Henry Rollins Blasts Boehner On DOMA Defense

Rollins_Henry Former Black Flag frontman turned actor Henry Rollins has consistently used his influence and position to push progressive politics, particularly when it comes to LGBT rights.

You can be sure, then, that he's pretty pissed about House Speaker John Boehner's decision to defend DOMA in Congress.

And Rollins is venting that anger over at Vanity Fair

[Obama] says his administration will no longer defend DOMA in court. Being happy about that would be like rejoicing that doctors are no longer applying leeches to patient’s faces when they complain of nasal congestion. It’s not a bad thing, though, and about damn time.

In to save the day, to keep those damn gays in their place, is House Speaker John Boehner, who will put himself and his sterling reputation on the line to stand against the president, his insurgent gay terrorist pals, and their dreams of marriage and equal protection under the law. That’s a relief.

When things threaten to become too constitutional, thankfully, there’s someone like John Boehner, owner of every third tear cried in America, to step in and attempt to push America back into the good old days of darkness. Rather than shoulder the awesome burden of creating some damned jobs in America, he goes for the easy cheap shot of going after gay Americans. Again.

Rollins concludes by reminded Boehner that all Americans, even the gays, have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

He also points out, quite rightly, that Boehner needs to focus on more pressing problems, like the economy: "Damn, congressman, we’re trying to get up the road here. Either lay out a plan for job creation for all of us to see or get out of the way."


  1. Paul R says

    Is that indeed a recent picture? His brains and looks have always made him a remarkable figure, along with his willingness to tear down his antigay peers (and politicians, and everyone else).

    First saw him perform when I was 13 or 14. So much more intelligent and credible than a lot of other hardcore musicians.

  2. Skooter McGoo says

    Love him or hate him, he speaks the truth which is what needs to happen now. It’s the secrets and the lies that have put us where we stand as a global species on the planet. In the years I’ve always had a thing for Mr Rollins, his honest bravado and those eyes are what reeled me in. Talk about a hunk of burning love.

  3. niles says

    Been a Rollins fan for many years, and he has been consistent in his support for gay rights for a long time. He’s also an excellent actor as well as singer.

  4. John says

    His IFC talk show was right up there with Bill Maher in terms of brilliance. He’s never ever been anything but a stellar friend of LGBT rights. GLAAD should take notice of his work.

  5. Josh says


    I loved him when I was 13 and still love him now (not 13). I saw him in Melbourne last night and he made this great crack about how “If you let the gays marry, it means the Taliban wins” Too damn funny!

  6. So Left I'm Right says

    Just saw Henry on the week of his 50th birthday at a show at Joe’s Pub. Always engaging, he has a very unique take on every topic imaginable. Big fan.

  7. Janel says

    Not to be the piss in the punch bowl but Boehner’s whole thing is that the president is obviously ignoring the law he is supposed to execute as chief executive. If Democrats wanted to repeal DOMA they had two years with complete control of Congress and the White House. If they’re so all about getting rid of allowing states to make these choices (which is all DOMA does) why didn’t they do it when they had the chance instead of NOW right in the middle of a spending fight? Oh right, it’s Obama’s “hey, look over here” move. And people are falling for it.

  8. WayneMPLS says

    @JANEL I found this site dealing with conservative talking points about Obama not defending DOMA, it might be helpful. As far as I can see, the Obama administration is still executing the law, they are just not defending it in court cases, apparently, lots of presidents have done something similar and not even with laws they felt were unconstitutional:

    PS Henry is amazing and always will be.

  9. bill miller says

    Boner and all the other repubs are just pandering to the ill informed hatefull teabaggers. They think they will keep their cushy jobs by doing so….as they destroy America in the process.

  10. Todd says

    Henry Rollins is one of my heroes.

    I wish he would run for public office.

    I believe the photo on this post is not recent. I base this on the amount of ink not yet applied.

    I had the good fortune to see Henry on his fiftieth birthday at the National Geographic in DC. He is aging superbly.

  11. Dback says

    Long story short, I worked with Henry on a taping; he’s much funnier, goofier, and warmer than you’d expect–but yes, damn sexy. (He didn’t even mind me winking at him.) And very no-BS, speaks-his-mind. Glad he’s in our corner (especially since Chuck Norris seems to have gone to the dark side).

  12. wimsy says

    Sad statistic: 40% of the American people believe God created the world less than 10,000 years ago and started with Adam & Eve. Literally. Boner knows that he’s doing, catering to the ignorant mob.

  13. vinebeau says

    I had the awesome pleasure of growing up in Hollywood in the late 70’s & early 80’s..It was a time when punk was fun, however being gay and punk didn’t go hand in hand. I had the chance to hang with Mr. Rollins a few times in my misspent youth and even in 1981 he fully supported me, and told me something like “being queer is the most punk, never change” WOW!! I was like 16 and he was a GOD!! I would like to say to Henry “having a voice and using it is the most punk, never change.

  14. AJ says

    WOW! I remember being turned on by him back in the day and thinking he would probably kick my ass if he ever found out. All these years later its nice to see i wasted all that lust on a guy who is on my side. Good on you, Henry!

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