GOProud Leads ‘Trump In 2012′ Movement At CPAC

This makes me wonder, what exactly are Trump's politics on things like LGBT equality? In 2009, when Miss California Carrie Prejean came under fire for saying she thought marriage should be between a man and a woman, Trump defended her by pointing out, quite rightly, that her answer mirrors those given by President Obama.

One of Trump's estates also hosted an event for anti-gay Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Meanwhile, in other CPAC news: Bachmann offered plenty of saber-rattling about Obamacare being "socialist," calling out China control of U.S. debt and how conservatives need to unite to make him a one-term president, while Gingrich used his time to advocate for the end of the Environmental Protection Agency, which would be replaced by an "environmental solutions agency," and criticize Obama on national security: "The Obama administration is wrong on terrorism, wrong on Iran, wrong on Hezbollah, wrong on the Muslim Brotherhood."

Neither addressed abortion, gay rights or other issues that have for so long defined this conservative get-together.


  1. Bart says

    Donald Trump + Chris Barron = PLEASE NOTICE ME!!!!!

    Two little boys who like to throw spit wads for attention.

  2. nick says

    DT -just the spokesperson this hack organization needs-
    he would go to the opening of a WalMart (AND HE MAY SOON GET HIS CHANCE)-if it meant that the press would cover it.

  3. Fenrox says

    Please pleas please let Trump run against Obama in 2012, That is a shoe in for Obama.

    Huckabee is your ONLY shot GOP! (And he is the WORST)

  4. hugo says

    just when you thing that GOProud couldn’t be a bigger embarrassment to their own tribe, they find a way: they pick the guy with the worst hair EVER! Legions of fey hairdressers, catty coiffeurs and butch barbers are rotating in their graves at maximum speed!!

  5. RyanInSacto says


    Hilarious. Love it. I guess GOProud GOESbig. Size queens – it explains a lot about gay Republicans, doesn’t it?

  6. says

    I hope he runs 3rd party and destroys any republican chance at the white house … and he’s some sort of ideal republican candidate all of a sudden? He supported Obama over McCain… he does what he believes is popular at the time.

  7. says

    @ critifur


    I was thinking almost the same thing when I read the article

    I thought GOProud was insane before, and this just proves they are coo coo for cocopufs in spades

  8. Gregoire says

    Pure comedy gold. If we’re lucky, he’ll team up with another reality TV star for vice president. Is Jeff Probst doing anything? They’re both from Mark Burnett shows.

  9. willie t boned says

    Pathetic – the gay rights movement does has to support all type of gay people to have equal rights.

    But given that it is at it’s core a progressive liberal movement that is fighting elitist suppression – getting in bed with people like Trump is not really attractive.

    Yes he has a big loud voice, and the rich control the politics in this nation – but really selling out for acceptance from scum like Trump is just another sad choice for these wanna-be gay elitists.

  10. Rob says

    With this bit of stunt casting, GOProud and Barron have gone ’round the bend. Pathetic. One could only hope that the man-with-that-thing-on-his-head would run on the GOP or third party ticket. It’d be too good to be true.

  11. ratbastard says

    Donald Trump is a parasite whose main skill is manipulating bankruptcy laws to his advantage, ‘Creative’ accounting, and branding and franchising his name.

  12. Gregoire says

    I love that a mere two years after a devastating financial crisis, GOProud has chosen a candidate that is literally camp version of everything that is wrong with Wall Street.

  13. coolbearinmd says

    My god, they really are lunatics. You’d like to think that this would finally marginalize them but of course they’ll keep getting coverage just because they’re so bizarre. Donal Trump–yeah, you really, really wanna take business advice from one of the most notorious failures and pariahs in the annals of American enterprise.