1. Bob R says

    Wow, Jake, what an incredible young man you are. Very well spoken, great voice and camera presence. I think you may have a future in broadcasting, or journalism should that be the career path you choose. I would be very interested in hearing your story, so far from what I’ve seen, I’m intrigued.

    Any way, Nathan and Marquise, great series and a good job. Much success to you on this endeavor. Andy, thanks for posting this and the others. These are stories that do need to be told. Keep up the good work.

  2. Chuck says

    I remember when I first came out in the 70s we thought it was totally cool to be gay. That we were really different. We had a different view of life, a gay sensibility. That we were free of all the requirements of a straight life. In the necessary push to be accepted I think some of that very real pride has been lost. I am glad to see young people once again picking up on the joy of being different. For me being gay made all the difference.

  3. 11 says

    Being hot does not make you articulate or wise. Jake is saying things that any gay sixteen year old could tell you, and you’re oohing and aahing because he makes your dick feel tingly.

  4. Hunter says


    Seconded. While I think this is a valuable story to hear, it doesn’t strike me as remarkable in the extreme, and I think some of the reactions speak to the community’s obsession with youth and physical attractiveness.

  5. Drew says

    @11: And 3rd’d. Each of my 12-14 year-old nephews is nearly as well spoken simply when describing how they love their iPhones, so I would expect that any potential coming out story would sound just as eloquent as this guy’s. Of course, my nephews don’t yet look like a reject from the A&F casting call (cheekbones are too high) or dress like a gigolo (hairy chest exposed), so I suppose they may not potentially have what it takes to get Towleroad’s attention.

  6. James says

    Drew, why don’t you put up a video of your nephews and post the YouTube link.

    And tell them to talk about being gay while they’re at it.

    As for you: Get a life. <3

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