1. Jack M says

    Good for her! Why would a man be qualified to make any comments affecting a woman’s childbearing capacity?

  2. Disgusted American says

    this woman is Right……When Men can Have babys come Out of them – then and ONLy then should they have a say – until then – STFU!

  3. sugarrhill says

    OMG, everyone should see this video! What the Republicans are doing right now in the House is trying to turn the clock back to when women, gays, and minorities had no rights. This is the canary in the mineshaft, people. The Republicans won’t stop with just women’s rights.

  4. bgk says

    Looks like the republicans only want to fight the culture war; while US cities drown in unemployment and health issues.

  5. Billy says

    This is not about abortion. The actions of these men in the House are an all-out attack on family planning, breast and cervical cancer prevention, and sex education. For gay men, this is an attack on our mothers, our aunts, our sisters, our nieces, our cousins, and our friends. It is religious fundamentalism at its worst, and it won’t stop. We will be next if not already in the cross-hairs.

  6. rayrayj says

    I hope this means that progressives are getting over being polite and quiet; and are going to start speaking loudly and raising a little hell.

  7. Matt says

    If you’re going to post on non-gay-related topics, why not actually link to thoughtful or interesting takes on issues? There are an awful lot of websites already out there for Democratic party hacks. There’s nothing illuminating here, it’s just a typical “OMG OUR SIDE TOTALLY PWNED THE BAD GUYS!!!” post of the type that already comprises about 70% of the internet.

  8. Reggie says

    If anyone does not like the content of the posts on Towleroad, there is nothing keeping that person from simply not visiting this site. If this site, or any site, for that matter, is not to that person’s liking, or political fit, then why keep visiting that site? Simply leave.

  9. Javierq says

    Legal or not, the government should not fund in any amount abortion or those that encourage or facilitate it. Period. Abortion is murder to a huge percentage of Americans, and using tax dollars to foster and abet it is unconscionable.

  10. NY2.0 says

    This is precisely why I can’t stand the Republican party and will never vote for a Republican. Once they get into any position of authority, they waste tax payers dollars pushing their big government morality telling people what to do with their bodies. As always, its old white men leading the charge!

  11. Jamal says

    While the owner of the site can post whatever they want, they should know that abortion issues are not the same as gay issues, and a growing number of gay and bisexual Americans are pro-life, especially young gay/bisexuals.

  12. StillmarriedinCA says

    @Matt–I am thankful to Andy for posting lots of different stories….it’s why I am devoted to Towleroad. As others have pointed out, these attacks from the Republican’ts on women, gays, lesbians and minorities are all intertwined and need to be met with resistance.

    And FYI–Lesbians happen to be women. This is an attack on their rights. To call this “non-gay related” is pure stupidity.

  13. Rowan says

    Exactly Javier and getting grown rich White men to make a decision on a womens life is the most digusting thing in the world. For those assholes when my friend got raped to insist she keeps the baby, is so mind blowing that I am glad this would/has been kicked out in the UK.

    There are so many teenaged with babies that they abuse and the amount this costs the tax payers plus there kids who more likely then not statistically end up in prison-more money-as well as paying for crime is unbelievable isn’t Javier?

    The sheer stupidity and hypocrisy. As if we don’t have enough frigging children who are messed up and in care!


    This is the problem with religous nut jobs, they are HYPOCRITES!!!!!

  14. Matt says

    STILLMARRIEDINCA, by your logic, all imaginable issues and topics are gay-related issues and topics. Which may be true! But it still seems like there’s a real danger of mission-creep with that mindset.

    To others: how would it be even possible, let alone desirable, to only read websites where one agrees with everything the blogger writes? And what exactly would be the point of that?

  15. Jamal says

    Misogyny? Most of the pro-life people I know are female, including my sisters, who are both in law school. Are you actually contending that tax payers must pay for other people to kill their unborn children?

  16. Randy says

    @JavierQ: A large portion of Americans think that science is all lies. Should we avoid funding science?

    A large portion of Americans think that eating meat is murder. Should our tax dollars avoid things like the FDA which “abets” the meat industry?

    I’ll answer both of those: No. We should ignore the idiots you described in your post.

    @Jamal: If that’s the case then you have enough people to go to your blog about the subject. You can leave Andy’s blog to the subjects he cares about (and coincidentally, the ones I find I enjoy every day).

