1. Coco says

    PLEASE! That voice, that hair…and his parents didn’t know he was gay?!

    They have met him, right?

  2. says

    I am very glad to see that he was able to move past the brain-washing and dangerous messages of the LDS Church. He’s very articulate (and not to mention–smokin’ hott). We need him to serve as an example to Mormons who are struggling with their sexuality and who’s mental health could be suffering as a result of the self-hate that is derived from the Mormon doctrine on homosexuality. Congratulations to him and his bravery. Keep speaking out!

  3. TJ says

    That’s hilarious about the “old dude” council that needs to hear all of the graphic details. Those old closeted queens just want to get their jollies through listening to this young buck’s sexual stories.

  4. arch says

    On one side; an articulate and witty young man.

    on the other side a “bunch of old dudes” telling others how to live their lives and offering no support or humanity to young people going through traumatic times comming to terms with themselves.

    Reminds me why the world is a better place than it was 50 years ago when the old men rules it everywhere and anyone different had to shut up and put up.

    oh and yes he is very easy on the eye as well and being far too charming for his own good…

  5. ratbastard says

    1) He is good looking

    2) He’s stereotypically gay, right down to the lisp. Painfully so. I’m not mocking or ridiculing him. How could his family, church, aquaintances, etc., not know he was gay? Coming out? I don’t call that coming out. To me coming out is someone who isn’t stereotypically gay, i.e. someone who can ‘Pass’.

  6. ratbastard says


    I’m 34 so I’m getting up there. I know many ‘Old’ dudes. I know old dudes who’re are cool as sh*t…and I know young ‘Bucks’ who’re the biggest aholes you’ll ever meet. I know ‘Old’ dudes who’re uber ‘Progressive’, and I know young ‘Bucks’ who’re ultra-conservative.

    The same goes for ‘Old’ women and young ‘Girls’.

  7. sparks says

    Forced him to come out? Umm… he BURSTS out of the closet every time he speaks. The only way he could seem any gayer would be if he SANG the interview, a la Minnelli.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with him, but geez the parents must be in near-catatonic denial.

  8. Barry says

    Yes he is a little stereotypical but only in the way that many gay men learn to be from one another. He’s not profoundly effeminate, just mannered. I hope he meets the kind of man who can love him back into his natural self. As for his parents, apparently they actually believe in Mormon doctrin, which means they’re clueless. In time they may come to recognize what their son has come to teach.

  9. Willie says

    send him this way please!!! If his church doesn’t love him. We will!! Gay man choose his own family!

  10. John says

    My parents aren’t Mormon, extremely conservative, or even particularly religious (they go to church now and then, that’s about it), but it took a LONG time for them to fully “get it” and move from trying to set me up with a woman, to truly accepting my partner. So, I think this young Mormon man is way ahead of the curve. I suspect that it will take a long time, but his parents will eventually get it too. If not, well, that’s sad… but in the meantime, I wish him well.

  11. Ryan says

    I would imagine that the majority of those assholes who have commented “Check out his lisp; how could they not know he was gay!” never grew up in a Mormon household.

    I currently live in Utah, I spent the first 20 years of my life in a Mormon family (I left many years ago), and I know the guy mentioned in the video. The fact that his parents never knew he was gay isn’t surprising in the least.

    Often times, the only people more deeply in denial than young gay Mormons, are their parents. Although some Mormon parents are progressive and open-minded, the majority (especially those in rural Utah) are so unfamiliar the notion of gay people that they wouldn’t recognize a gay child if he dropped a purse in their lap.

    I applaud him for surviving both his parents and the Mormon Church; I’ve been in similar situations.

  12. Thomasina says

    @Coco, ratbastard, sparks, and anyone else who just *can’t believe* that his parents didn’t already know that he was gay: the vast majority of straight people–even non-bigoted straight people–do not think of “gay” as a default assumption. Most straight Americans go about their lives assuming everyone they meet is also straight unless and until gay people themselves tell them otherwise, and whatever physical, audible, and other markers that you think communicate gayness *so* clearly and obviously probably mean very little to them. I know that may be hard to believe from your point of view, but it is true. The same is also true of any other non-racial “difference”–for instance, most Americans also assume everybody is Christian without having any reason to question that assumption either.

  13. jjose712 says

    Reading the comments i was thinking the guy was a very femenine flamboyant guy. Surprise, he is not.
    Yes, he is not butch, and yes, it’s not difficult to realize he is gay, but i don’t find difficult to believe his parents had no idea.
    Frankly, the concept of effeminate of this forum astounds me. Maybe Rambo is the model to look for masculinity if people think this guy is such effeminate queen

  14. Ray says

    We should love him and wish him the best as he tries to find a space to have a respectful relationship with his parents.

    If your religion doesn’t demand love you should be asking yourself so serious questions.

    All this stupid religious bigotry has got to GO!