1. Keith says

    He’s from AZ? I live here and don’t even know who the hell he is – LOL. Then again, all these boobs here in AZ act and talk alike so are like one big collective or moron activity.

  2. gayalltheway says

    It’s true when people say that if you are beautiful on the inside, then you will look beautiful on the outside as well.

    One look at him and you can immediately tell that his inside is damn butt ugly.

  3. SFshawn says

    That is one unattractive man-inside and out.
    Doesn’t the state of Arizona have any intelligent,articulate,rational,reasonable AMERICAN elected officals? Next thing we’ll be hearing that John McCain endorses Charlie Sheen and Sarah Palin for Governor of Arizona. lol.
    The excess heat must fry what little brain mass exists in those empty heads.

  4. alguien says

    i just called congressman frank’s office and told them that i didn’t think it was a very good idea for the republicans, who ran on a platform of deficit reduction and jobs creation, to waste taxpayer dollars on capricious nonsense like this.

  5. says

    There are, of course, a number of examples of a President (Repub and Dem alike) and his attorney general deciding not to defend a law. It’s not unique to the Obama administration except–gasp!–this involves seeing gay people as human beings. It is hardly grounds for impeachment. Typical Republican blowing smoke out his ass because he hates Obama and us equally rabidly. Go ahead, idiot, and try. We can enjoy another Republican making a huge political miscalculation based on irrational bigotry.

  6. bwana says

    Once again, a Republican with a bag of rocks for a brain. And the minimum wage is what, Congressman Franks? If Democrats don’t get off their collective asses and start taking these Tea Party/Wingnut whackadoodles like this guy on then pretty soon we will have a congress dominated by his type. Obama’s “circular firing squad” theory about the Republican party infighting and his reluctance to call these clowns out will get us a congress that looks just like the legislature here in Texas, 2/3 Republicans with 80% of them Tea Partiers. The Democratic party in Texas statewide politics is nearly dead and just 25 years ago Democrats held every statewide office. Texas is starting to make Wyoming look like Massachusetts.

  7. says

    Larry Craig? Dr. Rekers? It’s me, Josh. I just wanted to say that I am praying for your brother in politics, Mr. Trent Franks. I wish him the best of luck after bringing the national spotlight on himself when he undoubtedly will end up caught with his pants dropped and a boy (most likely underage) on his knees. It is my hope that Mr. Franks finds peace in his soon to come experiences. In the Republican honor, I pray. AMEN!

  8. Kyle G. says

    Here’s my genuine question I ponder:

    Knowing all this disdain Republicans had and continue to have toward gays, how could ANY *self respecting* gay person catagorize themselves as a Republican and align their soul with this?

    Before you gay Conservatives argue “well dems are like this too”….before you pee on my legs and tell me it’s raining, who is the most vocal, outspoken, militant road blocks to anything gay? Democrats are at best for equality, and usually at worst…indifferent. With exceptions inbetween. Republicans who are even tolerant of gays are the exception. You all just choose to tell yourselves that you belong. That if you tone down this part of you (your sexuality) and not speak, think, talk of it…then you belong with them and are part of them. WRONG. They still believe a big part of you is a big mistake and vile. So how could you as a grown human ignore that fact, ignore these stories and befriend the very notion that is against who you are as a human?

  9. IonMusic says

    @ Kyle G.

    WELL SAID! Sadly, the deluded answer they’ll muster up is one of the following:

    * “There are other issues than gay rights” (which doesn’t address your point/question)

    * “My sexuality doesn’t define me” (well, for the party you gay republicans associate yourselves with, it DOES define you and defines freedoms and rights you are not deserving of.)

    You can’t enable someone who has their hands covering their eyes and ears to see clarity. It IS sad.

  10. Brian Miller says

    Apparently, Republican governors refusing to comply with a legally-passed, unpopular, stupid but Constitutional law (Obamacare) are “upholding the constitution” through such vigilantism.

    Obama’s decision to argue to the Supreme Court that a law clearly designed to discriminate against gay people violates the 14th amendment ban on such discrimination, on the other hand, is “dereliction of duty” and “outrageous” according to the same jackasses.

  11. says

    Despicable political posturing from an inbred, ignorant hillbilly. The President’s ultimate responsibility is to “defend the Constitution of the United States”, which is EXACTLY what Obama and Holder did.

  12. pat says

    you know that w a face like his, the only reason he went into politics, aside from the corruption, is the fact that fugly men who are elected pols are babe magnets.

  13. wimsy says

    Wonder why conservatives always go first for the nuclear option in any disagreement. It’s like they wash down their Jolt with a six pack of Four Loco.

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