1. Rann says

    Gay or not the guy is beautiful, hot and sexy! He looks much better than he did a couple of years ago. He is much more manly and less teen boy. I do tend to think he is gay. But who knows? Not me.

  2. Justin says

    Oh please girlfriend – every other day he is shopping in WeHo, hanging in WeHo, and always with his super beefy bodyguard and another constant (male) companion. Mm hmmm.

  3. patrick nyc says

    ‘I’m not gay’. Now where have I heard that before from a celebrity singer? Elton John? George Michael? Ricky Martin? Clay Aiken?

    I know it’s still hard, even today, but mary please.

    Either way he’s hot, has a great basket and it will be fun when he does his mea culpa tour and People cover.

  4. Francis says

    I’m not going to comment too much on this, solely for the fact that many a celebrity have professed their heterosexuality, only to be outed down the road. Someone like Jonas, whose fans mostly consist of tween girls and who has a “wholesome” image to protect, isn’t going to be honest in a still hostile world. Ultimately, it’s just all talk, only he and the people he’s been with know the truth.

  5. says

    IAN and all eyebrow hating queens

    go date girls if you don’t like thick eyebrows

    MEN have thick eyebrows and thick eyebrows are sexy. The thicker the better and more manly

    tweezed, tweeked, thinned eyebrows are for girls and those who like pussy

  6. AUSTIN says

    I can’t read minds but in the past if a goodlooking young man was that comfortable with gays, he was gay. The country has changed rapidly in the past decade, so maybe we are simply seeing more young men who have gay friends and don’t need to follow the macho bullshit line. I would hope in the future all people will feel more comfortable and accepting. There will always be haters but once we are mainstreamed they will be the ones forced into the closet. This may be the fundies greatest fear.

  7. just a guy says

    am i the only one who doesn’t care?

    i do think it says someething that he has to make this big statement.

    but i don’t care. he’s vaguely pretty, but less attractive as a person to me now. ah well.

  8. bostonbeat says

    come on guys. where the hell are your gaydars, HE’S GAY. its sad, that he is denying it but he is still very young and in a tough public business. and don’t get me wrong, i support his right not to come out, i wasn’t out until i was 21. it’s gotta be really tough. but lets not fool ourselves like our parents did with us.

    he’s gay. and yes, very cute!

  9. bob says

    Oh, sweet santa on a sleigh. if telling us they aren’t gay doesn’t ruin our fantasies about them, and we aren’t going to believe them when they say they aren’t, and criticize them for “acting gay” when they say they aren’t, then for god sakes, why are we still asking this stupid question of celebrities. If he is gay, why come out? why would he feel the need to come out in order to appease a community who constantly tried to out him?

  10. Rann says

    “If he is gay, why come out? why would he feel the need to come out in order to appease a community who constantly tried to out him?” Bob

    Umm actually it is the press trying to out him. I don’t really care but I do think he is gay. As Bostonbeat said my gaydar is working on him. But to say we are constantly trying to out him is ridiculous! It does not affect me or my life. I am only commenting on the story. And to answer your question Bob, yes in my opinion it does matter that celebrities come out…jsut like all of us. Remember Harvey Milk?

  11. Tom says


    You are one handsome, talented man. Gay, straight, in between- Be who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you, gay or straight, define you.

    Best wishes.


  12. BuckeyeWxGuy says

    Give the kid a break, already. Sure, it would be nice for all of us, if he were gay, to profess it in a major publication. But that’s his call, not ours. How many of us reading this waited to come out in our 20s, 30s, or even 40s. I’m sure before that, we “acted” gay as well but when asked, still professed “I’m not gay”! Joe’s still a kid, AND a kid in the public eye, AND a kid from a religious family. I’ll cut him some slack and let him know, “It gets better!” How he uses that info is up to him.

  13. Drew says

    Gay or straight, I hope Playgirl calls him ASAP! Also, I don’t get any gay vibe from him. I know straight guys from high school who are just plain old Goofy, but straight as an arrow.

    Wishing Joe was gay does not actually make him gay; that’s what your dreams are for.

  14. redball says

    THAT MAN IS FOINE! I just need a butt shot of him in those black pants in the 4th pic, and I’m set!

