Presidential Hopeful Fred Karger Files Complaint with FEC, Says Exclusion from GOP Forum is Because He’s Gay

Gay Republican presidential hopeful Fred Karger has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over his exclusion from a candidates forum in Iowa, the AP reports. Karger says he has been excluded because of his sexuality:

Karger Fred Karger, founder of the gay rights group Californians Against Hate, criticized forum sponsor the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition during a news conference Friday.

"The party of Abraham Lincoln should be inclusive and welcome all to discuss the important issues of today," said Karger, who is openly gay. "As someone who has been actively involved in Republican politics my entire life and worked on nine presidential campaigns, including three as senior consultant to Presidents Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan I feel I deserve a seat at the table."

In his complaint mailed to the FEC on Thursday, Karger argues the coalition is in effect endorsing the 15 potential presidential candidates it did invite. The forum is scheduled for March 7 at Point of Grace Church in Waukee.

Steve Scheffler, president of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, called Karger's complaint "specious and utterly without merit."

It's not the first time Scheffler has opposed Karger. Back in May 2010, Scheffler sent Karger an email threatening to sink his campaign because he's gay.

Said the email: "You don’t care about transparency–you and the radical homosexual community want to harass supporters of REAL marriage. I am the Republican National Committeeman for Iowa. As a private citizen and knowing literally thousands of caucus goers, I will work overtime to help ensure that your political aspirations are aborted right here in Iowa. Have you studied our past caucuses–you have NO chance here in Iowa!"


  1. BartB says

    While I applaud Karger for wading into the cesspool of the Republican party, it’s time he take off his beer goggles or whatever else blinds him to the fact that the Republican party, no matter how much he wishes it were otherwise, is a disgusting, biggoted, hypocritical and ignorant pool of liars, zealots, and evil hatred. Fred needs to wake up and spend his time, money and energy bolstering the good in the world, not trying to save something that more and more Americans can see is something you would find in a public toilet.

  2. says

    LOL Toto


    Uhm, that is most likely why he and all the other goproud folks are repubs, they hate brown people

    if there is roughly 300 mill americans & repub policies only benefit the top 2% = roughly 6 mill people…..and 6% (average of kinsey’s 10% and repub claim only 2% are gay) of americans are homo = roughly 18 mill

    sorry but not 1 out of every 3 gays that i meet are filthy f’ing rich

    and the top 2% wealth is not a few mill rich it is the people who make a few mill in interest alone off of a HUGE multi multi multi millions principal that earns them millions in interest alone while not having to get off their butts at all

    sorry, but there are very few gays that have that kind of wealth

    goproud folks are either racist and or stupid because repub economic policiesjust do not benefit them at all!!

  3. Todd says

    They are all hyenas devouring each other…Let them go at it…It keeps them occupied and all this in-fighting is just fun to watch…but yes, Karger does have on beer goggles or those old horse blinders. He forgets he’d be welcome if he stayed in the closet and pretended to be straight.

  4. NY2.0 says

    After so many years staying in the closet and inflicting damage on millions of Americans by helping bigots get elected to office (Ken Mehlman style) he is now crying wolf on getting the same treatment? What a hypocrite!

    If he wanted acceptance from the GOP Fred Karger should’ve kept his weaselly self in the closet.

  5. Chris says

    separation of church and state doesn’t flow well with Republicans and their pulpit politics.

    The fearful are easily manipulated and it’s been rule #1 of the GOP strategy book for generations.

    The party of good ol’ Abe is gone.

  6. William says

    Todd: You’re right. They’re in-fighting is fun to watch. 😀 I just hope it doesn’t create a distraction from the important issues Americans need to be focused on in the next Presidential election.

  7. woodroad34d says

    The Republican Party has gone so far right that the normal political spectrum could’t hold the whackadoodles they’ve spawned; so, like a cancerous mitotic split, they’ve turned into the “Tea Party”. Fred is acting like a radioactive bullet to kill that cancer. But like most cancer treatments, he’ll be ineffectual. I like him, though–personally, he’s a very nice person without the foibles conservatives today are heir to.

  8. johnny says

    Maybe so, Tim, but it’s a waste of time, energy and funds. Fred needs to wake up and figure out that Repugs are the party of hate and then jump the fence to the Dems. He might actually get somewhere instead of spinning his wheels in a party that hates him.

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