1. says

    It is really unfortunate to hear that he was made to feel so hurt. With that said, a serious threat of violence is never an appropriate response to life’s adversities. I can’t quite understand why the parents would take this course of action, instead of perhaps dealing with the matter more personally.

  2. Idiots says

    He shouldn’t have threatened anyone, but this kid was being attacked. He needs counseling and love. And those bullies need to be punished. I’m sure that he will be the one expelled though, which will just mess up his life even more.

    Hang in there, kid, because it does get better. I know at your age you don’t have much of a concept of time, but when you get older, you’ll be able to get away from those bullies and show that you’re smarter and better than them by becoming a doctor or whatever you want to be.

  3. X says

    He is also 11 years old. I’m sure he didn’t really understand the consequences of what he was saying and was just engaging in some “revenge fantasy.”

    Yes we have to be vigilant because sometimes children end up acting on that but a “citation” is not the way to help this kid and avoid the problem.

  4. rayrayj says

    I must have missed the threat. “He wished he had a gun to get rid of some bullies” is not a threat. It’s describing a fantasy, and an understandable fantasy if his parents have actually gone to the school 50 times, and the school has not addressed the bullying.

  5. Bryan says

    Jesus Christ… talk about punishing the victim. And since when is “I wish I had a gun” a threat?

    If I’d been arrested every time I mentioned shooting another kid, I’d never have gotten out of elementary school. Neither would any of my friends. I also threatened to rip out tongues, wait until my mother was old and feeble and then suffocate her with a pillow, eat eyeballs, blow up the school, exile my enemies to Venus, poison my parents, build an atomic bomb in the basement, burn down the convent, push my brother overboard, and kill myself.

    Sadly, the last is the only one of these I ever tried.

  6. Steve says

    It’s hard to see how this isn’t a violation of federal civil rights law and/or the state anti-bullying law. The school’s own administrator admits that there was bullying although he disputes that 50 complaints were made. There were no arrests for actual violence but an immediate arrest and suspension for the complainant where there was no actual threat. At a minimum, there should be a civil suit. Ideally, the school would come under criminal investigation by the CA AG and/or the US DOJ.

  7. Paul says

    as a foreigner it seems so weird that a large percent of the population fight so hard for access to guns, and then are surprised that kids grow up thinking that guns are a perfectly acceptable way to defend yourself. If you see Adults fighting for the right to own a gun for self defense, why wouldn’t a bullied kid think of that as a natural way to defend yourself ? It’s even constitutional right ? Aside from anything bullying should be dealt with in schools. It seems like if the bullying is about a kid perceived to be gay it doesnt matter.

  8. ratbastard says

    Ridiculous, out of control bureaucracy and silly regulations and rules. Where’s the common-sense? No where to be found. I feel really bad for this kid and his family.


    –Paul, 99%+ of Americans aren’t going to shot today, tomorrow, next week, 1 year from now. The VAST majority of people who LEGALLY own firearms are not criminals and don’t/will not go out and shoot anyone for the hell of it.

    To flip your question over, why are many non-Americans like Europeans PETRIFIED of firearms? Do you not think as a non-criminal citizen you should be allowed to own firearms to hunt, target practice, defend yourself and your home, and if not, why? Now Canadians should know better, but Europeans don’t surprise me because they in general are much more into big centralized government and doing what they’ve been told to do by their governments. And Europe doesn’t have the vast rural areas like the U.S. where police are few and far between, people hunt, etc.,

  9. poison says

    You don’t make threats like that. Period. I don’t care who you are or what misfortunes have befallen you. In this post-Columbine, school-shootings-every-other-month era, there’s no room for leniency.

    That doesn’t change the fact that the bullying needs to be dealt with. But the bullying is not an excuse for this behavior.

  10. ratbastard says

    I think radioactivity took its toll in American’s brains.

    Posted by: Lexxvs | Mar 9, 2011 2:36:36 PM

    Hmmm…and what caused Europeans several generations ago to start wars that killed over 100 million people? What possessed ‘Civilized’ Europeans and Brits to murder MILLIONS through gigantic wars, imperialism, perverse political ideologies like fascism, Nazism, communism, Marxism, etc.,?

  11. says

    So what the f*** were the school authorities doing to protect him from the bullies ?
    Clearly a dereliction of duty if the school failed to act on 50 (or 1) complaints.

    The ongoing saga of bullying, now being reported in US schools (and yes it is predominantly a US phenomenon), is clearly indicative of an incompetence on the part of school authorities and/or part of the jock/macho culture which encourages agression, which is also part of many schools’ deliberately fostered atmosphere..