  17. StillmarriedinCA says

    @Matt–Hello??? anybody home? You didn’t understand a word I said. Let me try again–

    It’s LGBT–that includes WOMEN. This anti-abortion, anti family planning attack is a direct attack on women’s rights and many women are LESBIANS. Therefore, this issue is most certainly gay (lesbian) related. Not to mention the fact, that as a gay man you should be interested in what is going on as far as women’s (or anyone group’s) equal rights are concerned.
    If you only care about your own selfish interests, read your own diary.

  18. Tom says

    @Matt, Towleroad is “a site with homosexual tendencies.” If there’s any mission here, it’s to advance knowledge and critical thought about a variety of topics.

    I really enjoy the wide variety of topics that Andy and the others bring to this site. It is also very well laid out, so that one can see the topics and delve further into those that interest them.

  19. dave says

    For those who think abortion rights has nothing to do with gay rights, think again. First of all, both are all about what each person should be allowed to do with their own bodies and the right to privacy. Secondly, even if YOU don’t think they are related, the Far Right has ALWAYS linked the two. They will come after abortion rights as hard and furiously as they have against gay rights.

  20. Keith says

    @JaxierQ and Jamal: I was born and raised in South Texas, an area that is staunchly Catholic. The area also has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the country. If you want fewer abortions, lift the ban on “abstinence only” education. It flat out doesn’t work. Just ask Bristol Palin or better yet, my mom.

    While you’re entitled to your opinion, maybe these white men should step up to the plate and start adopting the countless unwanted children buying their time in abusive Foster homes or tied up in a bureaucratic system that won’t allow loving gay couples to adopt them; once again, just ask my mom.

  21. StillmarriedinCA says

    @JAMAL–actually, the majority of Americans are for keeping abortion safe and legal. How dare you tell any woman what she can do with her own body!!? It’s NOT your business or your right.
    You want to pick and choose how your tax dollars are being spent? Do you like that they are spent to kill and maim innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan? There are far worse things than abortion in this world that your tax dollars are funding.

  22. Bobby says

    It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against abortion if you’re not the one having it. It’s the choice of the woman that’s pregnant and it’s a bullet train speeding down a perilous track when we decide to take the rights of an individual away from them. The next victim on that track could be you.

  23. Paul says

    Any time a lawmaker paternalistically seeks to use the power of the government to legislate what someone can or cannot do with their bodies, how could it not relate to gay rights? I don’t want Mike Pence in my bedroom, my computer, or my doctor’s office, thank you very much…

  24. bgk says

    Any attack against women’s rights is an attack on Lesbian, and bisexual women… not to mention normally fodder for future attacks on gay & bisexual men.

    I stand in solidarity with women; not only because its the right thing to do, but I hope that many heterosexual women will stand in solidarity with us queers.

  25. LiamB says

    Whether or not this is a “gay” issue is immaterial. This is Andy’s blog and he can post whatever the hell he feels like. This has never been an all gay, all the time site, nor does he advertise it as such.

    And quite frankly, who the hell do you think you are to tell him what he can or cannot post? Don’t like what he posts here, go elsewhere. This site isn’t required to live up to your wants.

  26. says

    These family planning centers are important for MEN too! They provide STD testing, advice, and help in situations as well. These republicans are out of control.

  27. JT says

    Luckily I hit refresh before hitting post so I could see all the people who already made my point. Updated:

    @ Jamal:
    The fact that most pro-lifers in your life are female is anecdotal and is of no value in extrapolating what proportion of all women are pro-life. It also doesn’t disprove the sentiment that your opinions are steeped in misogyny. Many people from CPAC know gays who don’t support various gay rights issues. It does not mean that in sharing that sentiment their own opinions are not steeped in homophobia.

    Both your sisters are pro-life? Good for them. They shouldn’t go get an abortion then. If they’re also attempting to be lawyers they should recognize the constitutional rights established in this country which allow women to make their own choices in the matter.

    And furthermore, the issue at hand is the funding of Planned Parenthood. An organization which provides many services a small percentage of which are abortions.

  28. Rowan says

    BGK, heterosexual women are your mothers, sisters, friends and cousins.

    It’s about making surer they are safe and responsible.

    For me, having worked with teenaged MESSED up girls who grew up in ca and put their kids into care, we also need to put education in there. Yes, abortion is there to help you but we also need to educate women about having safe sex especially if there boyfriend smooth talked them into it.

