1. Justin L Werner says

    Making a whole lot of assumptions about what LGBT people get up to in their private lives… Key word there, *private*.

  2. brian says

    Rosina Kovar is an idiot. Methinks her own sphincter has been violated a few times.

  3. Rob says

    So, if we promise no touchy the tushie, Nana would then be OK with civil unions? That’s her objection???!!! I forget who, but someone in a comment yesterday mentioned a wonderfully appropriate phrase – Pay her no mind, she doesn’t have one. My apologies for not being able to give accurate credit for those words of wisdom.

  4. EO says

    if there is anyone whose anus i do NOT want to be thinking about, it’s this dried-up old hag.

  5. Michael says

    Someone needs to get Goatse in her inbox pronto!
    As for her “outbox”, I’m sad she’s never known the pleasure.

  6. princely54 says

    Would her head explode if she ever discovered Lesbians? Or Gay men who don’t like anal sex?? How can she live this long and not learn that ‘sodomy’ means putting the peen anyplace BUT the vagina? Chances are even this old bag committed plenty of sodomy in her lifetime…

  7. Biff says

    Did I hear her say that between ages 5 and 12 kids learn not to “kick the dog?” Is that some euphemism for anal sex?

  8. Danny says

    I’d like her to explain, then, why the rectum and anus are lined with erogenous nerve endings.

  9. Ish says

    Her “exit” is so thight that even crap can’t come out, so she’s letting it out her mouth.

  10. says

    NOT TO MENTION that I’ve heard of one or two people in hetero relationships who appreciate anal. i mean, maybe it’s just a rumor.

    Gah, this blows my mind.

    I guess it’s brave of her to say all these words she’s uncomfortable with? Poor woman has probably had an unsatisfying sex life :(

  11. TampaZeke says

    Not only is she crazy but she is absolutely incorrect in her “facts”. The lining of the anus is most certainly not “one cell thick”, nor is the rectum, nor is the colon, nor is the large intestine. This is yet another “truthiness”, real sounding bit of pseudo-wisdom that these homophobes throw around ad nauseam.

    And the anus has a sphincter to keep things IN, not to keep things OUT. It is designed to be the only voluntary muscle of the alimentary canal, allowing a person, for the most part, to determine the time of defecation.

    I REALLY wish knowledgeable people would challenge and shame these idiots, ON THE SPOT, when they spew their ignorant babble!

  12. TampaZeke says

    Excuse me, I was unintentionally redundant. I meant to say, “…nor is the colon, nor is the SMALL intestine”.

  13. Maverick69 says

    “Unlike the vagina, nature put a tight sphincter at the entrance to the anus. It’s there for a reason. Keep out!”

    Really? I usually use mine to hug and hold a penis in.

  14. TampaZeke says

    She is clearly against prostate exams, strictly for religious reasons of course.

    They should be banned too!

    One more FACT for Ms. Kovar. There is no sphincter, tight or otherwise, “at the entrance to the anus”; the anus IS the sphincter at the entrance of the rectum”.

    Either go back to elementary anatomy and physiology or STFU and go back to the nursing home where you don’t have to worry about anyone invading your sphincter.

  15. Francis says

    Although she deserves to be mocked, the truth is, this is the way homophobes think. In their eyes, our lives are defined by sex, and especially anal sex, and homosexuality=gay men. It’s all about a severe insecurity with sex, their own bodies, and emotional and mental immaturity. Basically like stupid children.

  16. piile says

    too bad she’s forgotten that the mouth is, like the anus, also a sphincter. she should keep that one tightly shut instead!

  17. says

    Sperm and urine comes out of the same opening. If she is a grandmother, then obviously she had had a cock inside. That’s disgusting- she has had an elimination organ thrust inside her!

  18. LiamB says

    I’m still kind of wondering what the sex talk had to do with marriage/civil unions. Surely she doesn’t believe that gays aren’t having sex right now because we aren’t married?

