1. brian says

    I’m sorry but I don’t find this even remotely good for our community. How is a man pretending to be a woman (Vannessa D) and a woman who has played on the notion of having a penis (Lady Gaga) good for our community? It conveys the notion that we gay men are entertained by freaks.

    When are we going to stop being dysfunctional? Will pigs fly?

  2. Brandon Nicholas says

    I think the notion that this form of entertainment is somehow harmful to the gay community is more damaging than the behavior itself. There’s no reason any behavior should be censored to make things more comfortable for the heterosexual community. Not to mention, drag performance has been a part of theatre and entertainment since the beginnings of theatre tradition. It’s always been here, it will always be here. It’s not going anywhere.

  3. Brian2 says

    I was there for this and it was fantastic. Totally unannounced and the crowd just went nuts for her. It was so much fun to see one of the biggest music stars around show up at a club in Louisville. It looked like she was really just having fun with it too :)

    And, Brian, please retire the “drag queens don’t represent us” argument:
    1) We ARE different and people need to get used to that. And anyone who is going to think that the extremes of any community represent the whole need to really get some perspective.
    2) Those who would trash us don’t need drag queens as a focal point to do so. Fight the right enemy.
    3) This was FUN. Just FUN. Stop being such a downer.

  4. Michael says

    @ BRIAN Do you know how many people on this earth believe YOU are a freak ? You can dress as “normally” as you like, but you are still a homosexual and people are pointing at you and calling you a freak. Think about that.
    And when was the last time you made a room full of people deliriously happy? I’m guessing never.

    @ BRIAN 2 Thank you for you post. You saved me a lot of typing and articulated what I was thinking without the anger I’m feeling right now for yet another clueless loudmouthed fool.

  5. Jerry says

    Self hating gays are SO sad! As if our acting more “normal” would create acceptance by the masses. Forget that dream Brian and try being yourself and allow others to do so as well. People who hate you for being gay won’t love for acting straight.

  6. Chrissypoo says

    Unfortunately, for the flyover states, drag is pretty much all they have for entertainment or culture. Went to visit mother in Arkansas, the only gay bar in town basically had a drag show every night. And it wasn’t even close to good. Basically, most gay people in that small town stayed away from the bar.

  7. Jake says

    I live in Louisville. Wasn’t there, but I’d like to say that we have a decent amount of bars for the size of our city. We’re not a huge city by any means, but we’re in the to 30 of US cities population-wise. We host the Derby which brings in hundreds of thousands of people and actually have more than drag as entertainment (@chrissypoo).

    Gaga was awesome for being a sport to do this…

  8. JNJ says

    @Brian: Lighten up.
    @Ron: The KFC Yum! Center is the new stadium built primarily for the University of Louisville; however, since its open this year, has welcomed several talents.

    Cool news for this (somewhat) small town which is typically only on the map in May (Derby) and March (basketball.) And the occasional banjo festival (I’m kidding.)

    A bit ironic though, don’t you think – a mega star who’s fought for animal rights, plays at a KFC-named venue. (hehe)

    Concert was still awesome though. :)

  9. Joey Y says

    Some fools need to grow up. David Bowie did the same thing 30 years ago with the whole gender-bending thing. Did the world turn into pillars of salt? And also, need I remind you all that it was drag queens and transgendered persons who started the whole gay rights movement at Stonewall? Sounds like they were not only MUCH more urban, but MUCH more active than half of the armchair idiots who post on this board about what people should do to “represent them.” At least SOMEONE is. Nothing makes me sicker than mid-20s and mid-30s do-nothings whose idea of pride is to get wasted once a year and not do a damn thing otherwise.

  10. Roy says

    KFC Yum! Center is the new arena that opened along the river in downtown Louisville last October. Yum! Brands is the name of a restaurant company headquartered in Louisville that operates KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. They got naming rights of the arena. I guess being in Kentucky and they wanted to put a restaurant in the arena name we have “KFC Yum! Center”. Terrible name but the arena is one of the best in the nation right now reportedly. It is also within walking distance to The Connection.

