1. anon says

    Sorry, Chad, but you should have made sure they suffered more than monetary damages and the suspensions of a few officers. Only three people were fired?? What bullshit.

  2. Tone says

    No doubt Mr. Gibson wants to put this nightmare behind him and in his place I likely would have done the same thing. I wish he’s taken them to court though. They deserve a teary-eyed bare ass whuppin for what they did to him.

  3. ratbastard says

    Texas has some freakish liquor laws. Very easy for law enforcement and prosecutors to abuse. And the fact you can be arrested in Texas for ‘Public’ intoxication INSIDE A BAR or CLUB speaks for itself.

  4. RJ says

    It would be nice if your blog was a bit more balanced. Fort Worth PD has since established a liaison to the LGBT community. City officials have been very repentent over the incident. Fort Worth was the first city in Texas to include sexual orientation in their EEO policy. The very large and prominent Baptist church in the city accepted expulsion from the Southern Baptist Convention because they openly accepted gay members. And openly gay city councilperson Joel Burns has become a national spokesman for the “It gets better” campaign. I’m glad the victim of the Rainbow Lounge raid is getting his due. But that incident was an anomoly and hardly characterizes the wonderful city of Fort Worth. Just wish your coverage was a bit more complete…

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