1. pete N sfo says

    2 things…

    a. 90210 is still on TV???

    b. Is blackmailing a person for being gay even considered a viable story line???

    stoopid, big-time.

  2. says

    I disagree with the above comments. I don’t normally watch this show but this was a really good episode. Not everything has to have an obviously “positive” message. Sometimes writers just like to demonstrate life as it is. BTW, you can watch the whole clip on Gays of Daytime.

  3. Fenrox says

    Wait a damn second, Is that supposed to be High School?

    Wow, why not just put them in College? Kids in College look like that, kids in HS.

  4. Jonathan says

    The guy who plays Teddy is 33, so not even college or masters or Ph.D. He just old. Hot, but old.

  5. Ray says

    Ugh. Couldn’t they just let the couple be happy and have some big, bad jock behind the whole thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. stich says

    I LOVE it, what a cleaver soap opera twist to the happy couple!!! Ha Ha, makes me want to watch the show

  7. says

    Kylie Riabko was dropped from the show late last year, so this outcome isn’t a surprise. If Alan Ritchson (Aquaman on Smallville) hadn’t been announced as Teddy’s new love interest, I would’ve equated this to the gay story lines on ‘Dynasty’ back in the ’80s, where long suffering Steven would get a boyfriend, they’d hug (that was as good as we got on TV back then) and then the boyfriend would be promptly killed in a car crash the next episode.

    We’ve thankfully moved on from those fatal hugs, and this storyline has been sweet, well acted and very touching. And, even though us coastal big city dwellers might think it’s nothing new or groundbreaking, for kids in the bible belt this is a hugely positive reinforcement that who they are is more than ok. It’s something I sadly never had on TV when I was struggling with my identity and it’s thrilling to see and experience it now.

  8. blakemandc says

    Ok, I’m not from Beverly Hills but I did grow up in the Hamptons, and am still curious what high school students would choose $50K as a reasonable extortion attempt? What kid actually has access to that cash – even amongst the monied class? And what would the presumably juvenile extortionist do with $50K once they got it?

  9. psiwire says

    @Xtinca: Thank you! I agree 100%

    Plus: And if people actually watched the show, Teddy was going to pay the blackmail, he actually came out because of the support he got from his ex-girlfriend, so this article kind of has it wrong.

  10. hey baby says

    What a load of crap. Who watches this feces? There’s a katrillion better things you could watch online…movies, thousands of tv shows…music, tons of every conceivable genre easily available, reading, ebboks…

    TV and cable are so effing bad it’s not funny. And people are still paying through the nose for cable, even though they’re rapidly losing customers.