Newt Gingrich Gets Chummy with Anti-Gay Pastor John Hagee

Remember Pastor John Hagee? John McCain cut ties with him during the 2008 presidential campaign because of his extremist positions on gays

Hagee Hagee, you may recall, gave a sermon in 1990 that says Hitler was acting on God's behalf in "hunting" the Jews so that they might establish the state of Israel, and has made disparaging remarks about Catholics (for which he apologized) and has said that gay sin was responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

Hagee is back, Mother Jones reports:

Later this month, he'll host former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a 2012 aspirant, at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. For the candidate and the pastor, the summit is a chance for two controversial figures to help each other back into the spotlight—though a Hagee spokesman says the pastor has no plans to endorse Gingrich.

"Every so often [Hagee] pops up like a Whac-A-Mole and then goes away again," says Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United, who was part of the anti-Hagee choir three years ago. "Why does someone like Newt Gingrich feel like he has to have a public association with this person? Clearly it's about politics."


  1. says

    clearly it is about $$$

    2 hucksters hanging together comparing notes on how to fleece the sheeple

  2. FunMe says

    NEWT fig is never going 2 win the presidency So sit back Enjoy the champagne as you watch his desperation and hypocrisy bring him tumbling down

  3. Rob says

    Sorry, Newt, baby, but you’re the perfect example of “guilt by association”. And, you – a lying, cheating straight marriage opportunist – are NEVER going to be President. You’re a filthy fornicating pig!

  4. John Patrick says

    Now that Newt is a “Catholic in good standing,” maybe he wants to convert anti-Catholic Pastor John.

  5. PLAINTOM says

    They deserve each other. The Fact that Newt thinks associating himself with Hagee will help him win the Republican Nomination says alot about the Republican Party.

  6. BartB says

    Dear Newt,

    Could you please take lots of photos with John Hagee, with your arms around each other, maybe one or two cheek to cheek (the belly to belly is too easy considering both of you never miss a meal at the Cracker Barrel) a couple in silly hats would even be better. We want to post them everywhere we can. Maybe you could discuss your serial infidelity with him and see how it lines up witht he Scripture…since you’re sure God’s forgiven you, Newt.

    I look forward to seeing pics of all the fun you have in San Antonio. Keep on making this easy for us, Newt.


    Every Sane Person In The United States

  7. Jack M says

    Don’t forget, it’s Newt’s passion for America that’s making him do these things!