1. Bryan says

    He’s actually much more attractive than that guy who went on for years and years shrieking “I’m _not_ gay!” but…

    I don’t care. Handsome is as handsome does, and his coming out is nothing more than a tactic to reinvent a dead career. Much too little, far too late, and he looks to me just like every other amoral hustler with pretty eyes and a ripped bod.

    When I want porn, I’ll look at porn, and when I want music, I’ll listen to someone I can respect.

  2. brian says

    After deceiving us for so long with his fake hetero act, is it any wonder we gays have turned off him? You can have your poses and your long-stemmed roses, Ricky.

  3. says

    Ricky’s book was so dull – pure waffle and self justification – didn’t open up and reveal anything about himself. It was like a PR approved autobiography and a real turn off.

  4. says

    My problem isn’t with those who felt it necessary to remain closeted, for however long and for whatever reason until they felt safe to come out. My problem is with those closet cases who, while in the closet, seek to destroy those of us who are not. There’s far too many of them.

    I wish Ricky Martin all the best, and I for one plan to buy his album.

  5. adam says

    I live in Toronto and on the somewhat new queer radio station they can’t stop playing his heinous new song. I hate we celebrate stuff cause it’s gay even when it is soulless crap.

  6. Nachismo says

    please don’t answer for all us gays by saying we have all turned on him, to the person who felt deceived in an earlier comment. He had been wanting to come out for a while, but his publicity agent kept telling him it was a bad idea and other negative crap.I don’t know how your coming out was, but everyone deals with it in their own way and he or she should come out when they are ready to on their own terms.

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