Civil Union Bill Advances in Colorado Senate

The Colorado Senate has just passed SB-172, the Colorado Civil Unions Act, on its second reading by a majority voice vote.

OutFront Colorado reports: Steadman

The bill, sponsored by Denver Democrat Pat Steadman (pictured), and co-sponsored by every other Democratic member of the Senate, passed after a debate mostly focused on reciprocity, or how Colorado would recognize civil unions and same-sex marriages from other states like Iowa and Illinois.

If the legislation becomes law, it would establish a new form of relationship recognition for both same-sex couples and heterosexuals. Most of the protections and rights married Coloradan couples would also be made available to those couples in civil unions.

The bill will have one more vote tomorrow and is expected to be passed. It will then head to the Republican controlled House where Rep. Mark Ferrandino will sponsor it. A co-sponsor, and out lawmaker, Rep. Sue Schafer said the bill would probably be introduced in a week.