    It’s everywhere near were I live, these girls having kids to keep a man. Middle class women do it of course and plenty of my friends irrationally did but they can afford to at least look after them but it’s up to conversation whether those kids are well adjusted or not.

  29. BartB says

    I think Ms. Speier made her point clearly about abortion…that it is not something done cavelier or without thought. It’s not a game of sleep around/get pregnant/have an abortion/sleep around/get pregnant/have an abortion. That’s what many men want to believe but it couldn’t be further from the truth for most women.

    Abortion won’t go away if you make it illegal. And if these right wing tea partiers really had the courage of their convictions (which they don’t) they would be standing up and saying the federal government needs to stay out of this. But tea partiers really believe that Don’t Tread On Me only applies to them while they are treading all over everyone else.

    I’m a little more informed than the Justin Bieber’s of the world. I’m not pro-abortion…no one I know is. But I also understand that it’s not my decision. So my opinion matters naught.

    And to Jamal and all the other young gay men who are “prolife”, when you actually grow up, your tesitcles drop, you have a job and the intelligence and responsibilities of being a man, I suggest you adopt children who have been born to mothers who don’t want to or can’t raise them and use your manhood to be a good role model/parent to these children. Because that where many unwanted children go. And unless you’re going to step up for these kids, then stay in your little boy pants and shut up.

  30. says


    The gov should fund a lot more abortions, birth control, and tax the hell out of anyone with more than 2 children

    multiplying like rabbits was all well and good back when we had to replace 1/2 the population continually due to people being eaten by carnivores or dieing off in their 30’s from simple infections

    human society has progressed to the point that children are not blessings anymore by a drain on society

    all those who think multiple children are a blessing need to kill themself and make room for them then

  31. Paul says

    As gay people we should be interested in issues of humanity. Republicans attacks on women’s health issues and privacy are cruel and inhuman. Abortion is legal in America. End of story whether you like it or not. Republicans continue to claim to be supporters of ‘small government’Quite frankly they are lying. They want to stick their noses into the most private intimate decisions humans can make, like marriage and health issues. I think it’s perfect platform here to be aware of the attacks made on American people. As a community that continues to have it’s rights taken away from them we should find solidarity with groups that face the same threat. Keep up the good work Andy. If you want to read a blog that only focuses solely on ‘gay issues’ then go find one, there are plenty out there. Kind of narrow way to exist though….underwear shots and discussions about lady gaga are one thing but aren’t we more than just that ?

  32. lewlew says

    Jackie Speier is a wonderful human being. She was assistant to the congressman who was shot and killed in Guayana when they went to check on local constituents who had gone with Jim Jones to Jonestown. She was shot too but survived. She has been brave for a long time.

  33. JT says

    Jamal, Matt, and all the like, what are your beliefs and thoughts on “Post birth Abortion”…you know…state sanctioned PBA, like the death penalty, preemptive war, for profit health care, funneling money and political/military support behind nations such as Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan and the such, all of whom kill women, gays, children and others for ridiculous reasons. All supported by the Right wing “pro-life” crowd. What are your thoughts on that…state….funded….abortion?

  34. Lifer 1306 says

    Interesting though that she didn’t say she had a clump of cells removed, but actually called it a BABY when Planned Parenthood is calling it a clump of cells to be removed, a fetus, an embryo…ANYTHING but a baby! What a bunch of hypocrites the liberals are! Its a BABY when THEY lose it, but a clump of cells when they WANT to kill it.

  35. BobN says

    If you don’t see a connection between reproductive freedom and sexual freedom, you’re dumb as a post.

    As for the tax dollars, they can use mine and use yours to subsidize Christian charities.

    Seriously, this whole debate would end with a little line on the IRS 1040 similar to the one about public campaign funding. “Check this box if you want your taxes to support family planning”.

    Let the American people decide, as individuals.

  36. JT says

    @Lifer1306….I bet your mother wishes she were pro choice when her lil “clump of cells” grew up to be an idiot.

  37. StillmarriedinCA says

    @Lifer: At 17 weeks, I believe the little bugger is more than just a clump of cells. Your post, however, is just a clump of letters.

    Most abortions are done when the little tyke is just a clump of cells.
    Doesn’t matter. It’s still an intensely personal matter for the woman to decide. Not your business. Period.

