Proposed Iowa Bill Would Allow Religion-Based Discrimination Against Same-Sex Married Couples

More nonsense from the Iowa bigot crew. A House Subcommittee is set to consider this proposed legislation tomorrow:

Anderson House Study Bill 50, called the Religious Conscience Protection Act, would allow a person, business or organization such as a charity or fraternal group to deny services without fear of facing a civil claim or lawsuit if they think doing so would validate or recognize same-sex relationships.

The same-sex exclusion is by itself constitutionally troubling, several legal scholars and civil rights activists said.

However, the bill is so broad that it would legalize a wide spectrum of other discriminatory acts, they said. They raised questions about whether services could be denied if, say, a Christian were married to a Jew or if a woman who is 60 married a man who is half her age and the couple could not procreate.

Rep. Richard Anderson, R-Clarinda, a lawyer and sponsor of the bill, said its intent is is to protect religious liberty.

What's Anderson's end goal of course? "Anderson wants to ban same-sex marriage, a step that would drive state policy toward responsible procreation, he said on the floor of the House last week. He also said that same-sex marriage is a step toward state-recognized polygamy."