Arizona’s Lawyers Sue To Stop Domestic Benefits During Court Decision

BrewerJan Not content to battle just the health care law and illegal immigration policy, lawyers for the state of Arizona are now expanding their efforts to eliminate that state's domestic partner benefits.

A judge ruled last year that the state must continue paying the benefits while courts decide the legality of a Republican and Gov. Jan Brewer-led effort to end the policy, enacted while Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was governor.

According to the Copper State's attorneys, though, the benefits need to be stopped during the proceedings to help the state save money:

Assistant Attorney General Charles Grube contends that U.S. District Judge John Sedwick was wrong in issuing an injunction last year barring the state from altering its benefits package.

That ruling requires Arizona to keep funding the coverage until there is a final ruling, something that could take years.

State lawmakers voted to end the benefits as a method of saving money.

Grube said that, in deciding whether to issue an injunction, Sedwick was required to consider not only the claims of harm to the people losing the benefits but also the harm to the state of being required to maintain them. But Grube said Sedwick was "explicitly dismissive" of evidence presented by the state about the cost burden on taxpayers of continuing to provide coverage.

Here's an idea: Arizona's lawyers could stop filing politically motivated lawsuits that cost untold amounts of time, money and, frankly, make the rest of the state look bad. It's just common sense.


  1. says

    So gay state workers shouldn’t get benefits–lesser benefits than their straight counterparts, mind you–yet they should pay full taxes, in effect subsidizing the hets. Yeah, that’s fair, and par for the course with Gov. Pruneface.

    Why don’t they cut all spousal benefits if they really want to save money? I’m sure the straight people wouldn’t mind.

  2. jexer says

    Why stop there? Eliminate ALL partner benefits. Heck, drop dependent child benefits too.

    God, whatever it takes to avoid taxing the rich, right?

  3. Craig says

    Ah! But you forget that this state fought a civil rights lawsuit – long after it was completely lost in court and the entire appeals process – just because the school superintendent didn’t like the result. Yes, despite being fined millions (daily fines were assessed), the school superintended refused to take court-ordered remedial actions concerning Spanish language education. Now this idiot is our attorney general. Let the frivolous lawsuits begin! We can afford to pay lawmaker’s pension funds, while letting transplant victims die, why not waste money on loosing suits to “save money”. Novel approach to the law: let us discriminate, we’re broke! But on a positive note, that imbecile senator, Jon Kyl, finally put us out of his misery and won’t run for reelection in 2012. Imagine! Not just one hopeless, aging, out of touch dictator leaves office, but two! Maybe Mubarak can rent him a room at the resort.

  4. Anthony says

    Having been born and raised in Arizona I used to think this state could be a great one (low crime, growing job and housing markets, and gorgeous desert vistas) but since Brewer stepped into office I have watched this state trend towards a bastion of religious right-wing bigots. Now, I can’t wait to move to a more socially progressive city in another state. hang in there for 1 more year.

  5. Effie Ewe says

    Its because Governor Leatherface needs the money to turn her head into a Louis Vuitton handbag.

  6. Yonkersconquers says

    Bash the immigrants, the gays and the poor – and basically anyone who isn’t a white conservative heterosexual – and git’ out of Arizona and don’t let the door hit you.

    What a reactionary sh-thole Jan Brewer’s turned the state into.

  7. nyclawyer says

    The backlash in Arizona is coming. All of these wackos are going to be ousted in the next few years. When the economy starts improving and the state of Arizona finds itself left behind the people are going to say: enough of this BS.

  8. says

    Of course if she really wanted to save money, she’d stop benefits for ALL people, gay or straight. But we all know this is about punishing people for not being straight, Christian and white.

    All you idiot “gay conservatives” who jumped up and down peeing yourself with glee at how the Mexicans were being punished.. we told you that you were next. But you didn’t listen.

    Oh well.

  9. rickg says

    Arizona has shown it ugly evil teeth. A shame to be so facist. But, its the age of the Republican/Tea partyists. So, its the rich and the fundamentalist christian radicals minorities day in history to keep it all for themselves and kill a once good nation. Once we are gone as a nation, they will have themselves to thank. What a cruel and evil time for anyone who doesnt agree with or fit their mold. Thats about 70% of America. Is the thunder roaring for another Egypt in America???

  10. dommyluc says

    I still say that Jan Brewer is really Terence Stamp in full drag from “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”. Except for the fact that Terence shaved in the movie.

    Prove me wrong, bitchez!!!!

  11. says

    This was practically the first this Brewer did when she took office. The whole “Mexicans-are-evil” stuff happened afterward. Jan Brewer used to be a hairdresser and I can’t help but wonder if she is doing this to punish the gay hairdressers that were once her competition.

  12. ddub says

    ” stop filing politically motivated lawsuits that cost untold amounts of time, money…”

    What’s frustrating is this is the same kind of argument conservatives have been using to counter advancement for gay rights in the courts. It’s all stupid politics. It’s like being to forced to watch the same slow tennis match over and over and over.