1. Matt says

    He is the face of this country’s future! As more and more “young”er generation speak up and out about equality, the more this country will move forward. Without this progression, this country will not survive.

  2. says

    C’mon, Ellen, stop calling him AMAZING long enough to ask him a Q or 2.

    Tell me about your favorite Halloween costume. What was your hardest merit badge? Why are you even in that anti-gay Boy Scouts?

    Oh well. Go Zach!

  3. Real Talk says

    We need all folks like this gentlemen, straight AND GAY alike running for office…city council…mayor…even President. We can’t be on thesidelines any longer. To enact change is to be a part of it in a leadership role. That includes being politically active as a politician. I sincerely hope more folks in line with our equality and empowering it RUN FOR OFFICE!

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