1. Gigi says

    Say what you want about Gaga but I like her. She’s a great performer and she’s doing more for gay rights that 100 celebs combined.

  2. new-new says

    Can this tired ass stunt queen please sit her bony ass all the way down?

    There’s not an original bone in her body.

  3. The Grinch says

    I think she’s half-phoney, half-real. I think she purposefully targeted gays as a CD buying audience in the beginning but then now she likes the adoration and likes her gay fans–who doesn’t like an adoring loyal audience?

    Still she tries too hard and is fake.

    I’m with Michael K on Lady Caca

  4. justme says

    I think it’s hysterical that a pop singer inspires such hatred for the crimes of being insanely popular and rich at a ridiculously young age and more talented than all of her haters combined. And what gay man wouldn’t hate the most important gay rights activist in the universe?

    I’m not even a fan, but she uses her powers for my good and doesn’t hurt anyone else — and her wealth and fame take nothing away from me — so why would I bother to insult her? You go, Gaga!

  5. Joey Y says

    Exactly what’s phony about her? Unlike just about everyone else in music, she doesn’t seem to simply use it as a vehicle for herself, and no one can question her activism and effort. Also, how many things have you done to help people recently? Or is trolling a blog about as good as it gets for you?

  6. Joey Y says

    Also, “grinch,” of you took the time to know anything about her career, you’d know that she spent many years working with gays in the club scene long before she ever got her big break. I can only assume you know very little about NYC if that concept is foreign to you.

  7. John Normile says

    I remember when haters said the same things about Madonna and Ace of base… Ignorance and Jealousy are much easier to let through than appreciation and love.

  8. qjersey says

    Clearly the anti-bullying movement doesn’t extend to celebrities or pop starts. If you don’t like her music or politics, fine, but personal attacks on her character or looks are out of line.

  9. The Grinch says


    women are all over gay clubs in every city this makes her different how? Do you also worship the women who aren’t millionaires and didn’t make money off of their “little monsters”? I’m betting “no”.

    There are a lot of gay friendly women who are supporting their gay friends for no money at all. They get tagged with fruit fly, flame dame, and the ubiquitous “fag hag” and they are still out there signing petitions, etc. instead of being worshipped like the next Buddha. If your favorite bff made a “gay finger” comment would you think it was that “cute”?


  10. Jonathan says

    I actually like her and I think she’s extremely intelligent. I also liked “Alejandro” and thought it was an homage to all things Swedish (ABBA, Ace of Base). However, the current song is just a rip-off. Notice she doesn’t deny that it’s a rip-off she just said basically that Madonna told her she’s not mad at Gaga for ripping off “Express Yourself.” And that’s disappointing.

  11. dk says

    Sampling and imitating poplular music is a staple of the industry and didn’t start with Gaga. I appreciate that she embraces the similarities rather than deny deny deny like many artists do.

  12. Steve says

    I can’t tell any more if her “superstar” comments are meant to be ironic or not.

    Maybe she’s not sure anymore either?

  13. Eric says

    I find it fascinating that people rip Lady Gaga to shreds because her song is sooo similar to “Express Yourself.” These are probably the same people that will trash Madonna when her next album comes out. They will probably say things like – “she’s too old”, “she’s not as good as she was in the 80’s”, blah blah blah.

    We build stars up just to tear them down.

  14. Tonic says

    You know you’ve made it when you can inspire such hatred. It cracks me to hell to think that commenters feel passionately enough about a pop-star to spend their energy hating.

    Kudos, Gaga!

  15. The Iron Orchard says

    I’m not a big fan of her music, but what has this girl done that is so horrible that she deserves such hatred?
    She’s a pop star! Just like Madonna was. I’m old enough to remember Madonna, and her stumbling through interviews, and trying to relate something larger to her pop music. They’re pop stars. I think Lady Gaga is taking her moment in the spotlight, and actually doing more with it then most pop stars do. Is she using gay rights as a way to make keep her name in lights? Maybe.
    But I would rather support someone who says..all people deserve equality, and we should live in a world without hate.
    Is that such a horrible thing to do with your 15 minutes of fame? I really don’t think so.

  16. Jonathan says

    Having a negative opinion of something somebody does does not automatically make one a hater. And there are no “Express Yourself” samples in her song, just a verse that sounds like Madonna wrote it and an identical chorus with different words. She’s an infinitely better singer than Madonna (although definitely not as good as SHE thinks she is) and there are similarities in the way they approach the industry and media but theft is not inspiration. “My Sweet Lord” is a way better song than “He’s So Fine” however it was theft pure and simple and George Harrison paid millions after he lost the law suit.

    Madonna probably counted the notes in the melody and realized Gaga had changed just enough to avoid losing a lawsuit. The rules are very objective when it comes to plagiarizing music. I’m sure Gaga knew exactly what she was doing and knew exactly how to avoid getting into legal trouble — not exactly what I look for in someone who claims to be creative. Madonna is clever though. She’s rereleasing “Express Yourself” and she put it back on youtube. If she can’t get something one way she will get it another.

  17. says

    Anyone that can’t see how genuinely she cares about LGBT equality and prejudice & bullying in general is blind. She feels these issues passionately — due in part to her own experiences — and she’s truly dedicated to her performance art. She’s the real deal and a gem. Not all her songs hit it out of the ballpark, but there is nothing superficial or fake about her dedication to her fans, to her music, and to making the world a more open, accepting place. Long live Gaga!!!!

  18. Miel says

    Wow, you guys are so bitchy! First off who cares WHY she’s supporting LGBT rights, so long as someone’s fighting for us that’s all that should matter. Second of all Lady Gaga is bisexual so she is part of our community and faces the same discrimination we all do. Jeez, give it a rest fellas and be happy that someone’s standing up for you in a big way. She’s putting her career at risk by speaking up, that’s a brave thing to do.

