1. ichabod says

    I’ve got a good friend in Silver Spring who called her Senate rep and now I’ve got her contacting her House delegates. Everyone please have your Marylander friends and family do the same. As we know, we can never take anything for granted…

  2. Francis says

    I already got in touch with a friend who lives in Maryland to tell him to call his cities’ representative and I’m going to tell him to call more people. We cannot expect these things to be handed to us, unfortunately. We have to fight, because if we don’t, we’ve seen the results.

  3. gayalltheway says

    Marylanders, please contact your House delegates and Senate Reps and ask them to support marriage equality.

    Show the rest of the country that Maryland is ready to take the lead in ensuring fairness and equality for all citizens.

    What else can we do?

  4. Ben says

    MassResistance!? Are you for real? MassR is a certified SPLC hate quack one-man show operation here in Boston. He is a vile man intent on making a living out of dehumanizing the entire LGBTQCommunity. He’s Porno Pete’s lover.

  5. says

    The bill needs 71 votes to pass (there are 141 delegates in the Assembly). There are currently 59 (as best as I can count) cosponsors. They are:
    Barve, Barnes, Mitchell, Alston, Anderson, Arora, Barkley, Bobo, Bromwell, Carr, Carter, Clagett, Clippinger, Conaway, Cullison, Dumais, Feldman, Frick, Frush, Gaines, Gilchrist, Gutierrez, Guzzone, Hammen, Harrison, Haynes, Hixson, Hubbard, Hucker, Ivey, Kaiser, A. Kelly, Kramer, Lafferty, Lee, Luedtke, McHale, McIntosh, A. Miller, Mizeur, Murphy, Niemann, Pena-Melnyk, Pendergrass, Reznik, B. Robinson, S. Robinson, Rosenberg, Ross, Simmons, Stein, Stukes, Summers, Tarrant, F. Turner, Valderrama, Waldstreicher, Washington, and Zucker

    The current status of the bill is here:

  6. Patrick A. says

    Those in Maryland or if you know ANYONE from Maryland….write a HEARTFELT letter to them describing why this issue means a great deal to you and how much you would appreciate them calling their representative. You win with numbers and we need to do the work and galvanize our allies and each other. PLEASE do your part and as involved as the zealots want to get toward matters that concern US….*we* must be far more involved, engaged, and passionate toward matters that outline our entire future, the future of LGBT youth and the future of our merit in this society.

    Get out there and do your part, as complacency IS enabling bigotry.

  7. Hugh says

    NOM is based in New Jersey and applying serious pressure on MARYLAND law makers so why are we only asking LGBT from Maryland to contact MD law makers? Wouldn’t it be wise for LGBT and LGBT supporters across the country to contact Maryland law makers? I think we all owe it to ourselves and our gay brothers and sisters across the country and world to call various Maryland law makers and make our united voices be heard. That’s how the hate mongers do it and we need to take a page right out of their book on this one.