NOM Pledges $1 Million to Defeat Marriage Equality in Maryland

Today, as the House of Delegates in Maryland came one step closer to voting on a marriage equality bill, the National Organization for Marriage said it had a million-dollar war chest committed to defeating any Republicans who vote against the bill, the Baltimore Sun reports:

Brown "We know where the people of Maryland stand, and legislators need to listen to their constituents," said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage. "If they don't, we're here to help hold them accountable."

The national group says it will form a political action committee in Maryland with the aim of ousting Republicans who "abandon the party position," Brown said. Money also will flow to Democrats who vote against the same-sex marriage bill, he said.

The only legislator specifically in NOM's crosshairs so far is Sen. Allan H. Kittleman of Howard County. He was the lone Republican senator to vote in favor of the bill.

Brown said NOM will be closely watching how Republican delegates vote.

 Today, lawmakers debated the bill, defeating four attempted anti-gay amendments. A vote could come as soon as tomorrow.