  19. Jeffrey says

    Caca isn’t putting her career at risk. Madonna put her career at risk in the 80s. She is the one that should get credit. For those of you who say, “Oh, but Caca is a better artist than Madonna,” let’s wait until Caca releases anything that resembles “Live to Tell,” “Take a Bow,” or “Oh Father.”

  20. Gregoire says

    Guess what, her song is similar to Express Yourself and so what? Express Yourself is a fabulous song, which was taken from the Staples Singers song Respect Yourself. In fact, Madonna uses MORE of the original song that you can accuse Lady Gaga of doing.

    Not to mention that Madonna ‘rips off’ Metropolis in the video. (When then Lady Gaga ‘rips off’ in Alejandro.)

  21. MadM@ says

    “I see that gay finger”
    LOL- all I say is they must be pouring the haterade extra sour down at the halfway home for bitter queens. Do you people even think or are you just parroting other talking points?

  22. Jesus says

    If hatred is defined as disliking her music as a matter of personal taste, then you probably should reconsider the definition of “hatred”

    As for this act, while she’s trying to be subversive and go against gender and societal norms, my issue has always been that her lyrical content just do not hold up to her shtick. Imagine you didn’t know who she was and heard a song like Just Dance or Pokerface. How could you tell it was even her or anything she stood for? This isn’t hatred, this an objective inquiry that apparently doesn’t justify an answer because she’s doing something for a cause we claim stake in. I have yet to come across an intelligent, open-minded discussion of her music and her agenda without it devolving into name-calling and accusatory statements.

  23. Dear John says

    Jesus, good comment. How can Gaga fans understand what you’re saying, they are only 12 years old! You know, the freaks who likes freaks to get validation. I’m just kidding, but maybe I’m not, maybe I;m a hater, whatever! Gaga is a freak, I am not a freak so I don’t like her. Period!

  24. Bernadette says

    I find it quite amusing that many of the people who defend Lady Gaga in their comments and admire her so much for her work as a spokesperson for LGBT people still don’t seem to take her message to heart when calling other people who disagree with them ‘bitchy old queens’ or any other hurtful expressions that are used to demean and offend mostly gay people. Seems as if your heroine still couldn’t teach you anything with her music, now could she?

    So, if even her target audience doesn’t learn something from her, then how is she supposed to make a difference with people whose mindset she and her gay fans really hope to change with her music?

    I, for one, think that she started taking herself too seriously for quite some time now. She begun to buy into her own hype and that does make her look quite presumptuous and ridiculous. I get the feeling that she lives under the impression that she could single-handedly abolish homophobia and she seems to enjoy the praise too much which makes her look arrogant and unlikeable to me.

    After all, it’s great if she makes gay teenagers feel good about themselves with her music, but a lot of other artists did that too with their songs and they didn’t have that smug ‘I did it all alone. I’m your savior. Now kneel in front of me and kiss my feet, disciples.’ look on their face.

  25. Stephen says

    For all of you who say that Lady Gaga is SO fake, I can tell you you are deceiving yourself. You are being confused by post-modern propaganda. Post-modern propaganda is propaganda that deceives you by not deceiving you. Lady Gaga is a genuine and completely not fake person. She is what you see. She is not hiding anything. What you see is what you get. Yet you feel compelled to assume that she is hiding something or is being fake because what celebrity isn’t these days. Why can’t people just take something for face value anymore? Are you all really that jaded?

  26. Hollywood, CA says

    Oh, the Hator-Ade is delish this morning. Go back to your miserable lives, ladies. VIVA GAGA!

  27. Jonathan says

    I will add that I think her commitment to LGBT causes is genuine. I just think “Born this Way” is suspect. But I like most everything else she’s done.

  28. InTristin says

    You can tell that Born this Way was inspired from several Madonna songs, express yourself and Vogue come to mind for most. Right? Great we all agree! Now that we got that out of the way, WHO CARES? No me, not millions of her fans, and not Madonna either. Every single artist on the radio right now was influenced by those that became before them. Same as Madonna was. Express Yourself would have never been made or released if not for “Respect Yourself” by the Staple Sisters.

    If you don’t like Lady Gaga, fine, you have every right to like what you like. But coming on here and saying she has no talent and she’s a thief is just ignorant. Especially since Madonna and every other artist on this planet are guilty of the same exact thing that your ripping Gaga for.

  29. lennon says

    i think gaga is striking a nerve w/ self hating gays. they want her to stick to dance music so we can all just blend in. she’s doing at great job being political. if she’s ‘using’ our cause to make her famous then great. no other artist currently is as dedicated to gay issues as her. from taylor swift to bruno mars. any of those other pop stars say anything about prop 8? don’t ask don’t tell?

    don’t u guys see all the teen suicides, the bruises+bloodied up faces, burnt homes of gay ppl these days? for those ppl who are on the side that would rather see us all dead, i would rather have one fake, phoney bad weirdo alien musician on our side. some gays have the luxury to isolate themselves from homophobia (karl lagerfeld, andy cohen), others do not.

  30. David says

    She seems to know exactly what she’s doing in citing Express Yourself with this song, whether people like it or not. I like how she says pop music doesn’t always have to be dark or sexy and that pop nowadays rarely has a sense of expansive joy and celebration. She’s going back to the last star who brought that “go to church” energy: Madonna in the 90’s.

  31. Ken says

    I love born this way. It’s got great lyrics. It’s a celebration. I’m feeling it… I can’t stop listening to it.She’s a great activist for gay rights. She’s an importantly relevant person of our time. She will just keep bringing good in this world and be on the right track cuz she was born this way baby. Love you Gaga, *PAWS UP*