1. AllBeefPatty says

    Why in the hell would you go to a Creation Museum on Date Night?

    That’s like going to the Cock Ring to look for chicks.


  2. voet says

    What’s that song they sing? “They will know we are Christians by our love?” I must have that wrong.

  3. Bill says

    Hasn’t this museum (I use the word loosely in this case) received funding from the state? Sounds like it should become a destination spot for gays around the world. Won’t that just cause a headache for the security folks.

  4. X says

    But we already know they ban gays from everything. They’re awful, in many ways, and this is just one of them.

  5. Jon B says

    Am I the only one completely confused by the whole thing about the dude who killed someone but wasn’t guilty? Where does that fit in?

  6. Eaves says

    @Jon B — I think it’s in there to make the case that if they’ll allow a murderer to attend but not gays, that speaks volumes. Apparently having gays at their events wouldn’t be very Christian-like. But a murderer? Come on in!

  7. ron says

    They are far-left agitators clearly looking to spoil an event for others, I’m glad they were kicked out and lost their money. Losers.

  8. jamal49 says

    The guys weren’t gay. Straight, single, “christian” men. Amazing! I can’t wait for the next evangie-fundie, bag-head, right-winger to say that they are not bigoted. Here it is: Exhibit A Front and Center. Assholes.

    I have two friends who went (straight, married couple) from up north, Ohio. They were asked to leave because they were “disruptive”. Seems they went out of curiosity and then couldn’t stop laughing at some of the exhibits because they were so ridiculous.

    They left, gladly, still laughing.

  9. Peterscribe says

    I now look at that picture, “The Last Supper” in a whole new light. Do you think . . .? Could it be . . .?!

  10. steve says

    Because JESUS certainly wouldn’t allow gay people in his house of worship – hey, wait a minute…..

  11. Joe in CT says

    Why would anyone go to this museum on a dinner date anyway? How pathetic and sad is that? People in Kentucky must be incredibly desperate for something to do after taking the Jack Daniels distillery tour.

  12. Taxpayer says

    Joe in CT: I think they were trying to make a point. (I strongly recommend reading their articles.) And I heartily applaud them for doing so. And I hope that partly publicly-funded museum gets sued into the next century.

    Re troll’s comment above: “far left” my ass. This is about pure, basic fairness. Not to mention taxpayer money.

  13. Redebbm says

    Joe in CT: actually a date at a museum can be really romantic if you do it right, go to the Getty in Los Angeles and tell me how that can not have some perfect moments there amongst the art. Our world could benefit a little from people going to museums regularly, I don’t believe this is a very romantic museum nor very informative like most, but the point is that they were refused entry! This is not a good sign that religious people upholding their “principles” are picking and choosing who can enter their buildings. So much for tolerance and being inviting.

  14. Steve says

    Well being gay is a sin, and Jesus most certainly did not surround himself with sinners like tax collectors like the apostle Paul, or prostitutes like Mary Magdalen, or the hundreds of lepers he healed, etc.

    Most of these folks don’t follow the examples of Jesus, they just want an excuse to hate people openly. It’s crap like this that soured me on religion completely. I hope they sue for and win tons of money.

  15. CentralKY says

    These were two “liberal” straight guys who’d planned this well in advance as documented on the blog. The blog is routinely hostile toward the museum and its visitors. Their intention was to agitate. One can hardly assume that an actual gay couple would have been subjected to the same treatment. I’m one queer person who would prefer to not be parodied by a couple of privileged straight, white men.

  16. CentralKY says

    As for “suing for tons of money,” what the museum did was perfectly legal. Neither the state of Kentucky nor the federal government have laws barring discrimination based on sexual orientation on public accommodations.

  17. says

    Jon B

    he was found insane which does not mean not guilty

    It means he is incarcerated in a mental institution not a jail

  18. NY2.0 says

    The video has a condescending tone to it, and rightly so. It kind of reminds me of a documentary involving a crew visiting some uncivilized part of the world, and that place is right here in America.

  19. Chris says

    As for “suing for tons of money,” what the museum did was perfectly legal. Neither the state of Kentucky nor the federal government have laws barring discrimination based on sexual orientation on public accommodations.

    Posted by: CentralKY | Feb 13, 2011 9:06:31 PM

    No you stupid faggot…They do NOT have the right to not refund their money. What is wrong with you. Ate too much f*cking pig feet with your pop? Sounds like a southern component of GOProud or something.

