1. Skeptical Cicada says

    Sorry, but I’m not taking up the cause of gay priests who get fired by the Catholic Church. He should never have been conspiring with that hatemongering institution to begin with.

  2. tim says

    Yes, I would move on and get away from the church. He seems like a sincere guy that wants to make a difference. The church in Phili is running hard from more child sex abuse cover ups and charges that include the retired Archbishop. This crap goes on and on………

  3. Phil says

    Is this a joke? “Father James St. George” and “James Pepper, esquire” are the main characters in this story? A story about openly gay Catholic priests in some weird, broken-off faction? An openly gay priest in a committed relationship?

    Reality is stranger than fiction. And has more cliche gay names, to boot.

  4. ratbastard says

    The ‘Old Catholic Church’ is not the Roman Catholic Church. If you bothered to read the short article through you’d see the ‘Old’ Catholic Church allows married and gay priests.

  5. ratbastard says

    Anglicans and Presbyterians have broken off factions that still maintain the name in their title, but they too are not the legitimate Anglican or Presbyterian church.

  6. ratbastard says

    The Old Catholic Church considers unity in diversity. Communion aims at personal human well being, so that reciprocally individual persons enrich the community at large.

    Old Catholicism originated when various Catholic churches separated from Roman Catholicism over the issue of Papal authority after the Protestant Reformation. The initial separation from Rome occurred in The Netherlands in 1724 which formed the first Old Catholic Church. The churches of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland created the Union of Utrecht after Vatican I (1871) over the Dogma of Papal Infallibility. In the early 1900s the movement included England, Canada, Croatia, France, Denmark, Italy, North America, the Philippines, China, and Hungary.


  7. NaughtyLola says

    OK in fairness, he *is* a heretic according to Roman Catholic doctrine. Say what you like about the Catholic Church, but firing this dude isn’t exactly a scandal.

  8. Continuum says

    For those of you who support the Chestnut college, I wonder what you would say if they discriminated against blacks because up until recently many religious institutions did . . . . because the Bible said that they bore the mark of Cain.

    In any case, I have sent an email to various administrative officers at the college, letting them know of the disgust I feel with their actions.

    One more time, shame on the Catholic Church and their enablers.

  9. ratbastard says


    I’m not religious, but like naughtylola says, he is a heretic according to Roman Catholic doctrine, by splitting from the mother church. He’s not a ‘Heretic’ because he’s gay.

  10. BobN says

    “I’m not religious, but like naughtylola says, he is a heretic according to Roman Catholic doctrine, by splitting from the mother church. He’s not a ‘Heretic’ because he’s gay.”

    The fact that they were OK with him being a heretic on staff for years ACTUALLY MAKES HIS FIRING WORSE. I’m flabbergasted that they would have hired him in the first place, but to fire him for being gay compared to being a heretic???? Come on.

  11. John says

    As a gay catholic I have decided that while I cannot receive the sacraments I still get a huge amount of spiritual sustenance from celebrating the Eucharist and participating in the liturgy. I have many disagreements with the Magisterium but I do not and never will see the Church as a ‘hate-mongering’ institution. The Church has many, many problems; of that there is no doubt. This “priest” however, is not Catholic. I’m sure he is very wonderful fellow but his church is not Catholic. Just because one calls themselves Catholic does not make one Catholic. Mr. St George should have known better.

  12. ratbastard says


    I see your point. It is weird he was on staff for years. Maybe somebody influential was out to get him, and grabbed an opportunity when it arose?

    Considering the Old Catholic Church isn’t in communion with the R.C. church (Anglicans, Lutherans, for example are in full communion with the R.C. church and each other), it is strange he was hired to begin with.

  13. john leddy says

    james st. george has his myths,carol vale has her myths and never the twain shall meet.lets hear it for mythological diversity because monolythic mythological belief is one of the greatest threats to human freedom and liberty.

  14. RDUB says

    The Catholic Church is all about the don’t ask don’t tell policy and hipocrisy. Nothing new under the sun here. There were a lot of gay priests in my Catholic grade and highschool (gay nuns too). Everybody knew, kids and parents made jokes but were always reverent to their faces. If I were a betting man, I’d say somewhere between 25%-75% are gay. Hypocrisy at it’s finest, folks….always has been.

  15. brian says

    The Catholic church is indeed nothing more than a hate group and has been throughout its existence. There are other ways to celebate the Eucharist, etc. without associating with known sex abusers, hypocrites, and other assorted criminals.

  16. Jeremy says

    I find it very weird that the Roman Catholic Church would hire someone of the Old Catholic Church. The OCC allows homosexuals, married priest, female priest and is very liberal compared to the Roman Catholic Church.

    I think something else is going on…

  17. CoMo'mo says

    Blacks were/are considered proper to be slaves because they bear the mark of Ham, not Cain. Ham was one of Noah’s sons who made the mistake of looking at his drunk Dad lying around naked, so all his descendants were cursed, given dark skin to make them easy to identify. Mhe mark of Cain, on the other hand, let people know about his fratricide but forbade them from harming him.

  18. Jerry6 says

    Although the early Catholic church’s priests, Bishops, and Popes were married and had both wives and mistresses as well as children, the costs of maintaining these households became a serious financial burden to the “Church”. Consequently, starting in the second century, the church started to place restrictions on the sexual activities of the clergy. However, it was not until the 16th century that the Church finally decreed that all newly ordained priests could not be married at the time of their ordination nor could they marry after ordination. Today, a married man can only be ordained as a Deacon, but starting with Pope Pius XII in 1939, married Protestant Ministers and Anglican Priests that converted to the Roman Catholic church, with their wives consent, could become Catholic Priests.

    So the “Tradition” of unmarried priests is only about 500 years old; not the 2011 years that many think to be the time priests could not marry.

  19. CPT_Doom says

    Father St. George is indeed a heretic, as is every single person who does not follow the Roman Catholic church. Are we to believe that every single Jew, Protestant, Hindu, Buddist, Mormon, Southern Baptist, etc. have been fired as well? Or is it like Catholic Charities’ adoption services – which had no problem treating adulterers, fornicators, heretics and blasphemers as potential parents, but wouldn’t even consider the fags and the dykes – in that only being gay is unforgivable?

    Meanwhile, not one individual within the church has been held accountable for the largest criminal conspiracy in the history of humanity – one that goes back decades, if not centuries. I have never felt better about leaving the church than I do today.

  20. Rob says

    I agree with EO, Gays don’t need the Catholic Church at all. And the Catholic church should clean up its own house or shut up. That’s means getting rid of the liers and cheaters who do more harm to more people than anything. But come to think about it the rest of the religions are nuts to.

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