  12. David Browne says

    I don’t understand this at all. I feel sorry for the child. With regard to Europeans and guns, myself as an Irishman the only people i believe might need guns are criminals, law enforcers, soldiers, or terrorist scum. I don’t understand the thrill of owning a weapon. Europe has seen enough killing as some of you said. We’re not raised to play with guns. Ive never seen one except on TV. If we want protection we try have faith in our police. Back on topic i think the authorities overreacted. The matter should have been dealt with completely differently. Sit down listen to the child. Get him counselling and punish the bullies.

  13. ratbastard says


    It IS NOT ‘Most Certainly’ exclusively a U.S. phenomenon. But there is a world-wide phenomenon where news out of the U.S. receives VERY WIDESPREAD reporting, where-as similar news out of other nations gets barely reported on, even in their own countries.

    Bullying is a BIG problem all over the world….N. America, UK, Europe, Asia, etc.,

  14. Francis says

    Well, these rural backwater areas don’t care at all about the LGBT kids/straight kids assumed to be gay, so I’m not at all surprised that this story of bullying was taken to this point. Surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Obviously what he did was wrong and what he needs is an adult figure to teach him how to express his feelings without going too far. But, some kids simply aren’t going to take being bullied without fighting back. The SECOND these ignorant areas start getting the message that, you know, we exist, maybe these things can be prevented, but it doesn’t seem as if that’s going to happen without force.

  15. Francis says

    My thoughts go out to this kid for what he has been going through and the pain he must feel. Time to sue these backwards school boards for their inactivity.

  16. ratbastard says


    American citizens have the CONSTITUTIONAL right to own firearms, going back over 200 years. The U.S. is geographically very big, with large, lightly populated rural areas [compared to over-crowded western Europe] and people in these areas are more relaxed about firearms, they’re considered important tools, and everybody hunts….with firearms of course. Also used for protection because in many places police aren’t right around the corner. But all of that is neither here nor there. We have a right to own firearms. And I again don’t understand the European [especially, Asians are more like Americans in this regard] fear, disdain and smug contempt for firearm ownership. It’s almost childish in my eyes.

  17. ratbastard says


    Some of the most decent, kindest people I’ve ever met come from rural ‘Backwaters’, and most of the biggest aholes I’ve met come from big ‘Sophisticated’ urban areas. And I was born and raised in the those big ‘Sophisticated’ cities and urban areas.

  18. says

    Given that the US and its states have well regulated militias, it hardly seems necessary or sensible for so many ordinary citizens to own firearms. Makes me feel less safe.

    On this topic, it is too sad that so many adults who are in some way responsible for the safety and well-being of this kid did nothing to help him, but only made it worse.

    Yup, with bureaucracy run amok, no one will use their judgement. The Seattle School District has an idiotic no-tolerance policy towards weapons that will get a kid suspended for a tiny lego “weapon”. Ditto BOBN!

  19. Francis says

    Ratbastard, yes, there are good folk and bad folk in all areas. However, what is being discussed is anti-gay bigotry in schools, that is continuously being an issue in RURAL BACKWATER areas, while other parts of the country are tackling the issue. There is bigotry everywhere, but the facts show that it’s generally not San Francisco or Miami where these constant stories of anti-gay abuse in schools are happening, and the schools knowing about it, and doing nothing. It’s small towns in California (here) in Minnesota, in Alabama, in Texas. It’s a disservice to not be honest with the situation we’re facing, and LGBT kids and those assumed as gay are facing.

  20. Lazlo says

    No one is talking about fear of guns! Ugh!!! Paul makes a perfectly valid and smart point. You can’t get upset or arrest an 11 year old who says he wishes he had a gun when the culture around him says its okay not only to own a gun but that its sometimes okay to slove your problems with one. Pauls statement is pretty clear and understandable! Hopefully they will file a civil suit against the school and possibly even the city/police department.

  21. Lexxvs says

    @ ratbastard: Ufff, sorry. Take it lightly. And eat your veggies. They lower the cholesterol. Cholesterol clogs the arteries. Clogged arteries raise blood pressure. High pressure can eventually kill you. Especially if you take everything so dramatically.

  22. Bob R says

    I wish for a lot of things. Some of what I wish for, if wishes came true, or I acted upon those wishes/thoughts would doubtlessly end in my arrest. So now it seems wishing to have a weapon to defend ones self, or wishing a bully would get killed or maimed is a crime. All I can say is it’s a good thing the police cannot, as yet, read my mind or I’d surely be confined.

    Still, we have adults, knowing that children are driven to violence by being bullies or striking back at bullies or killing themselves because of bullying refuse to take positive, proactive actions. Many bullying laws are defeated because so called good, tolerant, loving, god fearing christians don’t want their hatred subject to legal redress. After all, promoting hate against the sinner as well as the sin should never be prevented. Evangelicals oppose anti-bullying laws that protect LGBT kids and take great pride in that. America loves to hate, and very few can hate as much as a narrow mind driven by religious dogma.

  23. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    David R:

    “Police confirmed that no actual gun was located in the course of their investigation.” Got it? No gun. Your objection is to ‘thought crime’ because the child vocalized a thought.

