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Gay Presidential Hopeful Fred Karger Profiled in Washington Post


Activist Fred Karger, who is exploring a run for president, gets a big profile in the Washington Post:

He wants young gay people to see him run for president. He'd be the first-ever openly gay presidential candidate for a major party if he formally declares. He can see himself as the moderate voice in a debate crowded with hard-liners.

He has visited New Hampshire more than any other presidential prospector in this young election cycle. This skiddy late-night ride from a gathering in Keene to his Concord hotel is part of his 11th trip to the state in the past year. He's slingshotting around, hosting tiny town halls, collecting volunteers one by one and arranging coffee dates with policy experts, academics and state politicians.

This is not a stunt, Fred insists.

Karger recently ran an ad in New Hampshire exposing NOM's anti-gay tactics. Check it out here.

The WaPo is also running a poll halfway down the page on whether or not America is ready for a gay president. As of this posting, the 'yes' column was 47%, the 'no' column 54%. Maybe we can change that.

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  1. @The Grinch, You win the thread.

    Gay and Republican can mix, gay and conservative cannot. To be conservative in this day and age is a mark of naivete and ignorance to understanding ANY issue, OR, you DO know the issues and you are a horrible person.

    The republican party is in too deep with conservative party, if it wasn't we would have MANY liberal republicans.

    Conservatives (in America) just don't get the problems our country is facing, they just want more money and for everyone to shut up.

    Posted by: Fenrox | Feb 3, 2011 10:00:48 AM

  2. I wish him luck. I wish Sarah Palin luck. I wish Mitt Romney luck. I wish Huckabee luck. I wish Pawlenty and that strange Jindal from Lousiana luck. I even wish that Bachman broad luck!

    I wish all Republicans who could create a wild, divisive and wretched primary season LUCK! And then a disastrous convention and a disastrous November 2012 election.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Feb 3, 2011 10:18:16 AM

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