

    Ah race within the Lesbian community. You played that card and here’s your answer:

    Where does one start on this topic? Yes, it does exist. I personally over the last twenty years or so of my active gay life have witnessed it displayed among whites, Latinas, and women of color. All towards each other.

    I am a woman of color (I’m Black) who is open and who has dated women of all races. I have had long term relationships with white women as well as latin women and trust me when we take our clothes off we all have the same body parts. All our lips are just as sweet and all of our hearts break the same. No one race cries more tears than the other and we all simply want to be loved, adored and living within a mutually respectable relationship.

    I initially am attracted to not the color of skin but simply the type of energy one radiates. From there its the conversation that pulls me in and thereafter the character that keeps me there.

    When dating women of other races. White women. I consistently notice the stares and comments from both white and blacks. I consistently get comments from white women that they’ve never dated a black woman before, but they would date me. Or I constantly hear comments such as “you’re black but your not really black” (what the hell does that mean). To all of this I am so sick of it all that I could vomit.

    So back to you…as a gay male, like my brother, if you would simply stop pre-judging, labeling and stereotyping other gay males solely based on trait, you would not have so many sad, lonely and single nights.

    There is love out there to be found, you simply have to be open to looking for it sometimes outside of your vindictively defined comfort zone and immediate pre-judging circle of friends.

    The love of your life may just be that femme you’ve condemned.

  107. Mauricio says

    Quasi-Stellar Object
    “Actually I do not watch Glee. Knowledge of extraneous cultural information is neither remarkable nor incriminating”

    Any dude montoring “Glee” and the “Golden Globes” for “extraneous cultural purposes” is neither remarkable or incriminating, just agonizingly flaming. Hardly what I’d call, “a man of the soil”

    What cultural observations on RuPaul’s Drag Race have you observed?

  108. Quasi-Stellar Object says


    You still don’t get it, do you? You insist on reflexively pretending everyone is White…by default. That anyone who is non-White owes you racial disclosure. That’s privilege.

    What’s it like to pretend only White People use your precious “N” word?

    What’s it like to fetishize people-of-color into abstraction? To pretend your own sanctimonious, politically correct fantasies are able to contain them?

    What’s it like to fetishize your own politics so completely you erase the very real difference of those “others” you pretend to know and defend?

    I would not expect you to know much of anything, let alone these few vital things.

  109. Piss Christ says


    Are you intuitve enough to see the profile you just outlined is yours? White, male, anglo-European, Christian and self entitled?

    Not even mad King Ludwig of Bavaria was this delusional…