    I was at the concert Saturday and she talked about wanting to go to the drag show the night before but wanted to be fully rested for the concert. Since Sunday was a day off for her, I guess she wanted to check it out. I saw her show last summer in Toronto and was pleasantly surprised that she doesn’t give the exact same spiel every night in concert and just change the name of the location. She had some nice stories about Louisville. And Scissor Sisters were great too with their own local stories. It was a great night!

  11. Matthew says

    OMFG! I was at the concert right before this, but my friend who couldn’t make it to the monster ball was at the connection and got to see this impromptu performance! I was soooo happy that he got to see her. This looks like it would have been amazing to be part of.

  12. FunMe says

    Wonderful! It’s great to see Lady Gaga connect with her fans, especially the gay ones. She’s having FUN and so are the people in the audience. Isn’t that what life is about?

    Thank goodness for the drag queens. They have been the ones to have the balls to be who they are and lead the way. You go Gaga!

  13. Bryan says

    BRIAN… Gay men _are_ entertained by what the macroculture regards as freaks. And for good reason… According to the macroculture, we _are_ freaks. We’ve only to glance at what passes for life, art, or a good time among the idiocracy to recognize their judgment for what it is: the bitter carping of smug losers trapped in a nightmare of their own devising.

    As a culture, gay men have a long, profound history of practicing something you’ve yet to learn: respectability is the goal of small minds and living joyously is the best revenge.

    Loosen up, dude. Don’t be such a whimpering victim. You can deny your birthright but you can’t escape it. Queers are the yeast in the bread – a small portion of the total without which the rest is a gay, inedible paste.

    I’m outta words… What would you say to a swan who pines for his days as an ugly duckling?

  14. Brent says

    The show in Louisville was fantastic!!!! I just moved here after 20 years in Chicago and Louisville is a very, very liberal and gay friendly city. Many of my Chicago friends have come down to visit and love it here. For all of those who commented and seem to think the poor gays in Louisville, KY are soooo deprived and behind the times please note that 2 years ago the contributors for Esquire magazine voted Kentucky the most stylish state in the U.S. Don’t believe me? Google it. ( native sons, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Lawrence) Also the hotel “21C” in Louisville was voted BEST hotel in the U.S. by the readers of Conde Nast magazine. The Connection also happens to be a better club than most gay bars in Chicago (except maybe Sidetrack)…and the drag shows are amazing there. I heard Gaga came because her dancers had been the night before and loved it…….I tried to get in after the show but the line was about 2 blocks long. Baby Daddy from Scissor Sisters is from Kentucky and Jake went to the University of Louisville…I now consider myself bi-coastal…..Lake Michigan and Ohio River..there is life in the fly-over zone!!!!! Not to be defensive!!!!!Come visit us!!!

  15. Matt says

    I agree with Brent!

    Though I work in San Francisco now, I grew up in Central Kentucky and spent many-an-evening at The Connection in its early days, and at The Bar Complex and at Crossings in Lexington (as well as a number of other gay bars and predominantly-gay restaurants that have come and gone over the years.) The people are fun and we always have a great time. I was last at The Connection during Derby a few years ago and it was just as wonderful as ever. I miss the drag shows and hanging out with the Southern gays. They have always known how to throw a party!

  16. dingo says

    So cool. Brings back misty water colored memories of when the hottest singers did the gay bar circuit. Danced my ass off at The Saint in Atlanta one night when Miquel unexpectedly appeared to perform So Many Men So Little Time. Not as epic as Lady Gaga, but the awesome sense of validation was the same. Beautiful.

  17. Xtab says

    Anti-drag and anti-trans sentiment upsets me. Not good for the community? Just abandon them to the right-wingers and the homophobes? And when they’re finished with them, do you not think they’ll be after us next?

    Some think they can sell out members of their own community to be accepted by bigots. No, you draw the line and fight.

  18. says

    That was AWESOME!

    Hey Brian, I bet if Madonna came out w/ her music around this time, you’d say the same damn thing.

    “I’m old gay bitter Betty. Grumble, grumble, grumble. I don’t like that hippity hop type music from Lady Gaga.”

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