    Someone should send her a box full of straight anal porn along with a note stating “Now that we’ve established heterosexuals do it too, can we ban them from getting married?”

  19. says

    If you actually attend any hearings like this that allow the public, you will hear this argument over and over again.

    The fear and the homophobia is ALWAYS about anal sex (and only about men).

    Lesbians, especially lesbians with children — who are often out in force at the hearings, are completely invisible to the opposition.

  20. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    “…nor is the colon, nor is the SMALL intestine”.

    You mean the semi-colon?

  21. rovex says

    Oh dear, forgetting lebians and gay men not into anal then. Does that mean i can get married?

  22. says

    Does that mean we shouldn’t let a doctor digitally probe us when checking our prostate. It may only save our lives. Appreciate your concern lady(sarcasm), but I’ll decide for my self who, when, where and what I allow to invade my inner sanctum, AND from which end. Mind your own damn business!

  23. Bryan says

    Heterosexual intercourse involves battering and tearing the extremely delicate vaginal mucosa. The vagina is a bloody breeding ground for bacteria. Recent studies indicate that over 60% of heterosexuals are infected with human papilloma virus – which causes warts and cervical cancer – but seldom pursue testing to determine their status and very seldom practice safer sex.

    I bear these people no ill will providing they keep their lifestyle private, but one has to wonder what it will take before they accept that God just says No! to what they do.

  24. jamal49 says

    @PRINCELY54 Ah, but you still miss the mark. The traditional, conservative definition of sodomy not only included male-male sex, but ANY male-female sexual intercourse wherein the man was not on top and the instigator. Any other sexual activity between a man and woman is considered “sodomy”, including oral sex.

    Obviously, Grannie is a very strict sexualitarian.

  25. Mr. West says

    The percentage of Str8 couples having “exit only” sex is higher than ever. Let’s just admit the fact that Str8 or Gay- America LOVEs a tight sphincter!! In fact- I propose that March 10th (69th day of the year) be National Sphincter Day. We need to celebrate the versatile uses of the glorious A-Hole! (and speaking of A-Holes….this Grandma needs a stiff one!)

  26. John Patrick says

    Is she quoting Josef Stalin as an authority on sex? Is she on his side or against him? And if she agrees with him, does this make her a Communist (after all, the right wingers all say Obama is a socialist because he wants everyone to have health care coverage)?

  27. nikko says

    So the rectum is an exit only? Well, so is the penis and vagina…they both urinate and release blood regularly(vagina). They also do double duty. Why the obvious overlook?

  28. SeriouslySick says

    Why, oh why haven’t I taken the time to learn how to autotune yet? My bad. I feel guilty advising someone who can to get on it asap, but that’s the thought here.

  29. shannon says

    I said it before and I will say it again…I have lived in areas of the country where religious idiots like this lived…the WOMEN always had something to say about gay male sex…meanwhile their HUSBANDS…in private…were trolling the net…bathrooms….parks etc…looking to get it the “anus” behind their backs!

  30. TomR says

    This woman is so laughable! What about hetero couples who engage in anal sex? Are they to be declared illegal as well? Perhaps she’s angling for a job with the anal moral police as Overseer [Underseer?]. Too bad she doesn’t get it — that there’s way more to love than the definition of body parts. My partner and I got legally married a year ago in Iowa, and I can say that it totally changed our lives. Wish we could tell everyone.

  31. jaragon says

    Gee I was never taught fornication in school?! Does reading the Bible make these people morons?!

  32. anthony says

    News Flash – Over the past 7-10 years, hetero couples are engaging in anal sex MORE than vaginal sex. If she talked to her kids and grand kids she might know this. The majority of straight porn is anal penetration rather than vaginal

  33. Greg says

    ‘Cause it’s only the gays who practice anal sex, right. Sodomy is for everyone! And about that lubrication thing: obviously she’s never heard of Astroglide.