    How would you like if you went to Gay Pride in NYC and was told “NO SOUTHERN SISSIES” I guess that is perfectly legal also isn’t it?

    DUMB A$$!

  20. ron says

    So you queer leftists have no problem with a couple of, say, islamists going into a gay bar and mocking and insulting the establishment and its patrons?

  21. CoMo'mo says

    @peterscribe; I can’t begin to imagine what a ruckus would result if Jesus showed up with another dozen Jews, with strange clothes, dusty feet and long hair. those security guards’ gaydar would be fried.

  22. says

    Hahahahaha, I can’t help but be a little evilly happy that two straight conservative Christians found out what discrimination against gays is like. See how you like it!

    Maybe they’ll think about how they were treated, and change a few misconceptions they’ve had.

    Also, I can’t believe anyone could go to a Creationist museum as a guy bonding activity, but then maybe it’s just me. I’m not a guy or a Christian, so w/e.

  23. TANK says

    Why is such a wreck referred to as a museum? Nothing contained and displayed in it has any historical, scientific or artistic value whatsoever. Bottle cap museums have more of a right to such a distinction than this ever will or could meaningfully have. I suppose in keeping with the tradition of all faiths, ‘museum’, too, has become a word without any meaning…like ethics, god, taffy, etc.

    Hmmm…awfully difficult to get worked up over, or feel the slightest outrage…other than a consistent overriding disgust at the very premise of their ideology and existence. People who deny evolution, geology, and history in the service of delusion/faith are also antigay?! Say it ain’t so… These primitives are a revelation away from snake handling, entrail readings, and human sacrifice. I think the antigay aspect is the least astonishing feature of their false a priori understanding of everything.

  24. JD says

    Didn’t Jesus have a few date nights with 11 other dudes? I guess these museum folks aren’t that “Biblical” after all.

  25. Brian says

    Anybody who says they have a right to discriminate would be correct EXCEPT for two things:

    1) This “museum” receives public funds. As a result, it may not discriminate against anybody.

    2) The “museum” charged the men for their tickets and then refused to render service in exchange for the payment — which is fraud.

  26. CentralKY says


    1) The “museum” does not receive public funds; the organization that runs the museum has proposed a future project for which the state has agreed (albeit unwisely) to give a tax break.

    2) Agreed, if this was the case, thought the details are disputed.

    I was just making a larger point that people often overlook just how much discrimination is allowed without federal or state protections. I’m not an attorney, but I’d imagine being denied admission based on (perceived) sexual orientation in a jurisdiction where that is against the law could result in suing for tons of money, but that is not the case here. Being denied admission because they didn’t receive services in exchange for payment would result in a payoff closer to $72.

  27. Jon says

    “can you tell me what exactly is Christian about being gay?”

    can you tell me what exactly is Christian about discrimination. Christ never turned anyone away, and “judge not lest ye be judged’ means exactly that.

  28. says

    “Boys love each other when they’re wrestling. It’s a thing amongst gay men. We use our aggression, beat each other up and then switch gears when we feel the need to get all tender and soft. It feels strange—switching seamlessly from physical aggression to absolute devotion and tenderness—but it’s what lives inside us. We tread those lines constantly. We want to punch you hard on the arm and then hold you tight.

    Boys break down each other’s walls. It’s an exercise in patience, getting a man to surrender to you, but when they do, their body explodes with feelings. They lock themselves up and when someone finally opens the floodgates, a whole lot of everything comes out. They’re a piñata and you’re carrying the bat.

    People always seem to marvel at men who unravel and show their sensitive sides. A woman delights at seeing such a change. It’s such a victory to see a male become unchained to their machismo. When it happens between two men, however, it’s truly magnificent. The sight of two boys loving each other like they’ve been taught not to do is a revelation.

    We know what you think of us. We know that there’s this image of gay men just being detached and hungry for sex. There is that. There is a lot of that. But there’s also thoughtfulness, concern, monogamy, Sunday afternoons in bed, I love you babe, I love you a lot, and you make me so happy. There’s so much of that and it’s never really talked about. It’s the secret lives of boys who love boys. Let’s blow the lid off of it, okay? Let’s expose every sweet moment, every kissed neck, every intense hand holding session. It’s super progressive to treat us like loving human beings rather than horny animals, isn’t it? So progressive”