  38. Rob says

    So proud to be a Californian! Lest we forget the era of back room abortions. Republican men need to get a clue.

  39. Tagg says

    @ Jamal: Hate to break it to you but you dont have the luxury of deciding where your tax dollars go to nor do I. Big whoop! Get over it!!

  40. Rachel says

    guess what prolifers? There is already a ban in place that prohibits federal funding being used for abortions!!! The money being denied to Planned Parenthood would have been used (as it has been in the past) for family planning like contraception, for std and cancer screening, and reproductive health. What your oh so saintly Republicans are doing is endangering poor womens lives in order to make a point! They are not defunding planned parenthood because federal funding is used to pay for abortions; IT ISNT!!!! they are defunding planned parenthood because they want to make a point, and thier point is that women’s lives are cheap, and thier health unimportant and that they will do all they can to take contraceptive choice out of women’s hands. All you prolifers need to check yourselves, its fine if you dont believe in abortion, dont get one!!! But how DARE you tell women and girls that the choice over whether or not to bear a child is not thiers! This is a gay issue, cuz I’m gay and I have a uturus! Planned Parenthood has provided me with basic health services that I cannot afford because I have no insurance. This is a womans issue, a human issue, and a gay issue.

  41. BABH says

    Jamal wrote: “a growing number of gay and bisexual Americans are pro-life, especially young gay/bisexuals.”

    Yes, sadly it’s true that a growing number of young folks don’t understand LGBT history. In the United States, women’s rights are a prerequisite for LGBT rights. Threats to women’s liberation undermine the logic and progress of LGBT liberation. And reproductive choice is a prerequisite for women’s liberation.

    Your female anti-choice friends have no better understanding of what life was like for women 50 years ago than you do of what life was like for homos 10 years ago. Grow up.

  42. Jane Roe says

    lol@ “pro-life” gay men. any gay who tells a woman what to do with her body should have a bloody tampon shoved up his cornhole.

  43. Robert in SF says

    I find that the position of “a man shouldn’t tell a woman what to do with her body” an ill-conceived argument about the legality of abortion, or the morality of it.

    There are plenty of women who are pro-life, in that they too believe women should not have abortions.

    The rationale isn’t sexism, as this argument tends to focus the outrage on a *man* telling a woman what she can do with her body…it distracts from the principle at the root of it: one person telling another what they can do with their body. The gender of the persons involved doesn’t matter.

    As for abortion, I think we all agree that there are some limits that should be legally placed on its use…if you think you don’t, ask yourself if a woman should be able to have an abortion at the 39th week, based on the gender of the child. Or should she be legally able to have an abortion while in labor?

    Yes these are thought experiments but they show that there is a gradient of application here to the limits we place as a society on our members.

    Also, don’t bang your head on the wall using the language about a woman being to do to “her body” as she sees fit when it comes to abortion. The right-to-lifers do not see it as her body when it comes to abortion. They just do not. No amount of logic, argument, perspective sharing, facts, or hypotheticals will change their mind that a fertilized egg is a human life and as such needs to be protected from assault and murder by removal from the woman before birth. It’s ingrained in their thinking from the get-go…no debate or question in their head. It’s not a medical procedure for her body, it’s the baby’s body, and they don’t think someone gets to commit murder without consequences.

    If I remember right, abortion on demand is a legal right up to the 2nd trimester, and at that time it becomes only on the various circumstances about the health of the mother…maybe there are a couple of other exceptions, but I am drawing a blank (rape, incest?).

    What gets me about the hipocrazy of this legislative assault on PP is that their woman’s health and contraception work will suffer, which may lead to an increase in the number of pregnancies and therefore possible abortions in the first place. Talk about cutting off their nose to spite their face!

  44. Dave says

    I dont understand how this woman having a miscarrigae translates into any sort of a coherent argument over why I should be forced to pay for abortions. Really its just the standard tactic of self-victimization when no such coherent argument exists.

    This is not a push by Republicans to make abortions illegal- it is a push to not make them publically funded. The half of the country that actually sees abortions as the killing of something really special shouldn’t be forced to pay for them with their tax dollars.

  45. HeatherLee says

    I just came accross this and it is the stupidist rebuttal of abortion ever…A Miscarriage IS NOT an Abortion. An Abortion is the intentional MURDER of a yet to be born child.