Wyoming Legislature Advances Second Anti-Gay Bill in Two Days

Another anti-gay measure, this one a proposed amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, was advanced in the Wyoming legislature this afternoon, the Casper Star-Tribune reports:

Wyoming In an initial vote, senators voted 21-9 in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 5, which defines marriage as only between two people of the opposite sex. That's one vote more than the two-thirds majority needed to pass the bill if it comes up in a final vote in the Senate.

The bill must now pass two additional votes before it would clear the Senate and head to the House, where it could prove more difficult to find enough votes to pass it.

If the resolution passes both legislative chambers with a two-thirds majority, it would be submitted to Wyoming voters in a 2012 statewide referendum.

Yesterday, Wyoming's House passed HB 74, a bill banning recognition of same-sex unions performed elsewhere.


  1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Wyoming must be one of those states with full employment and a strong economy. I mean here they are wasting time determining who can and who can not get married. I guess they must be doing really well with NO financial problems. Lucky them.

  2. Brad says

    Actually the economy has been better, but they really want this passed this year! The second reading is today, Wednesday in the senate and we need to flip 3 members to stop it from going back to the house. They have been putting this bill up every year, and it has usually been shut down before it reached the senate. This year with all the new Tea Party candidates voted in, they have more votes and are trying to steamroll it through, before anyone notices! Please write these Senators and Representatives to let them know this is discrimination, and quickly! Otherwise I’ll be sending out “Divorced by Legislation” announcements by Friday! What kind of gift do you buy for that sort of thing?

  3. Rob says

    What do you expect from Wyoming. Just like texas or tenn. Backward, small minded people trying to control others lives, while spouting off about freedom. What a crock!

  4. Disgusted American says

    Hey Yellowstone…..isn’t it about time you blew? …well another state to AVOID in america….and I will continue to spell america with a SMALL (a) – cause that’s all it deserves..until ALL are treated Equally!

  5. BobN says

    The truth is that this bill would have come up and been passed years ago if the shame and stigma of Matthew Shepard’s crucifixion hadn’t silenced the anti-gay crowd.

  6. Rick Smith says

    Is it any wonder why Wyoming is in the middle of the country where most people choose not to live except radical extremists (Aryan Nation in Idaho). Yesterday they passed a bill banning recognition of same-sex unions performed elsewhere so I assume that they are telling Canadians or anyone else from another country that they are not welcome in Wyoming.

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