1. dizzy spins says

    Ive been to that club! For all its glitz and “entertainment value,” Vegas is oppressively straight. Obnoxiously so, with all the floor shows, Midwesterners, etc. Nice to see her giving them a REAL show

  2. Jerry says

    Las Vegas is oppressively straight? Ummm I know you’ve visited here and all so you know it better than I do, but I actually live here and I it doesnt seem oppressively straight to me. This city is catering to gays more than any other city I have seen recently. Actively marketing everywhere to bring the gay dollar here. Wynn just hosted a gay night at one of their hottest clubs. Hardly oppressed, but thanks for your concern. It was nice of Gaga to rock it out in one of our clubs and we will enjoy seeing her rock it out on the real stage tonight

  3. Jeffrey Dunivant says

    She is good, but you cannot compare her to Madonna; she is still the reining Queen of pop and always will be!

  4. ATLJason says

    Geez that video was hard to listen to. Gaga was awesome but the drunk chick going “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” the whole video was a turn off.

  5. H.I.M. says

    I love that she’s been doing these club stops. Her concerts sell out so quickly and are so expensive – let the poor gays see her too!

  6. Nick says

    The problem is that for all it’s glitz and “glamour” the gay bars aren’t anything you couldn’t find in any other city. Krave is pretty boring, and the rest of the bars off strip sometimes make you pay $20 if you’re from out of state for an experience that isn’t worth $20. I agree Vegas does a lot of gay friendly advertising, but there isn’t a lot of fun “gay” stuff to do there outside of the normal tourist traps.