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News: Super Bowl, Jared Polis, Jersey Shore, Rhode Island

 road Adam Lambert to release revamped version of “Aftermath” that will benefit The Trevor Project.

Ca  road Christina Aguilera mixes up the lyrics for the "The Star Spangled Banner" during the Super Bowl today.

 road Benihana sues blogger for slightly negative review.

 road Rabbi Mendel Kaplan of Canada's York Regional Police Department will remain police chaplain despite making anti-gay statements.

 road Survey reveals some scary statistics related to transgenders in America: "According to the survey, 41 percent of respondents reported attempting suicide, 26 percent said they had lost a job due to being transgender, and 19 percent reported being denied a home or apartment. Almost one-fifth said they'd been homelessness at some point."

 road Producers of whats being referred to as a gay version of Jersey Shore drop by the Garden State to cast their televison show.

 road Katy Perry wears an eye-popping dress.

Jp  road Congressman Jared Polis: Air Force Academy should encourage "inclusion."

 road Wayne's World returns to Saturday Night Live with a less than excellent skit.

 road What The Situation really wants to do is act.

 road Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee to hear testimony this week related to a bill that would bring marriage equality to that state.

 road Gay activists among those participating in the anti-government demonstartions in Egypt.

 road Not everyone who bought a ticket to the Super Bowl today got a seat.

 road Asians and Hispanics upset over lyrics to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

 road Sixty-six beached whales in New Zealand unbeach themslves and float back into the ocean.

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  1. The Air Force Academy is a toxic environment, the most dangerous of all the service academies, & Polis should know better than to "mince" about that reality.

    Posted by: pat | Feb 6, 2011 8:11:12 PM

  2. Another reason not to watch the Super Bore-
    when are they going to decide whether it is a collection of cheap Vegas lounge acts on their way out or a football game. Christina- what an embarrassment -but it will give people something to talk about ---oh -and was there a game? I forgot.

    AFA -home to Xtian indoctrination-
    when it is it going to be held accountable?

    Posted by: Nick | Feb 6, 2011 8:22:30 PM

  3. Christina: I'm sure she didn't mean to mangle the lyrics. It's hardly a crime.

    Lady Gaga: I'm sure she didn't mean to offend anyone in her song. After all, it's about affirmation. Some people need to get a life. *Rap* is offensive.

    Rhode Island: Keep the good news coming.

    Gay activists in Egypt: Good luck to you, my brave allies. The Muslim Brotherhood will be far, far worse.

    Posted by: Max | Feb 6, 2011 8:50:56 PM

  4. Whale flash mob! Yes!

    Posted by: SteveInDe | Feb 6, 2011 10:45:42 PM

  5. Nobody actually saw the whales unbeach themselves. I'd check the NZ sushi shops.

    And I've heard that blowhole tastes like chicken (sorry... couldn't resist).

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Feb 6, 2011 11:09:30 PM

  6. Asians and Hispanics are not offended by Lady Gag's lyrics to that least not 99.9999999999% of them. That article was written by one person who writes for a very small town paper. Hardly representative of two major groups. I'm Latino, friends with many latinos, in a latin community and her song is played everywhere and this is the first I've read about any offense being taken by it.

    Not need to exagerate the story from some writer who was looking to be offended.

    Posted by: Aigner | Feb 7, 2011 2:11:12 AM

  7. AIGNER is really Perez Hilton, huh? Gaga's song is NOT played everywhere because IT HASNT BEEN RELEASED YET. So, yeah, it's the first you've heard of people being offended. And "I'm Latino...." Really? I love it when people include completely unverifiable comments about themselves in their comments. And Chicanos Unidos Arizona is not one writer.

    Since gays protest when someone uses the word "homosexual," you have no right to tell Asians or Latinos what they want to be called. And I truly feel sorry for anyone who needs a pep talk from the talentless mouth breathing whore Stefani "Throw your little gay purses at me cause I luvs you" Germanotta.

    Posted by: JAY | Feb 7, 2011 4:23:47 AM

  8. Jay, your little "Chicano" pride is getting tired. Latinos have so much rights in this country you all are coming here illgeally and taking benefits FROM AMERICAN just want something to complain about and ALL you see is your own rights and protections.

