Elton John Wants To Change The Mind Of Rush Limbaugh

Elton In a new interview with Rolling Stone:

"'I could not believe when I was asked to play,' he says. 'I thought it was a joke. I had dialogue with him before and he said, 'I'm not anti-gay, I want you to come, bring David.' My goal is for Rush to say, 'I support civil partnerships,' and if I rang him right now, I think he might agree. He was one of the first people to congratulate us on the baby.'"

Sounds like he's still trying to convert Limbaugh. You may recall that just last year John said something very similar to The Telegraph: "I got on with him very well, got on very well with his wife. I don’t have the same politics, but that doesn’t really matter. And I think this year I can start to put things in motion by trying to get him on my side."


  1. princely54 says

    I have a great friend who started off in the same universe as Rush Limbaugh(he once stated that lack of prayer in school and gay marriage were ruining the country) and now he’s where I am on gay marriage and many other issues that have to do with civil rights. It’s possible to help someone see the light using facts, logic and common sense. (Plus, he didn’t know I was bisexual all along, so its not like it was for my benefit when we talked about these issues.)

    In Limbaugh’s case, its gonna take a LOT of light, but it’s possible…

  2. Blake says

    “IF I rang him, “I THINK”, “he MIGHT”. Not the most confident statement. I sincerely doubt Limbaugh will change his ways, but it’s not like Elton’s attempts could make things worse.

  3. Joe H says

    This reminds me of Elton’s palling around with homophobe-in-chief Eminem and their 2001 Grammy spectacle. It’s difficult to say who is using who here, and to what effect. Genius aside, John has said some pretty stupid things about these “alliances,” including the comment regarding Limbaugh that “politics don’t matter” — an absurdity beyond belief in today’s world uttered by someone who should know better. If I thought John’s coziness with those who do harm to the lives of gay men and women was having a positive outcome, I would be more supportive. But for now, I just look at Elton John and scratch my head.

  4. patrick nyc says

    I loved Elton John’s music in the 70’s, Levon, Rocket Man and Goodbye elbow Brick Road are among his best. From the 80’s on he sucks. His politics are horrible and he’d whore himself to make a buck. Anyone, let alone gay person, who defends Rush is an idiot.

    I don’t care if Rush changes his mind, it will not change his heart, he does not have one. He should be in jail for making his maid his drug mule.

  5. says

    Limbaugh, is air wave fodder, his following is limited, declining at best. Elton spend you energy where it might do some good. There are a million better choices than Limbaugh. Still Love you, even though some of you choice may have been, for lack of a better word, stupid.

  6. johnny says

    Rush loves to wallow in celebrity. This is simply a case of saying whatever you need to in order to get through the moment and rub elbows with someone who has more star power than you do.

    Sorry, I don’t buy it.

  7. Ian says

    RL is a demagogue who incites irrational hate and fear and rides them to wealth and power. He has incited racism, antisemitism and homophobia when it suits him. He may not actually be a racist antisemite or homophobe but he has no problem using them as tools to incite his neo-fascist dittoheads. He all but controls the GOP. You wont find a single elected Gop’er who will speak out against him. Those that have in the past are no longer in office. Who elected Rush? But I see Elton point. Rush controls the thoughts of his dittoheads. I know a couple of them and they truly cannot think beyond what Rush tells them to think. They swallow every word as if it were from God. Truly, to them it is a religion and Rush is the Prophet. If Rush were to make a pro-gay statement it would have a big effect on his dittoheads and the GOP. But, sorry Elton, you’re not dealing with a responsible and principled person.

  8. james says

    While I don’t always agree with what Elton has to say or who he associates with, I think it is important to remember some of the good he has done, especially with his AIDS Foundation. I think we are sometimes so quick to judge that we forget that these people are human, they sometimes make mistakes, and they are not the enemy.

  9. brian says

    Jan Wenner’s Rolling Stone tends to treat gay and bi men in terms of symbolic/political statements. It’s not a genuine acceptance.

    Keep in mind that Rolling Stone has rarely featured any articles that treat gay and bi male sexuality in a mature and sexual way. We’re always the political statement.

  10. says

    BS….Rush Limbaugh incites hatred against gays. Elton just refuses to believe. Maybe because Elton spends most his time in England and doesn’t have to hear Limbaugh rant and rave against gays.

