1. Rik says

    Those fascist Republicans believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.

    Unfortunately, so does our President, Vice-Present and all the other leading Democrats in the last election.

  2. BobN says

    God damn it! STOP saying they’re against gay marriage. They’re against gay ANYTHING.

    By characterizing it as “against gay marriage”, you actually get them MORE support than they would have for their true position which is against any recognition of gay couples at all.

  3. mike/ says

    funny, i don’t remember the word ‘sanctity’ written into any of the state or federal marriage laws!

    it it is, then marriage is in direct conflict with the ‘Establishment Clause’ – marriage should be eliminated and made solely a legal contract…

  4. CKNJ says

    Republicans are against ANYTHING gay, and the sooner people wise up to that the better.

    I am tired of people making weak excuses for them! They do not deserve support while the unequivocally wish to deny us our rights. I am fed up with them saying how much they believe in inclusivity and then they deny us our rights. Not just on marriage issues, on ALL gay issues (just take a look at their lockstep anti-gay voting!).

    Damn hypocrites, every last one of them. They are such ‘herd’ thinkers, no-one dares step out of line. Where is the democracy in that? They don’t know the meaning of the word.

  5. says

    “Those fascist Republicans believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.

    Unfortunately, so does our President, Vice-Present and all the other leading Democrats in the last election.”

    But the Democratic position is evolving and includes acknowledgment of gay families and equality whereas, listening to these bigots, the Republican position is purely pro-homophobia anti-equality. All of these candidates seek to maintain the anti-gay Republican status quo and clearly want nothing to do with the so-called tolerance myth created by the delusional LCR’s and GOProud Uncle Toms. The argument that the Democratic and Republican positions on gay rights are somehow equivalent is absolute BS, as these heinous people demonstrate.

  6. candide says

    Obama’s always believed in gay marriage. He’s just had to play his political cards carefully.

  7. BartB says

    Our Constitution doesn’t mention the word marriage, the sanctity of marriage or the concept of marriage at all. So how can marraige be between one man and one woman? The concept is unconstitutional.

    Let’s see how the Tea Party congress members smoke that in their Constitutional pipe.

  8. galore says

    What’s the point of this discussion among RNC (!) candidates ?!?

    What I’d like to know is who of them supports the death penalty for homosexuality…..

  9. jamal49 says

    What those candidates for the RNC chair do not “get” is that the equality we seek is civil equality, especially regarding marriage. Marriage is a civil right. The candidates “beef” is that, typically republicon, they’re mixing “civil” with “religious”. They do so because if marriage equality is argued strictly on its Constitutional merits, there is no reason to deny gays and lesbians their right to marriage. The republicons toss in “sanctity” because of its religious sentiment, which always gets the republicon base aroused.

    Marriage equality for gay and lesbian citizens in the 21st century is about civil rights. It’s not about obscure religious obfuscations about “sanctity”. I can guarantee any republicon that my marriage would be more righteous and sanctimonious than any of their marriages could ever hope to be.

  10. says

    Republicans are the enemy. You may shake your fists at the President and other Democrat leaders who do not support equal marriage, but they’re not actively trying to destroy equal marriage. Something to think about. Besides, most Democrats DO support same sex, equal, marriage.

  11. Skooter McGoo says

    Just another hater trying to make believe they don’t hate gay people. The RNC would prefer that all gay people be put to death or jailed at the very least. I live in Texas and this is the GOP motto.

  12. dizzy spins says

    if I were a Republican I would be worried that the potential leaders of my party seem to think gay marriage is a major platform issue one way or the other. We’ve got an economy in the crapper, a major energy crisis looming, numerous international powderkegs ready to blow, health care, the environment, taxes, etc. And yet all these people can manage to spit out is that gays shouldn’t marry. In the grand scheme of things, marriage equality has no bearing on most Republicans, and yet they rally around it like its a life-or-death issue. I call shenanigans!

  13. anthony says

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME !! on all of them… especially Steele. Bigots all of them. This is no longer a grey issue, it’s black and white….anti-gay, anti-eqaulity equals discrimination, Anti-Americanism, and bigotry……shame on all five of these pathetic–best the Republicans can offer–to the American public, please…pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe these bigots.

  14. anthony says

    ….and by the way….it’s not “gay-marriage”…it’s equal access to the civil right of marriage for all United States citizens, i.e. “MARRIAGE EQUALITY”, ……”gay marriage” implies we seeking a “different” right as opposed to access to the same rights of all U.S. citizens to civil marriage. Please let’s drop the term “gay marriage” and continue to use the term “marriage equality”, because that’s what it is…equal access to all rights available to all American citizens to which we are entitled as law abiding, tax paying United Stated citizens, goddamnit !!!!

  15. Stephen says

    Yes I agree with Anthony it is marriage equality. marriage is purely a state instution, has nothing to do with religion and should be seen as such. If marriage is so sacred then why do 50% of marriages end in divorce (which is granted by the State not any church)