1. Matt26 says

    It was very interesting to hear what Chrys Kefalas said about his coming out.
    I respect his political views and understand where the Republican Party comes from but I must admit it might be a difficult to be a conservative Republican and openly gay man.

    But all the best for this nice looking man. May he change the GOP!

  2. JoeDE says

    My friends Darryl and Dave in the Balto Sun picture.. introduced me to my husband 15 years ago this June.. they have been together longer than that. My hubby and I got married in Connecticut in November ’10.

  3. K says

    I am so proud of all of the Marylanders who gave testimony in support of 116. The number of people who spoke against marriage equality may have been smaller than the number of people who spoke in support, but they didn’t feel like a minority – their side spoke for 3 hours! It was frightening to be near so many people wearing those stickers. I tried to go in to the hearing room a few times but I broke down when I saw Sprigg and his minions standing next to me. They’re scary in person.

  4. DrJustino says

    It was interesting to hear from Chrys Kefalas, who is a well-spoken Greek-American lawyer. He echoes what I’ve been saying for years–that the Republican party of today has strayed so far from what it was intended to be. I blame Bush for being a Republican who was so unlike what the party’s true ideals are. Somewhere years ago the Christian Conservative movement pushed its way in, and made social causes so prominent, that everyday Bible-believing Americans are led to think that if they don’t side with the Republicans, who are supposedly anti-Abortion and anti-gay, then they are therefore going against God’s will. It’s nice to see that there are young, bright Republicans who might be able to bring the party around (after YEARS of battling the likes of “Christian” hate groups).

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