Towleroad Guide to the Tube #858

BISCOTTI: Goes great with what?

MILDRED PIERCE: Kate Winslet speaks to the ladies of The View about the Todd Haynes remake.

AMERICAN IDOL HOMOPHOBIA?: Activist Sean Chapin parses a recent show.

ANGRY BOYS: Trailer for an Australian show from the producers of Summer Heights High.

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  1. says

    Re: American Idol, in my area, San Diego, they cut the hugging segment way before they showed the man. I had no idea a man had even gotten up there until seeing this today.

  2. mikenola says

    re: American Idol video.

    The youtube poster seanchapin1 seems intent on creating a tempest in a teapot. There is nothing homophobic about it.

    The only thing on tv gayer than AI is GLEE.

    yet SeanChapin is such a whiny ball less wonder that he has to try and create homophobia where it does not exist.

    he needs to grow a pair and learn to act like an adult ( I would say as a man, but that queen is about as butch as taffetta)

  3. Larry says

    Clearly Sean Chapin has never watched an episode of American Idol if he thinks THIS was homophobic. The way Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest used to tease back and forth was hundreds of times worse, not to mention the way Cowell used to treat the more flamboyant contestants.

  4. says

    I seem to be the only Australian on my continent who loathes Chris Lilley. Blackface and Yellowface wasn’t funny when Peter Sellers did it in the early Eighties, let alone in the 21st Century!

  5. Domo says

    Sean Chapin’s commentary re: American Idol is more than appropriate and hardly paranoiac and some would suggest. What he points out is how homophobia plays out in little ways. Sure, it may not be the most egregious example but it is an example nonetheless. I’d suggest that Ryan Seacrest, with his persistent “straight” insistence (aka “internalized homophobia”), facilitates it all too willingly as do those commentators who belittle Chapin with homophobic crap of their own creation. Really, those comments sound like they’re coming from Fred Phelps himself…or maybe from Seacrest’s alter egos.

  6. Chris says

    I agree with Sean. Also, in the group song, where they show one guy and one girl sing, then the next duo of guy/girl, they never show stefano/scotty sing. I’m sure that some of you will say that I’m being paranoid, but it happened. Maybe it’s not homophobic but it is straight-washing. Why is it that *everyone* else got their little duets, but when it came to two males singing together, they made sure not to show it. And why did *everyone* in the front row get to hug Jacob *except* for the one guy? It may not be outright insulting he gay community, but they made a point, when they can control it, to not show anything gay in a positive light. And just because Simon was homophobic and he and Ryan exchanged gay-as-an-insult banter in the past does not mean that this incident didn’t happen or isn’t worth pointing out. As for Lambert, *of course* he was able to talk about the Trevor Project, he’s already made it on AI and is successful otherwise. He has enough money and fame to say whatever he wants.

  7. Ryon Mikeska says

    I honestly don’t understand how these types of bloopers are committed. I’m a rather sex obsessed gay man with a rather terrible stutter and I’ve never!

  8. The_Fixer says

    American Idol (specifically with Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell) has had its homophobic moments. But I doubt that this was one of them. The commenter in the video is picking things apart, trying to find evidence of homophobia. While I agree that homophobia is sometimes subtle in its presentation, I really don’t think this was one of those instances.

    There was probably a director frantically motioning to Seacrest that they were short of time when the “line hugging” started, and Seacrest had to get things back on track quickly.

    Poor hosting, but not homophobic.

  9. John says

    My original thought when I looked at the video here is that it was nothing. Then, I watched the episode on my PVR and it was very obvious that he intentionally blocked the guy, but the girl behind that guy got through to give a hug.

    Are there bigger incidents of homophobia out there? Yes; but, just like the longest journey begins with a single step, tackling homophobia means dealing with incidents big and small.

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