1. ggreen says

    The right is made up of greedy selfish bastards and religious bigots. Name one noble unselfish Republican/Conservative.

  2. Zach says

    “The right, he claims, is the “leave us alone” coalition who doesn’t want to run other people’s lives. Unless it comes to dictating marriage rights. Then it’s a free-for-all!”

    Amongst other things.

    Look, every ideology is a prescription for running other people’s lives. Ultimately, we all make judgment calls on how we think society should be ordered. Even negative liberty imposes on an individual.

    Where I part company with both right and left ideologies is in their utopian presuppositions. Righteous adherents truly believe that if they impose their system, in all its totality, then we would all be perfect. But that’s not reality. Reality will never be a utopia; people are not and will never be entirely self-sufficient. Hell, we’re not meant to be. We’re social animals who got to where we are by being cooperative. And if we like the comforts of our modern civilization, we’re going to have to continue relying on the government to mandate certain interactions and impose certain burdens, because the private individual is usually too selfish and now-centered to do anything meaningful. Our modern world, such as it is, came about because a lot of people suffered to make it so, but one super-entity – government – had the power and motivation to redirect funds to build it.

  3. walter t boned says

    At least they are being open about who conservatives are vile selfish thugs who hate any and all social programs – they underfund and mismanage them to FAIL.

    They ignore he great cost of not having them at all – which is of course what they want.

    Imagine this sprawling new American underclass if no money had been spent on public housing, college grants, public education, health care – that apocolyptic world is what GOProud, Log Cabin and most Republicans want to exist – with an elite poolside sipping mint julips – while the economic slaves work the fields.

    Same as it ever was and we can not let elitist homosexuals ever use the Progressive Liberal word GAY.

  4. excy says

    How much money is enough for these republicans? Where is the humility and compassion? It is all too depressing….and ultimately it is not about freedom. It is about greed.

  5. MikeMick says

    You’re right Grover, and those leftist corporations that don’t get tax breaks, don’t profit from government-subsidized research, don’t extract natural resources from public lands, and don’t lobby to water down consumer protection are just as bad. Parasites and bloodsuckers all!

  6. says

    “We don’t want other people’s money”????

    Give me a break! How does he explain the HUGE transfer of wealth to the few super-rich then?

  7. tc in nyc says

    Must be an awful life being a conservative. They live each day in complete and constant fear of those that aren’t like them.

  8. Craig says

    Odd. As a real live liberal, I’ve always thought of Norquist and his crowd as being a bunch of parasites, wanting to drain the government of its money to subsidize wealthy corporations, billionaires, and other special interests. How funny.

    Wow. Can you imagine the sex life this guy must have? Gay. Conservative. Grover Norquist? Monks must sigh relief that they don’t have to endure that kind of isolation.

  9. brian says

    I think that Norquist is correct about the Left. This dawned on me when I realized that there are feminists who insist that women have the right to abort gay babies.

    The porn wing of the Left also insists that lesbians are straight. Lesbians are included in all straight porn movies, and are usually there to serve the needs of straight guys. This is supposed to be progress???

    Overall, Norquist is spot-on. But he neglects to consider the flaws of the Right with its religious socialism.

  10. Rowan says


    My comments are not being posted!

    The right is just as bad as the left BUT as a minority, a free thinker and liberal, I want the left on my side!

  11. candideinnc says

    Capitalist pigs who live off the efforts of the workers have the audacity to call US parasites. The really rich in this country don’t make things or do things. They have money. They get people to invest it for them so they get more money. They spend a few bucks buying politicians so they don’t have to pay taxes on their money. Then they buy Faux News to lie to the dirty bourgeoisie and con them into self destructive behavior which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. If that isn’t parasitic, I don’t know what is.

  12. Paul says

    The ‘leave alone’ coalition of the right who have in the past couple of weeks ignored the needs of the country to get jobs going, and targeted women’s reproductive rights. (Let’s not even get started on how they want to intrude on gay people’s lives, immigrant lives etc).Doesn’t matter how many times they say they are for ‘small government’.Their actions consistently prove that The right are enormously intrusive, bloody huge, foreboding nosey government.

  13. ted says

    Some of you seem to think money belongs to the government and just lends it to peons like us. The government only has what it takes from the population. Unfortunately the left spends it on scams and shams. What do we owe the government for?

    By the way. I love the term “capitalist pigs”. That is so last-year-workers-of-the-world-unite. Ha.

  14. HadenoughBS says

    It appears the speakers at this annual wingnut gathering are really there to try out for talking head positions on Faux News since all they do is tell one big fat lie after another — just like the current FNC “talent”.

  15. NY2.0 says

    Norquist is just preaching to his choir, he changes no minds with his one dimensional views. Funny how Norquist and the conservative Republicans view are quite self-defeating. Their economic policies create a class of the working poor that become ever more resentful of these policies.

    As more of the nations wealth goes to the chosen few, a the majority of the population suffers. Trickle down economics never has and never will work.

  16. RyanInSacto says

    @TED: The left spends money on scams and shams, eh? What the hell do you call the Iraq War? 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS – GONE. Who took us there? Who spent that money? Was it the left? Please, refresh my memory.

  17. Oliver says

    “To paraphrase the eminently quotable Barney Frank: the Republicans want smaller government — small enough to fit into your uterus.”

  18. ravewulf says

    Wow. Talk about projection. Nearly everything he said makes a lot more sense when you invert it.