    Stop trying to hijack the gay rights movement by inserting "LATINO PRIDE" everyhere. It's getting tired and a majority of Americans are OVER IT. Your sense of entitlement, coupled with your zealot catholicism is not welcomed. Learn to acculturate yourself in this country and stop blowing the PC whistle at everyone.

    Posted by: Steve | Feb 7, 2011 11:54:58 AM

  9. @ Jay:

    The song is clearly not meant to be offensive, but your victim mentality dictates you pull your race card out every chance you get. I think any tired protest to this song has more to do with disliking the message behind the song and using race baiting as an excuse out. You sound angry Jay. Might want to examine that anger and take the chip off your shoulder while you're at it.

    Posted by: JoJoCA | Feb 7, 2011 11:59:16 AM

  10. STEVE....I agree with you! This "Chicano" pride is BULL---!!! I lived in LA...and worked in the biz....I worked HARD for my money, 16 hour days get "A" insurance.....mexicans who were ILLEGAL could go the Cedars Sinai where I went...the PREMIER hospital of the US and get treatment FO FREE while hard working Black and White people had to go to COUNTY HOSPITAL!! they are getting over in this country at on OUR DOLLAR! Yet always complain about something! LET US SNEAK INTO MEXICO AND AND SEE THE RECEPTION WE GET THEIR WHEN TRY TO GET ON THEIR WELFARE SYSTEM!!! GTFO

    Posted by: shannon | Feb 7, 2011 2:42:03 PM

  11. Lady Gaga: I'm not sure what "Chola" is, but I do know that calling an Asian an "Orient" is about as stupid as calling a Black person "Colored".

    I don't know Lady Gaga's motives behind using those words - no one here does - but I'd find the lyrics far more interesting had she used misnomers for everyone else she mentioned in the song (i.e. Blacks, gays, etc.) But she doesn't have balls that big.

    Posted by: Damien | Feb 7, 2011 3:03:07 PM

  12. I'm Asian and I'm offended that she used "Oriental". What's even more offensive is that she couldn't be bothered to make a better rhyme to avoid it. Lazy.

    Why are some ethnic gays so willing to be denigrated for one aspect of themselves so they can be respected for another part? Why don't they expect that all aspects of their identity be treated with respect?

    Jojoca, using the "you're just being a victim and you probably hate homos" line is such a dismissive pretext. My best friend's mother was totally accepting of me being gay, but she was a bona fide racist. Should I give her a free pass for being pro-gay? What I see is a complete willingness to ignore racism because you're so desperate for another gay anthem (note, ANOTHER). Are you worried that if you dare ask Gaga to deliver a non-racist, pro-gay song, she won't?

    I don't tolerate that kind of ignorance anymore than I tolerate the "no homo" bullshit in music. But of course, everyone's willing to call Kanye West and the black music community out as homophobes for using "no homo". But when a gay advocate uses racially offensive language in her song? Dead silence.

    I bet if she used "jungle bunny" or "jigaboos" there'd be a completely different tune here. Or maybe there wouldn't; maybe black gays would be totally cool with taking the hit for being black but getting props for being gay.

    Gaga probably didn't mean to offend anyone, but for someone who spends so much time talking about how we need to fight for respect, understanding, and equal rights, what's her excuse for being so ethnically imperceptive? She should know better. She's not Sharron Angle. And what are her fans' excuses for not holding her to the same standard she holds others to as a gay advocate?

    I am so thankful for someone like her being so outspoken about gay rights. But I am even more happy to hold her to the standard of what a diverse-minded advocate should be, not make excuses for her use of outdated racially offensive terms. Letting her off easy only tarnishes her persona of inclusivity and is a disservice to her.

    Posted by: luminum | Feb 7, 2011 3:36:17 PM

  13. I love her music, and I know her heart's in the right place, but words are not her strong suit.

    Calling someone an "Orient" is wrong on several levels. Outdated term, awkward rhyme, use of a noun instead of an adjective...

    She should stick to making great music and wearing outrageous clothes, and let someone else handle the verbage for her.

    Posted by: DH | Feb 7, 2011 4:30:15 PM

  14. Well if we can't call people "Orients" anymore, the next thing you know, we won't have any more rights than the meat on our bones. Or something like that.

    Posted by: DH | Feb 7, 2011 4:32:17 PM

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