    “Makes me feel less safe.” The Constitution doesn’t care how you feel.

  24. says

    The first part of my post was a response to RATBASTARD (though I failed to mention that) who seems to think that because the Bill of Rights allows for armed citizens that it’s actually a good idea. I don’t think think that having large numbers of citizens armed is a good, smart, or safe thing. The Bill of Rights was written when there were few, if any, police forces, no FBI, any National Guard? so the 2nd Amendment is outdated.

    I also made the point that bureaucracy without judgement is idiotic—like in this case where they arrested a boy for a thought crime. See, I can, in fact read.

  25. ratbastard says

    WHY are most ‘Progressives’ scared of weapons, and are either incapable of defending themselves or won’t, yet at the same time whine and hate cops? Am I missing something? No, I’m not. And it’s called being a punk.

  26. says

    @ RATBASTARD: Are you talking to me? Where did I say I hate cops? Quite the contrary, I mentioned the police force as one of the reasons why citizens need not have guns to protect themselves. Where did I imply that I’m incapable of defending myself?

    Start reading, stop assuming.

  27. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    David R:

    Armed citizens ARE a good idea. Ask the German Jews of the 1930s… oh… uh… (the Nazis finished disarming them in 1938*).

    Pick one:

    [ ] Never again.

    [ ] Again?

    * Source: Harcourt, Bernard E. “On the NRA, Adolph Hitler, Gun Registration, and the Nazi Gun Laws: Exploding the Culture Wars (A Call to Historians)” 2004

  28. anthony says

    I dont blame the kid for what he said. I’d want to shoot the bullies too. But, I am guessing this was a fantasy – one that many of us have as a psychological way out of a situation.

  29. Drwindfw says

    11- year olds say crazy stuff. I teach Junior high. Empty threats are common among adolescents. Those same empty threats are used to bully other kids. Parents hold their children up as being blameless. They are KIDS. They say and do inappropriate things. Teachers have to teach the bullies empathy. Parents have to admit that their child might be a bully. Threats should be taken seriously even if they are empty.

  30. Dia says

    people lash out when they are frustrated. it’s human nature. it’s healthy to express your emotions. the people who bottle it up are the ones who explode.

    i saw a video of the kid. you can tell he’s the quiet and sensitive type. he’s telling the truth.

  31. says

    Ignoring the bullies and punishing the frustrated, hurting victim is part of the American way of life. It was true in the 1970s when I was getting beaten up every week, and it’s still true today.

    Bullies = “mormal”, “well-adjusted” kids

    Victims who get fed up and speak out in anger = “unstable”, “threatening”, “disruptive”

    Nothing has changed in 35 years.

  32. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    “because 1933 Germany is JUST LIKE 2011 USA” — David R.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana

    “The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes” — Mark Twain

    David R: I’ll go with two great philosophers over your naive opinion. The present very much rhymes with the past, and more so every day.

  33. Mark in Ontario says

    Ah. I see. There are limits on free speech? You are free to spew as much hate as you like but don’t wish you had a gun out loud. Priorities are all screwed up.

  34. ratbastard says

    Mark in Ontario:

    The school, like other institutions, public and private [such as an employer, bank, bar, club, store, etc.,] have the right to limit or control activity that occurs on their property. As a citizen outside on the street, in your home, etc., you have the perfect right to say ‘Mean’ things about whoever you want, including wishing you had a gun to kill your enemies. Is this difference too subtle for you?

    The real point with this young man’s story are:

    STUPID, ASININE school officials who lack common-sense [or refuse to practice it], handling situations like they were all the same, requiring the same response. Some of this has to do with The Law and legal system with is very blunt and rigid, not allowing much nuance.

    The school obviously did and does a piss poor job of helping this boy, and others like him no doubt, and they are cowardly now covering their a**es. This is not deserving of respect.

  35. ratbastard says

    @David R,
    NO….I’m not specifically accusing you of anything. I said SOME [MOST IMO] ‘Progressives’ do not like or respect cops [or the legal system for that matter], never wasting any opportunity to ridicule them [and I’m not a big fan of law enforcement or the courts BTW.] But at the same time usually can’t or won’t defend themselves, like to make it difficult for others to do so, and go running to….you guessed it, police and the legal system when sh*t happens to them.

  36. Jeremy says

    Well this is the legacy of all the school shootings that have been happening for years and as much as it’s seems unfair to him unfortunetly no school can take any chances when guns are mentioned.

  37. jjj says

    the pigs always arrest people wrongfully for criminal threats. They can arrest a person on hearsay even without probable cause. All it takes is for a disgruntled neighbor to call the cops and lie, the police are always glad to make the arrest even if they know it is bogus. They figure if you can’t afford a real attorney then you are screwed, and they are right. Public defenders are never actually working for the defendent. welcome to the NAzi states.

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