    A bit of self promotion on my part, but if you click on my name or the copy & paste the link below, I have a video on bullying, and in it is a dialogue ‘transcript’ of a listener and Limbaugh. If you don’t want to watch the whole video, it is at approximately the 3:40 mark.

    Bullying video:

    A little more fun at Limbaugh’s expense:

  11. MajorTom says

    Elton. Love you, man. But if you did succeed in getting that lying scumbag to accept gays and back equality (and let’s talk marriage here — not civil unions), he would still be a lying scumbag.

  12. Bryan says

    There are no limits to how people can rationalize their unforgivable behavior when a million dollars is at stake.

    What a vile, sniveling, self-serving, opportunistic worm. I’ve more respect for Limbaugh than I do Elton John.

  13. pat says

    Elton lives in an alternative universe homophobia is something encountered by the “little people”. He has no idea about hatred as he’s been living a jet-set life for the past 40 years.

  14. RickChicago says

    Rush has a $40 million contract, I truly do not believe for a millisecond RL will change his ways to see the TRUE light, i.e., true progressive and liberal views.

    Look, he needs warm bodies to prop up his listener base and he will say anything to his insular, moronic followers to keep them glued to his show. If Rush were to suddenly support gay marriage, that does not make automatically make him an enlightened person per se and nor should the GLBT community suddently look up to him or pine for his support if he does.

    RL has a twisted understanding of individual civil constitutional rights and he is merely using gays as a prop to support his bigger agenda: that the goverment should get out of the way of people’s lives. But what he does not understand is that “marriage” is a goverment sanctioned and controlled right but is and has been EXCLUSIVE to gay people.

    And now he wants “civil marriage” which is, guess what? Another GOVERNMENT sanctioned SECONDARY special definition to give gay people the illusion that they have rights. But those rights are quasi-rights and still exclusive to what a heterosexual couples’ rights are. It’s equal but separate and really it’s not that 100% equal to begin with when DOMA is in place and many states have constitutional amendments barring gay marriage.

    Civil unions make gives gay people the appearance of having preferential treatment when you think about it. There is no civil unions for a black and white hetersexual couple, or for a Jewish and aetheist hetero couple, of for a 90 year old and 18 year old hetero couple, or for a convicted murder and a drug addict hetero couple. They all can simply can marry. But as soon as you are gay, oh no, we are given “civil unions” instead or marriage.

    If gay people were just simply allowed to marry and have state and federal rights, like all the aforementioned hetero examples above, then we are then truly inclusive of MARRIAGE not some secondary class with a mixed-bag set of rights defined for us OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE.

    RL offered Elton John the job to show that anyone can be whored up to do anything for the right price. RL knows that better than anyone else. And he believes that is how capitalism and democracy should work. Make your money regardless of how you do it, “business” will correct itself.

  15. Anthony says

    I have grown up with Elton all these years, his was my first concert in ’72… I had been a huge fan… I’ve seen all his ups and downs, his behavior perplexed me for years until recently when I put 2 + 2 together and simply realized he’s as dumb as a sock… that puts it all in perspective for me.

  16. Bill Perdue says

    Civil partnerships and civil unions, as we all know, are a form of second class citizenship, something we should be very wary of. (At any rate, everyone except Obama, McCain, Elton John and other right wingers know that.) Africans in the RSA were officially declared second class citizens to justify apartheid and paying much lower wages. African Americans were pushed into second class citizenship by the Jim Crow laws, again as an excuse to steal their wages. Years before they built the ovens the Nazis, step by step. reduced German Jews to second class status.

    Rush Limbaugh is a serious ultra rightist. He’s a racist pig who opposes unions and unreservedly supports Obama’s wars of aggression and colonization. As further proof of his right wing extremism he supports civil unions and opposes same sex marriage. So do bigots like the Clintons and Obama.

    “Speaking on his radio show [Thursday], famed conservative talk show personality Rush Limbaugh said that he supports same-sex civil unions. Reacting to critics of musician Elton John, who performed at Limbaugh’s recent wedding, Limbaugh stated: “Elton John is on the same page as I am, as is Obama on gay marriage. He’s for civil unions, but he’s not for marriage.” http://catholicexchange.com/2010/08/02/132930/

    Even if Elton John got a million or so dollars for entertaining at Limbaugh’s fourth wedding (typical supporter of the sanctity of marriage) John ought to be careful about who he hangs out with. Too much time in the company of pigs and all the cologne in the world won’t cover up the stench of the sty.

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