    Also: I’m glad that he said there’s nothing wrong w/ being gay. That is more than other celebrities have done when asked abt their alleged non-heterosexuality (see Michelle “Michi likes sausage” Rodriguez from last week’s news).


    At least he is (or is talking like) an ally.

  15. MateoM says

    Isn’t it possible that he isn’t gay? I mean, yes he fulfills many of the stereotypes commonly associated with the American gay male identity. But is there an obligation for gay men to adhere to such stereotypes, and straight men to avoid them?

    Would him coming out as gay be something you want him to do for the sake of his own happiness? Or would it merely justify your reliance upon stereotypes? Because I can see that many of you refuse to see beyond the societal boundaries of our shared identity, which y’all seem to think are the end-all, be-all facts of how the world works. Get over yourselves, and your narrow-mindedness.

    Many of you here seem to want another young, hot, gay male to live vicariously through. Judge how you live your own life, and how you define yourselves, and don’t rag on him for how Joe Jonas lives his.

  16. jamal49 says

    I’d rather that Nick was “not gay”. Nick’s hotter, but then, in the end, why should we care? The Jonas Bros phenomenon has, um, played itself out. Good luck with the future, Joe.

  17. Bryan says

    I’ve sat quietly for many hours, praying, meditating… scouring my heart and soul, holding back nothing.

    And having endured this terrifying, unstinting personal inventory of all I’ve been, what I am, and everything I might some day be, I’ve concluded that nowhere in my entire physical, intellectual, and spiritual being is there a single molecule that in any way cares who celebrities have sex with.

  18. cory says

    No one here know if Joe Jonas is gay or not. Does it really matter? ”NO”. If he saids ”I’m not gay” then fine. Until he saids ”I’m gay ” then we should just leave it at that. At least he has no issues with gay people or the word gay. He supports them , so be happy.

  19. Jan says

    Is it just me, or does DETAILS have their first typo on the front page.

    Oh brother where art thou?
    Joe Jonas GOES IT ALONE <<—

    I think they either meant he does it alone (lol) or he goes alone. dunno…

    Just thought thats kind of funny lol

  20. FunMe says

    Leave it to Dlisted to say it best:

    “If I were gay, why not admit it? I am a normal man. I love women and sex. I am a real hot-blooded Puerto Rican, but I have never been attracted by sex with a man.” – Ricky Martin, 1999


  21. Ealan75ea says

    He looks good- definitley grown into his looks over time, but I’ve never really gotten the gay vibe from him. I always wondered how these rumors got started.

  22. Ryan says

    I don’t understand why we everyone is stereotyping him. He likes to shop, has a male friend and looks good obviously he must be gay. Stop being bullies and leave him alone. This need to label everyone has gotten old. You guys are becoming just as bad as all the anti-gay folk. Just let people be who they want to be. Not everyone is ready to scream it from the hilltops

  23. just a guy says

    thought i’d add that to the extent to which i suggested he’s less attractive to me as a person now, it has NOTHING to do with whether I can imagine him being attracted to the same sex or not. THAT doesn’t change an ounce. probably ever :).

    but i do think it’s classier for straight gay-friendly celebs to lay low and make less of a big deal about their own privileged sexual orientation, even if just a gesture amidst heteronormativity.

    (this explanation is also kinda an extra excuse for me to give the f u to the essentialists who claim identified sexuality of an actor predetermines roles; naw, only a***ole bias does that.)

  24. ProfessorVP says

    Why should we care about this denial, which, to me, anyway, is like Jupiter denying it’s a planet?

    Every time a gay pop star or gay actor issues a denial in order to keep his income high, it just keeps the playing field uneven, which is unfair, and forces other gay pop stars and actors to lie also, and the same bullshit continues. That is why there is nothing essentially different in 2011 than in 1981 or 1961. Or 1941. So, yeah… that is why we should care. Enough already.

  25. Alan says

    Whom he sleeps with is his business and it’s not his responsibility to come out with his rainbow flag a flyin’ if he chooses not to. Nobody has an obligation to be public about their sexuality in order to support a cause regardless of whether they are gay or straight. If Jesus himself was reborn in rainbow swaddling, it’s not going to change the ultra conservative viewpoint on homosexuality. If he is gay and he chooses to come out some day, he’ll do it when he’s ready.

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