Wyoming Senate Passes Anti-Gay Marriage Bill 16-14

Wyoming's Senate voted 16-14 to approve a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the state from recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere:

Wyoming House Bill 74 passed 16-14 after tagging on a last-second amendment guaranteeing out-of-state couples in civil unions access to Wyoming courts.

Because of the amendment, the bill will now head back to the House to approve the changes. The House passed the legislation late last month 32-27.

Supporters of the bill, House Bill 74, said the legislation is needed to resolve a conflict in Wyoming law, which defines marriage as a contract "between a male and a female person" but also recognizes any valid marriage performed outside the state.


After the final vote, a few dozen people held prayer circles outside the Senate chambers in thanks for the bill's passage.


  1. Patric says

    As we’ve seen across the country in places from Indiana to New Hampshire to Minnesota over the past couple of months, elections have consequences and, when it comes to gay rights, the election of more Republicans is always a bad thing.

    Efforts were made in 2007 and 2009 to prohibit recognition of marriage equality in Wyoming but there were enough Dems in the state legislature at that time (plus a Dem governor) that those efforts were defeated. While some Republicans in Wyoming (as reflected by today’s vote) are true libertarians in a manner which used to be customary in the sparsely populated West, there simply aren’t enough of them, and after November there are hardly any Dems, in the Wyoming state legislature to block this. All four Dems voting today voted against discrimination; we simply needed a few more of them. We need to remember this every time some commenter here says that there is no difference between Dems and Republicans and that we should just sit out an election such as the one that took place in November; that’s insanity and there’s not a single example in history where that approach has served the interests of any community.

  2. Sam says

    Did the Trib really need to add that last line about the prayer circle? Its like a “rub-it-in” factor towards the gays. Pretty much saying “F*ck you” from the fascist Christians.

    Anyway, we have a better chance in finding Republicans who follow the idea of individual liberty than getting Democrats elected in Wyoming. There were Republicans who voted against this measure so that means they are out there.

  3. GregV says

    Ugh! I think the next proposal should be to change the state motto, since “The Equality State obviously holds no real meaning.

    This passed the House by ONE person. One! This is where we are now on this issue. The haters started by attacking the rights of gay people in the easy targets (the same states that were debating whether interracial couples should have any rights, right into the Bush era).
    More recently, anti-gay amendments have passed by the slimmest of margins in states like AZ, SD and CA. (The same anti-gay amendments might not have survived if the votes had been taken even a few months later). Time is running out for the chances of these hateful amendments in any states that are left, and bigots know that.

    I’m left perplexed by this amendment that says that “out-of-state” couples in “civil unions” from other states will have access to the courts. Does that mean both same- and mixed-sex couples in “civil unions?” What about MARRIED same-sex couples from either Wyoming or out-of-state? (For example, would a married couple visiting from Washington, DC or Canada have to first take a side-trip to a third state to get a “civil union” license?) What about couples who are in “domestic partnerships” in states that don’t have “civil unions?” Do they have access to the courts?

    If Wyoming simply were to live up to the idea of “equality” then none of this would even be in question. Everyone would be treated fairly and that would be the end of it.

  4. Christopher Walker says

    What saddens me is that here, as in Utah, having an openly gay colleague (Cathy Connolly, Wyo House D-13) did not shame the militant social conservatives into thinking twice before they put the bill into the hopper. (Is there no important public business to address, instead?)

  5. Jerry6 says

    As long as Democrats stay home and do not vote, the Republicans will continue to be in control with their bigoted Religious teachings; Beholding to Big Business and Millionairs; and courts filled with bigoted judges they appoint.

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