Maryland GOP Calls Members to Action Against Marriage Equality

Concerned over the growing likelihood that the state senate will pass marriage equality, the Republican Party's state chair Alex Mooney (pictured) has sent out a desperate email urging party members to lobby senators to vote against it, the Washington Post reports:

Mooney All nine senators listed in Mooney's email are Democrats. Absent from the list is Sen. Allan H. Kittleman (R-Howard), the only Republican in the chamber who has voiced support for the legislation.

Of the nine senators, six have publicly voiced support for the bill. Another — Sen. Joan Carter Conway (D-Baltimore) — has said she is willing to be the deciding vote in favor of the bill but will not vote for the bill if she believes it will fail.

The only senator on the list who has said nothing publicly about his intentions is Sen. John C. Astle (D-Anne Arundel). The email also targets Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert), who has said he will vote against the legislation.

Says Mooney's email: "Dear Fellow Republican, Help us take a stand in defense of traditional marriage. A few key state Senators will soon decide whether or not the Maryland Senate will change the law to redefine marriage. Our state's long standing tradition of promoting marriage as between one man and one woman will be drastically altered to legally define marriage as between two men or two women."


  1. ichabod says

    Why would Democratic senators listen to a bunch of Rethuglicans?

    Take it south, Mooney. They’re full of the hate down there…

  2. Jack says

    Is this the first time a major political party has restricted its membership to heterosexuals (supposed)?

  3. NY2.0 says

    He sends an email to Democrats calling them “Dear fellow Republicans?” These Democrats should be offended!

  4. JJ says

    These Republicans are furthering the destruction of marriage by keeping it joke construct restricted to the chosen elite straights of society. Restricting the legal and social protections and benefits of marriage to straights is effing infuriating!

    Again, to the gays: There are other countries that treat gays better than the USA! It’s hard to accept, I know, if you’ve never seen outside the US, but seriously, check it out.

  5. Continuum says

    Amazing, the WaPo article is mostly the letter sent out by the rightwing anti-gay Christo-facists.

    A couple paragrahps of background info, and the rest is a word-for-word copy of the Republican hate memo.

    Could WaPo ever do a better job of spreading the rightwing Christo-facists gospel of anti-gay hate.

  6. Pete n SFO says

    “he’s a big nelly queen.”

    “he’s got gay-face.”

    Hey, boys… could you check your own homophobia at the door?

    He’s idiot enough without berating gay people in the process.

  7. Jonathan says

    Another fat Catholic POS. Anything new in the news today? I hope Marriage equality passes by a good margin in Marylnd so we can see “Bishop” Harry Jacksons head explode. Another charlatan for Christ.