1. Critifur says

    I have to agree with Comics Alliance. The photos are a bit lame, and poor choices for the actors portraying the characters. It does seem random. Beauty & The Beast, and Peter Pan especially. The Ursula pic is the exception. Disney has been doing this for years now. The concept has run it’s course.

  2. alguien says

    the first set she shot, a couple of years ago (and i have an actual print of one of ’em because i was lucky enough to find some just lying in a drawer in the office) was a lot better. these ones look way too cut & paste or something.

    the quality of the first set isn’t there-at least as it appears on my monitor.

  3. mwdavis says

    Mikhael Barishnikov as Peter Pan? Blech. Peter Pan . . . a boy who never grew up . . . should look like a boy, not like Mick Jagger on crystal. Jeez.

    Second rate work, all around. Only Beauty & the Beast is half-way decent.

  4. Toto says

    I think they look fine, they combine the photo realism of the celebrity while acknowledging the illustrated style that Disney is known for. Its got a campiness but I think it works. As for this age-ism people are bitching about, newsflash, Disney is a company that promotes adults feeling like a kid again. They weren’t concerned about literal look-alikes. Im sure quite a few fans of certain Disney films identify with characters and scenes that look nothing like them.

  5. Dback says

    Zac Efron played Peter Pan in middle school–THAT would’ve been dead-on casting, even a few years later. I think a lot of these are pretty cool nonetheless. (The Scarlet Johanssen one as Cinderella is breathtaking.)

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