Lambda Legal Launches Illinois Civil Union Tracker

The site was developed after the Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the states' civil unions bill into law. The law itself will go into effect on June 1, 2011. Writes Lambda Legal:

We know from experience in other states that have adopted civil union laws, that many couples and their children encounter problems getting respect for their relationships, whether in hospitals settings, by insurerers, employers, schools or in other situations. While not all unfair treatment leads to legal action, knowing more about your rights will help you respond.

For those of you who are eligible, you can sign up here.


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    “Illinois’ new law provides that couples in civil unions will receive the responsibilities, protections, and benefits available to married couples under state law, and also establishes that out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples will be treated as civil unions automatically. Lambda Legal has already responded to a flood of questions about civil unions by providing a civil union FAQ. Couples can register online through Civil Union Tracker to get their questions answered, share stories, and gain direct access to information related to their new rights and responsibilities. Civil Union Tracker can be found at

    In addition to same-sex couples seeking to protect their families, civil unions provide protections for different-sex couples, including widowed senior citizens who want state-level recognition for a new relationship. Civil Union Tracker is available to any Illinois couple that chooses to enter into a civil union, or whose relationship will be treated as a civil union under the new law.

    “”As we continue to fight for marriage equality, Civil Union Tracker is a way for Illinois residents to communicate their unique experiences,”” said Bernard Cherkasov, CEO of Equality Illinois. “”Through these stories, we can provide a necessary service to the community while we celebrate the progress we are making. At the same time, we need to document the harms that result from excluding lesbian and gay couples from marriage and relegating them to a separate status.”””

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